Texans @ Bears – STAFF PICKS


Sean Fox 6-3

Logan Bradley 6-5

Ryan Dengel 6-5

Jack Wright 6-5

Mike Page 5-6

Mike Page

Bottom of the barrel. No, not the Bears. ME! Dead last in the standings, and I’m miserable about it. I’ve gotten here by taking too many risks, usually in the Bears favor, and my eternal optimism has been nothing but poison. After 30+ years of Bears fandom, should I change? CAN I change?

I’m not going to rework my whole personality because of this sorry sack of Bears misfits! The optimism continues! The show goes on!

I don’t care that Deshaun Watson and JJ Watt are coming to Chicago. I don’t care that the only teams the Texans have lost to have winning records including several division leaders. I will not accept losing 7 games in a row.

Rookie CB Kindle Vildor, replacing Buster Skrine due to concussion, should be interesting to watch as a 2021 preview with Skrine likely cut at season’s end to save a couple million bucks. The other thing to watch for on the defense will be if they can pull their collective head out of their collective ass and put the past 2 games behind them.

It was fun watching that Bears offense move the ball and score points. The last time they scored 3 rushing TDs in the first half was 30 years ago! Monty is a beast, and I’m confident that he’s a top 5 back in this league with a better line and consistent touches. Hopefully, the Bears can accomplish 1 of those things for him today.

Prediction: Bears 24, Texans 20

Sean Fox

This week will be Deshaun Watson’s first ever trip to Soldier Field. I know some are sick of hearing it, but oh dear, what could’ve been? I was a strong advocate of taking Watson in 2017 and nearly cried when I saw what took place that fateful day. That day continues to define the Ryan Pace era that is almost certain to come to an end at the conclusion of this season.

While the Texans come to Chicago with a 4-8 record, they look like a much better team than the Bears at 5-7. Though their O-line has been bad and they just lost their WR1 in Will Fuller, they are still a far more potent offense than the Bears have ever put on the field. That is mostly due to the generational talent and leadership of Deshaun Watson. Looking at the way the Bears D has played the last few weeks, they shouldn’t have an issue scoring.

The Texan D has had a rough season statistically, they’ve looked a lot better over the last few weeks and should give the Bears O problems. They’ve had one of the worst run defenses in the league up to this point in the season, so the Bears should focus heavily on the run game handing the ball to Montgomery and Patterson. JJ Watt and Co. know this is a potential stat padding game with a torn up Bears O-line, so I’d try to keep the ball out of Mitch’s hands as much as possible if the Bears want to win.

I’ve reached the point of the season where I fully support tanking to improve draft position and solidify the move to a new regime in Chicago. Even if I didn’t I still don’t see the Bears winning this game as Houston just looks like a better team at this point.

Prediction: Texans 31, Bears 20

Other Staff Writer Predictions

Ryan Dengel – Texans 24, Bears 20

Jack Wright – Texans 34, Bears 14

Logan Bradley – Texans 32, Bears 20

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  1. Rob D says:

    Mike, if you’re lucky, you’ll be tied for 2nd or last, depending on how you look at it with your picks. If you’re not lucky, you’ll still be dead last all by yourself with picking the Bears. Good luck. You’ll need it. LOL

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