Skip the Pleasantries: Nick Foles Film Study

With Nick Foles taking over as the starting QB in week 4 against the Colts, let’s skip the pleasantries and get to know how he plays the position. How different is he from Mitchell Trubisky? Is the offense designed for his skill set? Robert Schmitz breaks it down in this video, and although it was originally posted during the offseason, it has become all too relevant given the new circumstances.

Big takeaway? He is pretty much the antithesis of Mitchell Trubisky. He is a pure pocket passer that is lightning quick with his reads, especially with the RPO. He’s proven to be accurate when given the time and loves to throw 50-50 balls to give his big-bodied receivers the chance to go get the rock. He won’t wow with his arm strength and is about as mobile as a treadmill. His strength is from the shotgun, which makes sense considering his height increases his vision of the entire field. His experience allows him to make accurate pre-snap reads, and he has the confidence and knowledge of the playbook to change the play at the line if he doesn’t like what he sees.

Get ready for a different kind of offense, Bears fans. The Mitchell Trubisky era is over. So skip the pleasantries and get to know your new starting Quarterback.

Video Credit: Robert Schmitz is the GOAT in terms of player analysis, film breakdown, and content creation. Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel and check out his Patreon account

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