Staff Picks – Packers @ Bears – Week 6

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Mike Page 2-3

I like stories, and regardless of the length, significance, or personal connection, a well written story usually contains a few critical components: the hero, the hurdle, the climax, and the conclusion. The beautiful thing about sports is that we can see our heroes go through these milestones and shape their story in real time, and we passionately root for the outcomes that our heart most desires. Usually this includes some semblance of closure and balance as they represent our hope that the world is a just and fair place. The story of the Bears, especially against our antagonist, has been incredibly unsatisfying to this point in my life, but I’m beginning to sense a real, quantifiable shift in the narrative’s tone. Usually when this tone-shift occurs in a novel, it can foreshadow a change of tide. Our hero has arrived, and the rising action of this narrative becomes apparent on Sunday. The time for balance and closure draws near…

Bears 27 – Packers 24

Ryan Dengel 3-2

Last week, my gut kept telling me to pick the Bears over the Raiders, but my head told me that was not the right call. I should have listened to my gut. This week, my heart is telling me to pick the Bears, but my gut and my head both agree, nope. The Packers have Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is a HOF QB and has taken great joy in beating up on my Beloved Bears. There are way too many moments of having my heart broken. The Packers looked vulnerable against the Bengals, but ultimately won the game. 

Since Matt Nagy has given up play-calling, the Bears have won two in a row. Since Nagy is no longer calling plays, the Bears have a competent offense and have been fun to watch. Since Matt Nagy is no longer calling the Bears offense, the Bears have a chance to win on Sunday. I love that Justin Fields is our QB and I think when he finally retires, we’ll look back on his career with great reverence. However, he isn’t there just yet. The Bears defense is playing really well under Sean Desai and leading the league in sacks. I doubt this game comes down to field goals as it did in Cincy, because if it does, Cairo is CLEARLY the better kicker. I just get the feeling that we have another heartbreaking loss coming our way folks. Look for the Packers (or the refs) to get a late TD to win it. Ugh. 

Packers 24 – Bears 20

Sean Fox 2-3

This season is feeling like many Bears seasons past. The defense has at times looked dominant and certainly did so last week against a solid Raiders O. Right now, that Bears D is leading the league in sacks (18). Robert Quinn has looked like a monster so far this season and is tied for 10th in the league with 4.5 sacks. Mack has been his usual self adding 5 sacks which has helped keep the Bears in games while the offense has struggled. All this while the Bears are the 32nd ranked offense (feeling familiar?).

After an odd opening week loss to the Saints, the Packers have rattled off four straight wins to take the top spot in the NFC North. They haven’t looked dominant though. Last week they barely got away with a win against a resurgent Bengals team in OT. Had it not been for multiple missed kicks, they would have (and probably should have) lost. Considering the Bears beat that Bengals team, this should be a good game.

If there’s one way to beat Rodgers, it’s to get consistent pressure. The Bears D-line should be able to do that. That said, the outcome of this game will be dictated by the performance of Justin Fields and the Bears offense. If they can hold onto the ball and make plays at the right time to keep it close, they’ll have a shot. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen enough so far this season to tell me that will be the case. Not to mention, Nagy is 1-5 against the Packers over his tenure with the Bears and Rodgers is just so clutch against them. I’d love to see Fields take one from the Packers in his Bear/Packer debut, but I just can’t make the pick.

Packers 27 – Bears 20

Zachary Rosenbaum 1-4

I’m now 1 and 4. I’m just the guy who makes the pretty pictures folks.

Man, I freaking hate the Packers. I was so excited when I thought Aaron Rodgers was going to host Jeopardy for a living. Now he’s back to ruin my life. Just like he has for the past 11 years. Same as it ever was. As much as I would love to have the Bears destroy the Packers this sunday, I don’t see that happening. As long as “That Bad Bad Man” is wearing number 12 for Green Bay, The Bears are not going to be able to usurp his cheddar kingdom. I know I always bring up the Homeless People Ryan Pace has to fill out the secondary, and it hasn’t bitten the Bears in the ass too much, but this week is probably going to be different. Aaron is gonna be able to make the passes necessary to get downfield and score big. He’s not gonna pull a Jared Goff and just flat out miss easy shots. This one for sure is gonna be the one we all hate Ryan Pace for getting rid of Kyle Fuller instead of Jimmy Graham, who has ONE RECEPTION FIVE GAMES INTO THE SEASON.

