The Top 10 Reasons the Bears NEED to Win a Championship

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The world is broken right now. In my nearly four decades of life, I cannot remember a time when we were more fractured or divided than we are right now. Some of it is absolutely overwhelming. I had to take a mental break from all of the hurt that is going on in the world to think about something totally different. 

Right now, there is no football to watch, so I went to a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot before things went all 2020 on us. 

Every fan has had this conversation in their head: why my team is going to win the big one. However, this one is special to us, because we’re Bears fans. Without further ado, here is the list.

1. It’s not the Patriots or the Packers.

If the Bears win the Super Bowl, it means that it wasn’t the Patriots or that Team Up North. Several of my colleagues have said that I hate the Patriots and Tawm Brady. It’s just not true. Sure, Bill Belichick has one of my least favorite faces in sports, but I am just sick of the same old storylines. Thankfully, Brady will be in Tampa Bay and Belichick will be tanking to get Trevor Lawrence. (This was written before the Cam Newton signing) Side note: the 28-3 game was not the best Super Bowl ever, it just highlighted how awful the NFL’s overtime rules are. The Falcons won the first half, the Patriots won the second half and the Falcons didn’t even get the ball in overtime. It was an absolute shame. And zip it “if you want to win, stop ‘em” crowd. Defense may win championships, but touchdown passes keep fans in the stands. 

Anywho, if the Bears win the Super Bowl, it means the Team Up North didn’t win it. Any time they don’t win, it’s a BIG win for the Beloved.

2. My Chicago History Student. 

Some of you already know that in my other life, I am a social studies teacher. In 2017, to finish off the semester of our Chicago History course, I prompted my students to ask whatever they wanted about Chicago History, anonymously. As you can imagine, some of the questions were about corruption, the Windy City name (it’s politics, not weather folks), the budget and there were a few really good questions about the Chicago Hot Dog (Ketchup overpowers the flavors that Chicago’s immigrant community put together in a Chicago-style dog. Everything is in there for a reason and ketchup ruins those flavors. That’s why we don’t do it. Seriously.)

The student question that really stuck with me was this one: “What is Da Bears? Were Da Bears ever good?” 

Holy Ditka this is my opportunity. I spent tons of time talking about some of the great Chicago Bears players. I showed them quick highlights of Urlacher, Butkus, Walter, Sayers, Peanut and Devin Hester. We watched one of the SNL skits and talked about the ‘85 Bears (check out No. 10 on this list). We talked about how the Bears have more HoF players than any other team, and for a while had more NFL Championships (Not Super Bowls) that most other teams. However, it left a hole in my heart. This student was right, the Bears hadn’t been a great franchise for a while. Some of these young people look at you funny when you talk about that no-longer-bald-guy in the advertisements… Yes, I am being serious.

The Bears need to win one for the youngsters. 

3. Bragging Rights

All jokes aside, it’s been really tough watching that Team Up North have the edge for so long. First it was Favre and then it was Aaron Rogers, and this is the part where every news outlet shows the graphic of all the Bears starters since the 90’s (Craig Krenzel and Henry Burris – their starts were worse than you think). How many times have we watched as the boys in Green and Gold snatch away a heartbreaking victory? Too many damn times. 

Bears fans everywhere want to win a Super Bowl because it’s the last game of the season. We want the shirts, hats and all of that. BUT, slightly more than that, we want to hold it over the heads of Green Bay fans everywhere. Yes, it’s petty, but that’s what years of losing does to a fan. 

4. My Amazing Wife

We have rearranged plans, made adjustments to schedules and she has sat through some of the most brutal losses imaginable. She has gone to games in the bitter cold because I love the team. She has learned players’ names, decided that she really likes them, just to watch them get traded away (we’re both still mad about Greg Olsen) or leave for retirement/free agency (Urlacher, Hester and Robbie Gould were ones she was actually upset about). She has learned nuances of the game, ridiculous rules and been an absolute trooper through it all. She even named our first dog Hester because we got to see him return two kicks for touchdowns in person. 

She isn’t a diehard fan, but she knows a lot more about the Bears than many “fans.” I love this woman so much. I want to feel in some way that for her too there is a payoff.

The Bears need to win for all of the spouses that have been fans through association. 

5. The Bears Are Up

In the last 22 years, all of Chicago’s teams have won the big one. The Bulls accomplished a second 3-peat, finishing in 1998 (if you haven’t watched the Last Dance, please stop reading this and go watch it). The White Sox won it in 2005, the Cubbies won it in 2016. The Blackhawks have won it three times! Chicago Bears, you’re up.

