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I’m picking the Bears, and here’s why….

Look, if my entry is going to remain at the top of this article, then I’m going to give it some positivity and pizzazz. Consider the pizzazz covered with the addition of tuxedoed Chadwick Boseman (RIP) and Captain America up there. So here is your positivity: Darnell Mooney has had back to back 100 yard performances, Andy Dalton has had an additional week of practice with the 1s, Robert Quinn is chasing the Bears all time single season sack leader Richard Dent (17.5), Roquan looked VERY healthy running around during practice, Eddie Jackson has stepped up his physicality and commitment to tackling, the Cardinals could be without Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins, future pro bowler Teven Jenkins begins blocking people this week, James Daniels has been graded out as a top 10 Guard in the NFL, Larry Borom’s pass protection is elite, Jaylon Johnson is developing into a lockdown corner….and Justin Fields is our QB for the next 12 years. Boom goes the dynamite.

Bears 27 – Cardinals 26

Sean Fox 9-3

With the Cardinals coming off of a bye week, they are hoping to get two of their most important pieces on offense back against the Bears in Kyler Murray and Deandre Hopkins. If both are healthy for Sunday’s game, the Bears will really have their hands full. Beyond Hopkins, the aerial attack includes former WR stud AJ Green, Christian Kirk and rookie speedster Rondale Moore. On the ground, James Conor who’s 2nd in the NFL in rushing TDs with 12. On the defensive side of the ball, you’ve got one of the NFL’s best pass rushing duos in Markus Golden (10 sacks) and Chandler Jones (8). Add the fact that the Cardinals are 6-0 on the road this season and the odds of the Bears pulling off an upset are bleak.

On the Bears side of the ball, they’re dealing with a few injuries to key pieces as well. With Justin Fields still healing from fractured ribs and Roquan Smith likely out with a hamstring injury, the Bears might be without their offensive and defensive leaders. If that’s the case, there’s no way the Bears stay close. Not having Roquan is a killer for this defense and should allow for the Cardinals to move the ball easily. Even if Fields comes back at full strength to have a big game, it would be tough to see them keep pace with the high powered Arizona offense.

I just don’t see the Bears keeping this one close, much less competing. They’re banged up and just not as good of a team as the NFC West leading Cardinals.

Cardinals 30 – Bears 13 

Ryan Dengel 9-3

In every season, there is a game that your team shouldn’t win, but somehow does. There are always a few games that your team should win, but just can’t get it done. On any given Sunday, you can win or lose. Also, there is a good chance for some cold rain on Sunday for a Cardinals team that hasn’t had to play in the elements yet this season. This has the makings of an upset. 

With that being said, the Bears are about to get smacked. The Cardinals have a far superior roster, especially with Justin Fields, Akiem Hicks, Mario Edwards Jr.,  Allen Robinson, Khalil Mack and Roquan Smith all slated to be out for this game. The Chicago Bears are a highly dysfunctional team and only beat the winless Detroit Lions by 2 points. The Bears offense is anemic and simply cannot score points. A weakened defense and abysmal offense equals a loss. 

Cardinals 31 – Bears 13

Jack Wright 10-2

Usually, I do a fair amount of digging before making my pick for the week. This week is different. I woke up with a feeling about the game. Often, my revelations come to fruition. The Bears are going to get trounced this weekend by the Arizona Cardinals. Why? All of the pieces are in place for a Bear’s pounding. First, the injury list for the Monsters of the Midway is littered with starters who are key players at pivotal positions. The Bears lack top tier, dynamic players.  The explosive, game-changing players on the roster might not play. Imagine a game in which Smith, Hicks, Fields, Kmet, and Robinson are watching from the sidelines. Second,the Cardinals are coming off a bye week, boast a 9-2 record despite key injuries, and are well-coached. If Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins suit up and see substantial workloads, the game becomes decidedly lop-sided, favoring the visiting Cardinals. 

An ugly narrative is unfolding for our Bears: BARELY squeaked out a win against the lowly Lions. Likely, take a beating against the Cardinals. Suffer a nearly guaranteed embarrassment versus the Packers in a prime-time, Sunday Night Football tilt. The upside? Chant it with me, “Fire Nagy”. 

Cardinals 40 –  Bears 14

Nick Henderson 7-5

Firstly, I’ll start by saying that these predictions are always particularly tough when there’s no indication of who will suit up; especially when dealing with superstars. Although I’m not sure if Kyler Murray will play, I am certain that even Colt McCoy is capable of beating this team. Yes, I was wrong last week when I picked the Lions. But, how wrong was I really? (barely) Winning that ugly game against a winless opponent gave me no added confidence in our ability to beat one of the better teams in the league. I think we are totally overmatched coaching wise, personnel wise, and mentally. Cardinals take this one easily.

Cards 31 – Bears 13

Mike Oosterwyk 11-1

I am so bummed about this game and what might have been. This match-up against the Cardinals was one that I was really looking forward to with two of the league’s most exciting young talents going head-to-head as the Bears make their run towards the playoffs. 

