Start Tyler Bray

Film Guru Robert Schmitz is at it again, this time with a bit of humor. Recent events have pushed this close to reality, though, kind of like an onion article or Simpsons episode that wildly predicted the future as a joke. With all the talk this week about whether to start Trubisky or Foles, the entire argument is predicated on them both being healthy. Neither might be, so the Bears might not have a choice other than to start Tyler Bray.

Although Foles avoided serious injury, his 6’6, 245 lb frame was slammed into the ground like he got suplexed by Macho Man Randy Savage. He got carted off in serious pain, and hip issues can have a domino effect on a quarterback’s technique and overall ability. Even if he is healthy in time for the Packers, he hasn’t shown me enough to get the call for the rest of the season.

Then there’s Mitch who just had a consultation with Dr. Neal ElAttrache, one of the leading sports orthopedic surgeons in the country. He’s got a bum throwing shoulder after taking a hit on a QB option play against the Saints in week 9. That call was nothing more than playful nod of gamesmanship to Saints HC Sean Payton and his Taysom Hill strategy, and I’m curious to know what Mitch thought about being used as a pawn in Nagy’s mind games only to get seriously injured. I’d be furious. Even if he is healthy and happy in time for the Packers, it appears that neither Mitch or the Bears would benefit from him playing.

Enter the mysterious Tyler Bray. He isn’t likely to get the nod if one of the 2 QBs ahead of him are healthy, but shouldn’t he? It looks like he has a cannon of an arm, and I guarantee he moves better than Foles who has the mobility of a treadmill. As the season winds down, decisions based on risk and reward are skewed in one direction based on the team’s standings and status. With the Bears in full dumpster fire mode, doesn’t it make sense to take significant risks? Even if it doesn’t work out, every loss brings us closer to a higher draft pick. Start Tyler Bray. LOL just kidding.

Video Credit: Robert Schmitz is the GOAT in terms of player analysis, film breakdown, and content creation. Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel and check out his Patreon account.

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2 Responses

  1. Rob D says:

    I have wondered the same thing about the health of Foles and Trubi. Putting the 3rd string QB in is a crap shoot for sure but it might be fun or it might be even more pathetic than the last several games.

  2. Rob D says:

    One final thought on starting the 3rd string QB. I don’t think it makes a big difference who the quarterback is with the offensive line the Bears have.

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