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Mike Page 2-1

Soccer teams do this weird thing where they can acquire a player “on loan” from another organization. The parent club may choose to fully, partly, or not subsidize the players wages at all when on loan. This happens for any number of reasons, including but not limited to: 1) having a player develop while the parent team pushes for contention with their best players on the field or 2) when the acquiring team is a poverty franchise, everyone is laughing at their sad state of affairs, and real teams decide to donate to a charitable cause so their entire sport isn’t downgraded to bush league status by the mere presence of the poverty franchise. You already know which category the Bears fall into. #FireNagy. 

I am hopeful the NFL can see the value in this policy and instill it for week 4. But for whom you may ask? I’ll happily take Brian Daboll or Mitchell Trubisky on loan from the (hopefully) very generous Buffalo Bills for 1 game. Breathe. Breathe again. Daboll is obvious, but Tru? No, I’m not calling for the Bears to sign Mitchell after this year. I just want him for one game against a franchise he was, and always will be, the very abusive father of. 

Since Matt Nagy is in charge of game planning with a roster that he has no freaking clue how to utilize, I can’t pick the Bears. Maybe I’m guilty of recency bias. After all, Nagy has a decent record following a loss, but I’m so disgusted right now that I don’t care. 

Lions 17 – Bears 13

Ryan Dengel 2-1

The Lions are much better than their record shows. The Bears are worse than their record shows. However, Nagy for all of his faults, USUALLY has his team prepared after a loss. My hope is that Matt Nagy was told that he will no longer be allowed to call plays for the Chicago Bears ever again, but I get the sense that he ‘clearly communicated’ his way back into that role. Gross. 

The Lions are not a good football team, and their trend of playing well in the first quarter of every season before they fall apart may actually be happening right now; the Lions have been competitive in every game they’ve played so far this season. I am going with the Bears this week, just because they are at home and I think the Bears defense is getting better every week. If the Bears lose to the Lions, I am going to have a hard time picking them to win any more games this season. 

Bears 16 – Lions 13

Zachary Rosenbaum 1-2

Ah man. I’m going to be honest with you guys, I don’t give a crap about this week’s game. Everybody is finished with Matt Nagy. Literally everybody. Nagy is the biggest clown in the league, second only to Adam Gase. His awful playbook got discovered after just one season, and the league adapted to his crappy magic show. Justin Fields should sit on the bench for the rest of the season to save himself from Matt Nagy’s absolutely stupid gameplan desicions. Start Andy Dalton so he can throw a maximum of 12 yards. I don’t care about him. Nobody cares about him. Let him take all the crap.

I’m going to be more inclined to watch the White Sox game on the same day. And the Sox aren’t even playing for anything. That’s how done I am with this absolute clown show. I honestly hope the Lions beat the crap out of the Bears. I just want chaos. Let the boo birds fly.

Fire Matt Nagy.

Lions 27 – Bears 7

Jack Wright 2-1

The Detroit Lions average 353 ypg (18th). The Chicago Bears average 191 ypg (32nd). The Detroit Lions give up 384 ypg (22nd). The Bears give up just over 350 ypg (12th).  The game will be close and the game will be ugly. I mean, when is the last time we saw a thoroughly enjoyable Bears game. While the Bears are bad, the Lions have cornered the market on being awful for quite some time now. Throw in a home field advantage and the fact that Matt Nagy is good at beating bad teams, and you have a Bears win. 

Bears 14 – Lions 3

Nick Henderson 2-1

Last week was embarrassing. Everyone in Chicago expected BIG things out of Justin Fields, and we got one the worst performances in NFL history. Matt Nagy has been doing “save face” press conferences every day since. Detroit is a must win game. The Lions are 0-3, but could easily be 2-1 based on how those games went. These Lions play hard as hell every game, and if we show up lackadaisical this one could be embarrassing too. Call me crazy, but I have faith.

Bears 21 – Lions 20

Sean Fox 2-1

Last week’s game against the Browns was probably the most embarrassing performance many of us Bears fans have ever seen. That includes the Wanstedt, Jauron and Trestman eras. It was so embarrassing that the Bears moved up the announcement of signing a purchase agreement for Arlington Racecourse, just to distract from how bad the Bears were.

Based on recent reports and Nagy’s typical non-answers during press conferences, it sounds like play calling will be handed over to Bill Lazor. If so, thank God. If not, I don’t think the Bears have a much better day than last Sunday. While the Lions are 0-3, they’ve played the Niners and Ravens tough to the end and the Packers tough through the half. Dan Campbell has established a fighting mentality in Detroit that’s long been missing.

The Bears, on the other hand, look defeated and totally lost. We still don’t know who’s calling plays or who’s under center on Sunday. After watching the Lions hold Lamar Jackson and the Ravens to 19 points last week, I don’t know if it matters. I’d love to be optimistic, but this team has given Bears fans no reason to be through three weeks.

