A-Rob Goes Dark

Photo Credit: Allen Robinson, a National Football League player – Jeffrey Beall – Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, Allen Robinson has requested a trade. The Bears WR is in the final year of a 3 year, 42 million dollar deal after playing in Jacksonville to begin his career. GM Ryan Pace has set the precedent to sign key players to extensions prior to the start of the season, but the sides were unable to come to an agreement. In fact, Robinson feels “disrespected” by the offers given to him, which going by fair market value, should sit around 20 million/year. Money might not be the only deciding factor for A-Rob, though. Reports indicate he may have wanted Nick Foles to start the season at QB over Mitchell Trubisky. Given the percentage of statistically difficult passes thrown his way for the past 2 years, it would be hard to blame him for that preference. The Bears do not appear poised to trade the pro bowler, though. He is their most consistent offensive weapon in an otherwise forgettable group, and recent signings and cap manipulation indicate the Bears are going for it this year. They might not even let him walk in free agency, either, as the franchise tag for wide receivers is sitting around 20 million/year. Bears fans will NOT be happy to see him go, and Ryan Pace would face the gauntlet as a result.

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