With JF1 still doubtful and the possibility of Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins making their potential returns, there is simply no reason why anyone would pick the Bears this week.

Coming off a taxing run of having played two games over five days, the injury-ravaged Bears will be hard-pressed to match the likes of a well-rested Cardinals’ side that boasts both a top 5 offense, and top 5 defense.

The Bears won’t win this one, but stranger things always seem to happen…….at Chicago.

Cardinals 31 – Bears 13 

Luke O’Grady 8-4

Injuries are piling up for the Bears at a time when the Cardinals are just starting to get healthy.

Cardinals are legit, one of the best teams in football at the moment. 

Can’t see the Bears winning this one. 

Could lowkey be fun and the Bears keep it close, but they won’t win.

Cardinals 27 – Bears 24

Corie Walsh 8-4

We’re heading into what could be a pretty brutal couple of weeks as Bears fans. I love optimism and an upset just as much as the next person, but I don’t think we’ll be experiencing either of those things this week (or next, but let’s shoulder one burden at a time here). Besides the turmoil coming out of Halas Hall almost daily, our (still!) inept offense and our crumbling defense, the Cardinals have had a very solid season so far and will likely see a deep playoff run. In other words, exactly the kind of team that I just hope won’t embarrass us too badly while playing at home.

Once again, my main interest in this game will be watching Fields hopefully show some progress and continue to build rapport with Mooney and co. And with his cracked ribs, I’m not even guaranteed that! Woof (but also, get well soon JF1! We promise we’ll get our ish together soon… right? RIGHT?!) Sigh. 

I’m not all doom and gloom, though. Honorable mention goes out to Robert Quinn who was named the NFC defensive player of the month! Much deserved and I love that he’s shutting up all of his detractors from earlier in the season (me included!) with every single sack and pressure. He’s been a joy to watch and a bright light in an otherwise very dim season for Da Bears. 

Cardinals 31 – Bears 13

Logan Bradley 11-1

Another week of Andy Dalton it looks like. As much as that dominant offensive performance vs. the Lions inspired confidence, I can’t say I feel good about Matt Nagy constructing a game plan that would allow for this team to beat the team with the best record in the league.

The only question here is: do we get crushed or do we keep in close? I lean with the former just because I don’t think this team believes in its coach enough to get up for what could be it’s toughest test to date. Show me a good game from Darnell Mooney and the youngsters on the defense and I’ll be happy.

Cardinals 30 – Bears 14

Brendan Sugrue 11-1

Every part of me wants to pick the Chicago Bears to win this game. Every season, there is always a game where, on paper, they look completely outmatched, outcoached, and enter as massive underdogs, yet emerge victorious with a huge upset. For me, all signs point to this being that game this year…and yet I still can’t pick them to come away with that improbable victory.

One of the top offenses in football is getting two of its stars back from injury as Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins are set to make their return this week for the Cardinals after missing the entire month of November. Things could look slow for a bit as the offense readjusts, giving the Bears an opening to possibly steal this game, but they’re dealing with their own health issues coming off a 16-point performance against the winless Lions. 

The Bears could still be without many key players, most notably now Roquan Smith on defense, who is vital to their success on that side of the football. It’s also likely Andy Dalton gets another start in place of Justin Fields, meaning another offensive output in the teens is very likely. They’re facing a top-five defense in most statistical categories so they might be lucky to score in the teens, really. It’s just where they’re at right now, right Matt Nagy?

With the Cardinals trying to take flight after a long layoff, this game is going to be close, but Arizona will find its wings late to secure the victory. 

Cardinals 24, Bears 17

Zachary Rosenbaum 6-6

Wasn’t last week a great and inspiring win for the troubled Bears? No? You say that a game they barely won against an awful Lions team wasn’t good enough to save Matt Nagy’s job? Well you would be right, fake person I just made up to help boost my argument. Georgey boy decided to stick his neck out for a guy who he’s going to fire anyways in like a month, and Nagy responded with the most uninspiring of uninspired wins to ruin our Thanksgiving. Now they get to take on the NFC’s best team. A team which is getting back all of it’s best players. Yippie!

Fields has started to practice again, but is he ready to start the next game? I say no. I want our beloved Christian Quarterback to be at peak health before he hits the turf again. The last thing I want is for him to take another, possibly worse injury that could hurt his development. That means the Red Rifle should be at the center position for the Bears. Andy is good enough to fool you with like, two touchdowns to make you think he’s competent enough to win, but he’ll dry up faster than the Colorado river, and you’ll be thinking about if turning off the tv all together would be a more enjoyable experience.

Everybody is injured for the Bears. Everybody is not injured for the Cardinals. Add to the fact that The Cardinals are in control of their own destiny for that precious playoff bye, you could see how The Cards are very favored to win this one. This one is going to get ugly. Like really ugly. But on the bright side, us losing to The Cardinals keeps them one step ahead of The Packers, and really that’s all we can cling to at this point.

Cardinals 43 – Bears 17

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