How Robert Quinn Fits in the Bears Defense

Quinn has had most of his success when sticking his hand in the dirt as part of a 4-3 defense. This is, in part, because he is a pure pass rusher who’s greatest strength is speed – a characteristic that is enhanced from a 3 point stance (think Usain Bolt from the starting blocks). As a member of the Bears, Quinn will have improve his technique from a 2 point stance in a base 3-4 defense which is one way the Bears disguise their defensive schemes and coverages. From time to time, you’ll see him drop into coverage to confuse opposing offenses (which is not his strength), but expect to see plenty of him in his element, darting past offensive tackles in sub packages that deploy 4 down linemen. Check out this video which provides further in-depth analysis, and make sure to sign in to comment below!

Cover Photo Credit: Robert-Quinn-Punches-the-ball-Chris-Hunkeler-CC-by-SA-2.0

Video Credit: Robert Schmitz is the GOAT in terms of player analysis, film breakdown, and content creation. Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel and check out his Patreon account.

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