How Mitch Reads Defenses

While this is from 2018, it still lays out Mitch’s inconsistencies in reading defenses. He seemed to have improved as the 2018 season progressed, but as we know, he regressed in 2019. Why? As Schmitz lays out in the video, there is no better way to wreak havoc on an offense than to confuse the quarterback and offensive line about what their coverage scheme will be. It appears that defenses figured out how to confuse Mitch and our line throughout the 2019 season leading to a passer rating of 83 (ouch) and an 8-8 record. The video does show how Mitch can properly read a defense, but it also details how huge the offensive line responsibilities are to put the QB in a position to succeed. Both Mitch and the line need to improve, particular in terms of pre-snap reads, and opponent film study in order to make it to the playoffs in 2020. Take a look at the video for further in depth analysis and make sure to sign in to comment below!

Cover Photo Credit: DSC2450-by-All-Pro-Reels-is-licensed-under-CC-BY-ND-2.0

Video Credit: Robert Schmitz is the GOAT in terms of player analysis, film breakdown, and content creation. Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel, check out his Patreon account.

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