Film Room Analysis – Bears @ Lions – Week 1

If anyone can make offensive line analysis sexy, its Robert Schmitz. Maybe its that light jazz playing in the background, but I’m beginning to question my football orientation. Breaking down the offensive line is almost like playing on the line itself – often misunderstood and taken for granted. But no longer.

The biggest takeaway is, of course, this new outside zone running scheme which the Bears ran quite successfully in week 1. While Schmitz describes it quite well, he fails to recognize that it puts ALOT of responsibility on the runningbacks, who have to read multiple levels of the defense and decide if and when to make a cutback. This scheme makes a ton of sense if you have kick returners in the backfield, but who does that? Oh yeah…

Another important aspect of the outside zone running scheme is having the athleticism to pull it off. Remember when Bears fans were calling for the signing of Larry Warford this offseason? A good guard in his own right, but imagining that behemoth running to the sidelines every other play makes me laugh a little. Give some credit to Ryan Pace for signing Germain Ifedi, who is quickly becoming viewed as the true and worthy replacement for Bears legend Kyle Long at right guard.

The transformation of Matt Nagy’s call sheet in week 1 is pretty remarkable, and that is a testament to his willingness to not only adapt, but to evolve as a head coach and human being. If someone is going to scrap their whole identity as a play caller to pander to the play of Mitchell Trubisky, you want that kind of self sacrifice to be rewarded. As I’m writing this, the Bears are 2-0, so I hope Coach Nagy is feeling like it was worth it.

We’ve gone 4 paragraphs without a deep dive on Mitchell Trubisky? How can you investigate Mitch as a quarterback with these kind of in-game extremes? It’s just not worth it, man. Just grab a beer, watch the highlights, and wonder like the rest of us who the hell that guy really is.

Video Credit: Robert Schmitz is the GOAT in terms of player analysis, film breakdown, and content creation. Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel and check out his Patreon account

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