6. This Would Be Number Ten

The Bears have won 9 NFL Championships (1921, 1932, 1933, 1940, 1941, 1943, 1946, 1963 and 1985). If they win it would be their 10th and would cement them in second place for total championships. Yes- that Team Up North is in first place…

7. All of the Bad

Jonathan Quinn, Cade McNown, Rex Grossman, Todd Collins, Jimmy Clausen and Freakin’ Mike Glennon. The 5-11 (2014), 6-10 (2015), 3-13 (2016) and the 5-11 (2017). Shea McClellin as a first-round draft pick. Chris Freakin’ Flat-footed Conte, Marion Freakin’ Runnin’ Out of Bounds Barber and so many other heartbreaking moments are why Bears fans need a Super Bowl Win. We need to wash away the Conte…

8. Marc Trestman and Phil Emery

People have sent hate mail (Yeah, nobody sends mail anymore, you know what I mean) to Trestman’s family. That’s beyond stupid. Marc Trestman might be a very nice man and I have no hard feelings for him now that he’s no longer the Chicago Bears head coach. With that being said, this one still grinds my gears. This dude had no business coming back to the NFL. He cared more about telling us how good Canadian football is than leading his locker room.

He was bad. REALLY bad. Some say, (probably Jack from ‘Wanna Fight About It’), “Look at the offense. It was like, really good.” 

This is when I would throw up all over your brand new flooring decor from IKEA. Trestman had no idea how to run a locker room and it showed up fast. He lost this team quickly. Players who fight all the way to the end of a game do it for different reasons, but I will tell you this much, a team that fights for their coach won’t lose games by 28 and then 41 points, back-to-back (NE 51 – CHI 23 & GB 55 – CHI 14). They quit on Trestman. The Phil Emery/Trestman fiasco was SO bad that it impacted the 2015, 2016 and even 2017 Bears teams. The team was left completely devoid of talent and Ryan Pace (who hasn’t always been great) has been trying to pick up the pieces ever since.

Since the 2000’s started, there has been some bad football on the Lakeside, but none as bad as when these two ran the show. Emery fired Lovie Smith and then said Bruce Arians wasn’t as good of a coaching choice as Marc Trestman. I’m really sorry about all of your furniture, but I’m still throwing up.

For having to watch these guys ruin the Beloved, the Bears need to win a Super Bowl.

9. For the Fans

I’ve been watching the Bears all my life. But I started seriously watching/obsessing in 2001. That was the magical 13-3 season sandwiched in between 5-11 and 4-12 awfulness. In that time, I’ve seen the Bears go 3-5 in the playoffs (including the Super Bowl LXI loss to the Colts). That’s five trips to the playoffs in 19 years. Woof. Yes, I was alive for the ‘85 season, but I don’t remember it. I’ll dive into ‘85 really soon, but like any fan in any city in the world, I want to see my team win it. I’ve supported, worn the gear, gone to see bad teams in bad weather, argued with fans of teams who were far superior, stuck up for players that I didn’t like and through it all, I’d sit there on my couch just hoping… this will be the year. I know I’m not alone in this. I know that Bears fans everywhere want to see Chicago take home the Lombardi Trophy. For all of us who have supported this team through thick and a whole lot of thin, we want to see a Championship.

And of course…

10. 1985

Did you know that the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl in 1985? Actually it was January 26, 1986. I didn’t have to look up that date. Seriously, and most Chicago Bears fans don’t either. Did you know dat Da Bears did da Super Bowl Shuffle and dey had da best 46 defense to ever play da game? Ditka? Polish Sausage? 

I NEVER want to hear about the 1985 Chicago Bears EVER again.  

I’ve seen the film, I’ve watched almost every game from that season. (Remember, the Bears have had a lot of losing seasons in my lifetime. Like my 2017 Chicago History student, I wanted to know if the Bears were ever really good. In short, they were the best.) I have a beautiful framed picture of Walter Payton in my house. I throw on my Super Fan accent at every game, and every once in a while will crack a Coach Ditka Hurricane joke. BUT, I’m done. They were amazing, but ever since that cold, magical January day, Bears fans have NEVER stopped talking about it. Players from that team that have no business being around a microphone in 2020 are still talking about a game that was played over 34 years ago. (Dang, I had to pause after I took out my calculator to do the math. Man, I miss Walter Payton…) Tom Thayer is an absolute class act, I am not talking about him. Thayer and Jeff Joniak are a great pair in the booth, and I hope they continue on for a long time. 

Though it is less and less, I am still seeing “when Buddy Ryan/Coach Ditka ran this team” all over the place. Dude. They were amazing, but they’re not here anymore. It’s time to move on. Please stop. Get some help. (See the copyrighted Gif of Michael Jordan)

Whenever the Bears next Super Bowl victory comes to an end, I will cry for all the tough years of being a fan and all the joys of watching it happen in my lifetime. Then, I will take a huge sigh of relief that I never have to hear about the ‘85 Chicago Bears, ever again.

Until they post the comparison articles “Which Chicago Bears Team Was Better?” or the “How Did They Win It Without The Super Bowl Shuffle?”

I can already hear Doug from Joliet calling into the radio station “In ‘85 they won it the right way. They won with the best defense to ever play the game, I don’t even know the names of these new guys. Is Alshon Jefferies still playing at Soldiers Field with Mitchell Trubinskies?”

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