Bears Barely Win….Again

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Again the opposing team had an opportunity to win the game with a touchdown in the final seconds. Again they failed to do so, and the Bears are 2-0 as a result of that incompetence. Some would say that a “win is a win” or “it’s better to be lucky than good” but this squad is forcing every fan to re-think those philosophies. Mitch and the offense started out hot, scoring a TD on the first drive of the game that also had multiple 3rd down conversions and efficient QB play. Nobody can remember the last time that happened, and rumor has it that Ryan Dengel is still buried in the archives searching for an answer. Twitter was ablaze with lines like “I take back everything I ever said bout you, Mitch” and “Mitch is becoming the franchise QB he was drafted to be.” LOL. We entered the second half up 17-0, and everyone should have known better than to feel any kind of confidence. Mitch proceeded to throw 2 INTs, although twitter has spoken in terms of assigning fault:

#ExtendAllenRobinson might not be trending this week. The Giants then scored 13 unanswered points, and the collective blood pressure among Bears fans rose so high that grapefruit will become a hotter commodity this week than toilet paper was during the peak of the pandemic. There were numerous penalties by the defense at crucial times, and Daniel Jones was marching his squad toward the endzone with an assist from Chuck Pagano’s extreme prevent defense. Ultimately, though, the Bears “bend but don’t break” strategy held up against the crippled Giants offense in the final seconds. The half by half comparison of the Bears overall play is dumbfounding, though, so predicting who will show up in ATL against a solid Falcons team is a mystery. Get your cardio in, Bears fans.

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