Lions 24 – Bears 23

Mike Oosterwyk 3-0

And just like that, the excitement around Justin Fields and the future of the organization just got sucked out of Chicago like an industrial vacuum.

Last week’s match-up against the Browns was a horror show in just about every conceivable way. But there’s always next week as they say, and Week 4 has the Bears pitted against the winless, yet competitive Detroit Lions who were sunk last week to a freak 66-yard field goal.

It seems as though the deeper we get into the season, the bigger the question mark that hangs over the Bears.

Once again, I am not confident about this game.

I am picking the Bears this week however, only for Detroit’s defense and Justin Fields’ ability to learn and respond to setbacks. Again (and broken record), the Bears will be super-reliant on the defense (and Cairo Santos) if they are to win this game.

We’ve all heard Nagy’s “be you” theme and for a time it was kinda cool and somewhat inspiring. Make no mistake about it though, the result of this week’s game could have far-reaching consequences. For if the Bears lose this one, it could be the front-office deciding whether in fact the coach should “be someone else”.

Bears 18 – Lions 16

Luke O’Grady 1-2

I can’t keep picking with my gut. Wanting the bears to win and expecting them too is a whole different thing.

Bears should beat the lions this week. Could be the usual “beat up on a bad team and build some morale” game that happens every season under Nagy. But man, the Lions have been running every team close. They don’t go away.

It’ll be a close game I think. Lions could edge it, but if they do, the wheels really start to fall off in Chicago. I think we avoid that. At least for another week.

Bears 20 – Lions 17

Dan Dundas 1-2

I have to admit I have not watched any of the Lions this year, but it seems to me they are biting plenty of kneecaps, and at least getting away from the fog from Belichick wannabe Matt Patricia. It has to be said that one team seems to be playing with juice, and another seems to be playing not to lose, already afraid of their season going down the tubes. 

Whether Matt Nagy purposely ran the same plays and protections that would have perfectly complemented Andy Dalton can be up for discussion as the newest conspiracy theory. If Bill Lazor is indeed calling plays though, he very well may delve into the part of the playbook that accentuates the strengths of his players, which would be nothing more than shocking. 

Sean Desai has some good talent on his side of the ball, and seems to be calling anything and everything, while still respecting the philosophy and defensive structure by past Dc Vic Fangio. Whether he has the luxury of playing for Sean McVay or not, Jared Goff is still a petrified statue in the pocket, and that now formidable Bears pass rush may do enough to deter him from doing anything positive. The Bears at least get to .500, before the meat of the schedule hits. 

Bears 20 – Lions 13

Corie Walsh 1-2

I’ve rewritten my opening sentence five times because my vocabulary literally doesn’t possess the right words to express how I feel after that loss to the Browns. Our offense is trending in the exact opposite direction of functional, Nagy has completely lost the faith of the fans, and rumors are already flying over who should be the head coach next year. Barring a complete miracle, I’d say the best thing to come out of this season will be Justin Fields gaining NFL experience and going up against some elite defenses.  That is, until Nagy screws even that up and starts Dalton again.

I’m not completely doom and gloom though, our defense seems to be progressing each week and is down right fun to watch, and I don’t expect anything different going up against the Lions this week. If we can simply gain more than an average of 1.1 yards per play on offense (seriously? Is that a real stat that I just typed?), I think our defense will overpower the Lions easily. Couple that with a home field advantage and the fact that the city might burn to the ground if we lose to the Lions at home, and I’m picking the Bears again (quite possibly for the last time this season… but I digress). 

Bears 13 – Lions 6

Logan Bradley 3-0

If you’re not winning this game, what other game are you winning this year?

What a great justification to pick the Bears this week, but that’s what I’m doing. The Lions are a better football team than their 0-3 record shows, and if this game was being played in Detroit, I’d confidently pick them to win. That being said, I trust our defense can get the job done as the line looked much, much better last week.

*deep breath*

The offense can’t be worse than last week. It can’t be. It’s not possible. There’s no way. It will be better. Yes, it will be better. I believe that. Really.

Oh my god, I’m picking Matt Nagy’s team to win. What an idiot [me].

Bears 23, Lions 20

Brendan Sugrue 3-0

To the chagrin of many fans looking for change, the Chicago Bears are going to win this week against the Lions. It just seems like a foregone conclusion. Despite the disturbing offensive showing last week, the Bears were still within one score of a very talented Browns team at halftime thanks to their stellar defense. The Lions, though they have been competitive this season, aren’t close to the level of the Rams or Browns. The Bears defense can contain Jared Goff and Detroit’s offense and should keep them in the game all day long. When it comes to the Bears offense, I’m expecting a much different gameplan this time around.

Matt Nagy knows he was embarrassed last week and is likely handing over play-calling duties to offensive coordinator Bill Lazor. It’s just the move that will push this team over the edge against lower competition, allowing Nagy to keep his job right before they enter a buzzsaw with their next few games on the schedule. This is Bears football; Good enough to beat the bad teams, but don’t stand a chance against the good ones. The circus continues…

Bears 17 – Lions 13

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