Fire Jeremy Colliton.

Packers 27 – Bears 7

Jack Wright 3-2

The Bears and the Packers matchup quite evenly defensively. Offensively, not so much. The Bears are last in the league in terms of yards per game (240 yds/gm) while the Packers are lingering towards the middle of the league (346.7 yds/gm). I cannot wait for that quarterback in Green Bay to MOVE THE F^@% ON! He owns the Bears. He is 20-5 in his career against Chicago, boasting a 107.2 passer rating and a 55-10 TD-INT ratio. On The Bear Down Report Podcast, I said #12 has our code. He does. There is an uncanny confidence that goes along with nearly every victory he has enjoyed over the Bears, especially in recent years. It will be a great game along the lakeshore. The Bears will continue to build upon their offensive game plan under new play caller Bill Lazor and fresh new QB1 Justin Fields. However, if it is close at the end, #12 beats the Bears. No, I am not even using his name in this prediction. Small victories?  

Packers 21  –  Bears 17  

Nick Henderson 4-1

As much as I hate to say it, the Packers look pretty darn good. Fortunately, that means nothing to me. I wouldn’t pick the Packers even if we lined up with 11 one-legged men; any true Bears fan would agree. From a football perspective, the Bears’ offense has found a way to control the pace of games by running the football. Although our approach is slow and steady (much the opposite of Green Bay’s gameplan), I believe our defensive performance will ignite the offense and lead to bigger plays than we’re used to seeing. Plus, it’s an age-old rivalry. Whoever isn’t fired up shouldn’t play. Bear Down!

Bears 27 – Packers 24

Mike Oosterwyk 4-1

Roll out the red carpet Bears fans. YOUR QB1 Mr Justin Fields will make his highly anticipated debut as starting quarterback at Soldier Field. And what bigger stage than at home and against the old enemy.

It shapes up to be a momentous occasion for the young rookie as he gets first taste of one of the most storied rivalries in sports. Perhaps this Sunday could be the first winds of change in what has been a lopsided win-loss record against…”that team”.

The stakes couldn’t be greater. Should the Bears win, they will move to the top of the NFC North and position themselves nicely for a tough slate of upcoming games against the Bucs, 49’ers, Steelers and Ravens. A loss will hand Rodgers his 21st win in 25 starts. Ugh.

The Monsters of the Midway returned in a big way last Sunday against the Raiders and they will need to be on again this week if the Bears have any chance of knocking off our arch nemesis. The Bears defense leads the league in sacks (18) and currently sits in 8th place for total yards allowed per game.

Khalil Mack has been a complete wrecking ball so far in 2021 and will be looking to get after Rodgers (10 touchdowns – 1,241 yards) as he did with his old buddy Derek Carr. Get after him big guy.

It could be a tough day at the office folks and as much as it pains me to say it…the result will be..nup, it hurts so much I can’t even bring myself to say it.

Packers 23 – Bears 20 

Luke O’Grady 3-2

This is a very “Why not us” game in my mind. 

But why not us? 


Great quarterbacks get signature wins. This could be Fields first. Why not?

Bears defense is good enough, and Packers are missing some key players. 

It’s fun to believe again. I’m taking the Bears.

Bears 20 – Packers 17

Dan Dundas 2-3

The Packers ride into the 30th straight season with some sort of Hall of Fame quarterback taking snaps. For nearly three fourths of my life, or literally when I started watching football, it’s been either Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. I mean I feel for the AFC East dealing with Tom Brady for two decades, but this is ridiculous. That being said, having a HOF QB raises the tide of everyone around them, and it’s clearly evident with Rodgers. He looks to be in sync with Sean McVay acolyte Matt LaFleur running the show. The Packers have looked dominant, but also very mortal like last week versus the Bengals, and Week 1 against the Saints. 

