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Mike Page 5-11

Robert Quinn is going to break Richard Dent’s single season sack record today, and because it will be in the 16th game, no one will be able to say “yeah but it was a 17 game season.” People on twitter will still conjure some excuse like “teams trained differently”, and all of that is hogwash so just ignore it. Seeing him do it against one of many former Bears multi-million dollar mistakes in Mike Glennon will be both embarrassing and rewarding – a rare feat in most franchise history books, but seemingly more and more common within our own. 

Give me some David Montgomery yards after contact, Roquan going sideline to sideline gobbling up ball carriers, and maybe a deep ball to Mooney or two and this game will be a success no matter the score. The Giants are just a trash heap though, so expect the Bears to take out the garbage. 

Bears 27 – Giants 17

Sean Fox 12-4

Coming off a late game, 2-point conversion win in Seattle, the Bears are looking to make it two in a row in a winnable game at home. The 4-11 Giants come into Soldier Field on a four game losing streak (all of which have been blowouts). Similar to the Bears, there are tons of questions surrounding their GM Dave Gettleman as well as their Head Coach, Joe Judge, and their QB, Daniel Jones. However, Daniel Jones hasn’t played since injuring himself in their last win against the Eagles November 28th. Since then, the Giants have been trying to get by at QB with a combo of Jake Fromm and Mike Glennon. As you might guess, the results have not been great.

In this battle of banged up, dysfunctional franchises, the RBs should really be the focus of both team’s game plans. Saquon Barkley hasn’t looked great this season, but is a physical freak when he’s fully healthy. David Montgomery has looked great the last few weeks and happily handled a beastly workload against Seattle. Neither of these teams have great options at the QB position right now (with Fields is hurt), so they should both focus on their run game.

Bears win in a stinker.

Bears 20 – Giants 10

Ryan Dengel 12-4

Andy Dalton vs Mike Glennon. Woof. 

I’m predicting the Bears win just because the Giants roster might be one of the worst in the NFL. The end is close, my friends. 

Bears 20 – Giants 9

Jack Wright 13-3

Cool story. My oldest son, Jack, wanted to take his best friend, Joey, to his first ever Bears game. Joey is a huge fan and has never been to a game. Jack bought tickets to the Bears – Giants game. I’ll be at the game today with the boys. Cool right? Cold but cool. Snowpocalypse hit yesterday and it’s going to be a bit cold. (Remember when a snowstorm wasn’t headline news?) Regardless, with the right gear and the right people, any Bears game is a blast. Certainly, the team is not what we had hoped. Mainly, we were excited to watch JF1 play. Not gonna happen. Also, the prospect of Barkley balling out was tantalizing. He’s healthy but plays for a terrible, banged up team. 

My pick this week is purely strategic. I’m taking my shot. There are two games left and I’m a game behind Brendan. So, I’m fairly certain the Bears will win. However, I’ll pick the Giants in hopes Brendan selected the Bears and gain a game in the competition. 

Giants 17 – Bears 14

Mike Oosterwyk 13-3

Laaaaadies and gentlemen…. Leeeeet’s get ready to rumbleeeeee!

Introducing first for Chicago, in the dark navy jersey. The man with the thick orange locks, the Red Rifle, the Ginger Ninja, or as Ice Cube referred to him once, Flaming Hot Cheetos….Aaaaaandy Daltonnnn!

Aaaaaand for the Giants, wearing the white jersey…… (cough)…Mike Glennon.

Would you believe that between these two, they have been paid a combined $55 million by the Bears to play a total of just 10 games? Woof.

After last week’s heartstopper against the Seahawks, Matt Nagy will be looking to close out his career at Chicago with two wins on the trot for the first time since October.

Chalk this one down for a win folks.

Bears 28 – Giants 13

Corie Walsh 10-4

The penultimate game of the season. And hopefully the penultimate game before the Bears go on a firing spree. Despite these last two games being completely fruitless, I’m trying to enjoy them as much as I can considering we’ll be entering the dark, cold abyss of football-less months before long. Can the Bears win out the rest of this season? It’s definitely a possibility, and the sincere fan inside me hopes they do. A matchup against an equally banged up Giants team should prove to be helpful in that regard at the very least.

Bears 17 – Giants 10

Logan Bradley 13-3

Jake Fromm? Andy Dalton? Welcome to 2022.

After their thrilling win last week on the road, it’s easy to see this team taking some useless momentum into this week. With the over/under at an incredibly low 36.5, nobody is expecting anything exciting from this game.

Play good defense, give David Montgomery the ball and bring me one win closer to a miracle cash of the Bears over 6.5 regular season wins. Please.

Bears 20 – Giants 10

Brendan Sugrue 14-2

Get ready for a barnburner on the lakefront because nothing says compelling football like the lowly Bears and Giants. It’s the fourth year in a row these two teams are meeting, but it’s also Mike Glennon’s first trip back to Soldier Field since he was with the Bears in 2017. Glennon is the presumed starter with Daniel Jones out due to a neck injury and he’s likely not going to get a warm welcome.

The Giants are one of the only teams more inept at offense than the Bears. They’re averaging just 16.5 points a game and haven’t scored more than 10 points in three of their last four games. With the Bears defense still playing at a high-enough level, Glennon and New York’s offense won’t get much of anything going. We also might see history from Robert Quinn as he looks to set the franchise record for most sacks in a season.

For the Bears offense, they’re feeling good after their last-minute win against the Seahawks. With this likely being Matt Nagy’s final home game as coach, I can see his team rallying around him to send him out with a convincing victory. It really doesn’t matter who is starting at quarterback at this point either. The Bears will get their final win of the year and give the fans something to smile about one last time at Soldier Field. 

Bears 26 – Giants 10

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