Vikings @ Bears – STAFF PICKS


  1. Logan Bradley 6-2

2. Ryan Dengel 5-3

3. Sean Fox 3-2

4. Mike Page 4-4

T. 4 Jack Wright 4-4

Mike Page

I ran a poll on Twitter that asked, “Would you rather meet Kirk Cousins or find 5 dollars?” In overwhelming fashion, “find 5 dollars” won, and I couldn’t have been happier that Bears Twitter rallied together to actually agree on something beyond #extendallenrobinson. What is it about him that makes people squirm? Beyond his detestable demeanor, he also is well known for imploding under the bright lights. It’s become a sort of self fulfilling prophecy that people find themselves rooting for. We talk about finding normalcy in the age of COVID, and what’s more normal than a Cousins-led Vikings squad losing to the Bears on Monday Night Football at Solider field? Sign me up.

Prediction: Bears 20, Vikings 17

Ryan Dengel

Ya know what I love? When your team is dreadful on offense and the NFL puts them on prime time for the whole country to see. Thanks NFL.  A few weeks ago the Bears were 5-1 and the Vikings were 1-5. A lot has changed since then. Dalvin Cook and the Vikings look like a team that have really turned the corner. The Bears just lost three in a row. 

I am insane, but I am picking the Bears in this one. The Bears have had the Vikings number over the past few years, especially at home. Sure, it’s 2020 and home field advantage means less than it used to, but the Bears defense has been stellar against both Dalvin Cook (86 yards on 34 carries against the Bears for a YPC of 2.5) and Kirk Cousins

 (0-3 vs the Bears in the Matt Nagy era). The Bears defense has been great this season, but has been missing one thing, turnovers. That changes on Monday night. The Bears defense carries this team to a win…again. 

Prediction: Bears 17, Vikings 13

History reveals games between the Vyqueens and Bears are predictable only in as much as they are unpredictable – always. The all-time record stands at 60-56-2 to the Vikings’ favor. Historically, even the blow-out games are not blow-outs. Vikings, 31–0 (1969) Bears, 34–3 (1984) Bears, 38–7 (1989). It is going to be a challenge to objectively analyze games going forward. We know the offense is putrid. We know the defense is top shelf. Points For: 178 (19.8/g) 29th of 32 Points Against: 190 (21.1/g) 7th of 32. It is doubtful those factors will change.

The two teams are trending in the opposite direction. The Bears have lost three in a row and the Vikings have reeled off two divisional wins in a row. Dalvin Cook is the most talented, game changing player on the field and yet the Bears defense seems to stymy him. The Viking are coming in hot but Matt Nagy teams are 4-0 against their division rival. 

It’s going to be so ugly but the Bears will prevail at home on Monday Night. 

Prediction: Bears 23, Viking 17

Logan Bradley

This feels like a last gasp for the Bears. At 5-4 and spiraling, there’s really only one path to making the playoffs and it’s through the division. Say what you will about Matt Nagy, but he’s figured out how to do one thing as head coach: beat the Lions and Vikings. With a win on MNF Nagy would run his record to an astounding 10-0 against the two teams.

The irony of that potential 10-0 record? With a Bears win, Kirk Cousins would move to 0-10 all-time on Monday Night Football. Honestly, that’s impressive.

You know what? I trust Kirk. I trust him a lot, a lot. Bears roll.

Prediction: Bears 20, Vikings 13

Sean Fox

The Bears and Vikings come into this Week 10 Primetime matchup trending in different directions. The Bears look like a team collapsing while the Vikings look like a team who is catching a second win heading down the stretch. Dalvin Cook looks like a man possessed over the last few weeks and is making a convincing argument he may be the best RB in the league this year. The Bears on the other hand seem to be doing everything they can to not move the ball on offense.

Though the Vikings come in with one of the worst pass defenses in the league, the Bears have one of the worst O-lines in the league so moving the ball will be a challenge no matter who they face as we saw last week against a very poor Tennessee D. If the Bears had an O-line that could protect at all, this would be a huge opportunity for Allen Robinson to have a game. Until the O-line is addressed (as well as the play calling), it won’t matter what defense they go up against. 

On the defensive side of the ball, Roquan Smith and Danny Trevathan will have their hands full trying to contain Dalvin Cook. The Vikings also have a couple of complimentary receivers in Adam Theilen and Justin Jackson that can stretch the field and work short routes to move the ball. Kirk Cousins (a Chicago native) should still be under a good amount of pressure from Kalil Mack even though they lost another good D-lineman to injury this past week (Roy Robertson-Harris).

Overall, things are not looking great for the Bears and I don’t anticipate them getting any better this week. 

Prediction: Vikings 27, Bears 17

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