Regardless,the Bears will be shoving forward with the Khalil Herbert show on offense. Herbert had an excellent game, but the Raiders defense is kind of garbage, so this will be a better test. As long as Billy Lazor has the call sheet, and lest we not forget “EVERYTHING” goes through Coach Nagy (wink wink), look for a steady dose of heavy personnel and lots of play action to get Fields some shots downfield. Heck, we may even see the corpse of Jimmy Graham this week against his former team. Man, 7 million a year for locker room leadership, can’t beat it!

I like what Sean DeSai has done with a healthy (Robert Quinn) defense, but Aaron Rodgers is a cheat code beyond belief. I expect the Bears to get some decent pressure, but the Packers have too many play makers to let the Bears just impose their will .I expect it to be a good competitive game though, with eyes down the road on that December rematch. 

Packers 27 – Bears 17 

Corie Walsh 2-3

I’ve never prayed so hard to be wrong my entire life. But I’ve been burned one too many times by Aaron Rodgers (and Brett Favre) to even get my hopes up a little bit. Make no mistake, if Jordan Love was starting, I’d be picking Da Bears no question. But the Rodgers effect is real and it’s painful for us Bears fans, considering he clearly has our number. And with Montgomery sidelined for at least a couple more weeks, and Williams likely out due to Covid restrictions, our old-school run-heavy style offense to bolster our young quarterback takes a serious blow. 

I’m not saying the Bears won’t make it interesting, though. The Desai defense is proving to be absolutely legitimate and I’m expecting big games from Mack, Quinn and Roquan especially. Obviously our secondary is still a weakness, made even more so with Rodgers under center, but a mean front 7 can somewhat rectify that situation. And with Jaire Alexander out for the Pack, we might just see Fields cut loose a bit more than we have been. 

Regardless of the outcome, I love these rivalry games. And with Rodgers likely on the outs, a seriously defunct cap situation for Green Bay next year, and Fields taking the reins, I have a feeling we Bears fans will soon love these rivalry games for a completely different reason than just old-school sentiments. Patience, my friends. Patience.

Packers 23 – Bears 17

Logan Bradley 4-1

Oh, boy. Do I do it? Do I go against everything I’ve ever known as a Bears fan? Do I forget that Aaron Rodgers is still playing for the Green Bay Packers and Matt Nagy is still coaching for the Chicago Bears? I just may. After all, we do have Justin Fields under center. That changes everything, right?

Honestly, I do think it changes a lot of things. But it doesn’t change the fact that Rodgers is our Daddy. He puts food on the table for us. He feeds us, he cleans us, he reads us stories at night to help us fall asleep. Some day very soon things will be different. Just not yet.

Packers 34 – Bears 21

Brendan Sugrue 5-0

I just can’t do it. I’ve been hurt too many times in the past and I know better than to pick against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers when the Bears are involved. In last season’s finale, the Bears gave it their best shot and went toe-to-toe with the division winner for much of the first half. But Rodgers always finds a way, proceeding to pick apart a defense that showed more unique looks that game than anytime during the season.

Looking at this year’s group, I know they lead the league in sacks and have played extremely well over their last few games. But there are still gaps in the secondary and I’m not looking forward to Rodgers and Davante Adams finding them. If the Bears have any chance to win, it falls on the shoulders of Justin Fields.

The rookie looked unflappable in last week’s win and even in this week’s press conference. He’s locked in and isn’t afraid of the challenge, despite knowing the Bears have had their heads kicked in during this rivalry for over a decade. I think he has a very good game yet again but falls just short in getting the win. There are no moral victories, but this game will have fans believing Fields is on his way to running the division. His time is coming.

Packers 23 – Bears 21

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