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The end of an era, folks. Soon, we will be looking back on these times asking ourselves, “what was that like again?” and “how bad was it really?” Well, for all the future people coming to this article in 5, 10….100 years, let me tell you this. It wasn’t as bad as the John Fox and Marc Trestman years. We had talent. We won some tough games. There were exciting moments. Matt Nagy just couldn’t get out of his own way. He refused to adapt from a system that he loved more than winning, more than the players, and more than the job. As Bears fans, all we can do now is hope for real change which has proven to be a freaking ghost – both non-existent and a haunting menace of this city and its good people. 

Screw the Vikings. Matt Nagy goes out on top. 

Bears 27 – Vikings 17

Ryan Dengel 13-4

While the 2021 Bears were a bit of a disappointment, I am still sad to see the season go. I am not, however, sad to see Matt Nagy go. The Bears should have let him go last season, but if you’re a Bears fan, you already know how this works. The Bears will most likely hire the wrong candidate in 2022. Hopefully I am wrong about that. 

As for the Bears at Vikings… Who cares. This game is insanely meaningless. We don’t even get to see Justin Fields play. Nagy said it’s going to be fun, so maybe a return of ‘Santa’s Sleigh?’

I am predicting we will see at least 3 wildcat plays. 30 curl routes or screens. (In the first half) Matt Nagy will call a really stupid timeout and then the Bears will get a delay of game penalty. The Bears will only run the ball with David Montgomery 12 times. We won’t get to see good young players like Thomas Graham Jr. and Jesper Horstead get meaningful playing time. And finally, we will hear about club dub for the last time. On to the off-season my friends!

Bears 17 – Vikings 16

Jack Wright 13-4

Oddly, the Bears have not given up on Matt Nagy. Have the Vikings given up on Mike Zimmer? The Vikings are 2.5 point favorites at home. JF1 is on the COVID reserve list and Kirk Cousins is back from the COVID reserve list. Honestly, I think it’s a toss up. How do you predict a game in which both coaches are on the block and neither team is in contention? What’s the over/under on Andy Dalton bouncing passes to WRs? If a line hasn’t been set I am going to put it at 1.5 and take the over. 

Bears 17 – Vyqueens 14

Mike Oosterwyk 14-3

So here we are folks. The final game of season 2021. And what a season it hasn’t been. Decisions made over the next few weeks will be crucial to the future of this organization and to QB heir apparent Justin Fields. Until such time we shall wait with baited breath and hope for some sort of divine intervention.

This week has limited appeal, other than an opportunity to say thank you and farewell to Hicks, Dalton, (and quite possibly Foles and/or A-Rob).

The winner of this game? Well, I’m just going to go against whichever team Brendan Sugrue picks this week to shake things up a bit for the end of season staff picks leaderboard. No pressure Sugrue!

And before anyone sends me any hate mail, I’m hoping that the season ends on a high and I’m pulling for the Bears to pummel those Violet Crumble candy-asses from Minnesota.

For those playing at home, Violet Crumbles are an Australian choc honeycomb delicacy (and are freaking amazing by the way). It’s just the colors though that are likely to make you sick. Do yourself a favor, you won’t be disappointed!

Finally, a big thank you to BDR fans far and wide for your support. It’s been a hell of a ride this year and we look forward to doing it all again in 2022. ….With a new coach of course and perhaps even a new GM.

Vikings 20 – Bears 17

Corie Walsh 12-4

Whew! We’ve made it to the final turn of one wild roller coaster of a season. From the highs of drafting Justin Fields and Teven Jenkins, to the lows of realizing that yes, Nagy’s offense really is that bad, to the downright weirdness that has come out of Halas Hall, this season will at the very least be memorable. I always get a little melancholy when we’re coming up on the last game of the season without playoff contention to keep our hopes alive. There’s a bitterness in my heart for everything the Bears have managed to get wrong over my entire life, and this season was obviously no exception, but there’s always an underlying sweetness that is the undercurrent to my devotion which adores the sounds of Bears football on my TV. I’ll miss it fiercely after this Sunday, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not absolutely stoked to see what happens during the off-season. My eternal optimism will one day be the death of me, but right now it’s whispering in my ear that maybe, just maybe, we can get all of the pieces put together just right this time. And on that token of optimism, I’m going out this season the way I came in for these predictions: a Bears win over the Vikings. BEAR DOWN!

Bears 24 – Vikings 20

Logan Bradley 14-3

I know every weekly reader of these picks is very concerned about my Bears over 6.5 wins bet. Some people (me) said it wouldn’t be possible a few weeks ago, yet here we are with a chance to go into Minnesota and get a win on the final week of the regular season.

It’s the number one source of motivation for every Bears player that takes the field this weekend, they’ve told me personally.

As for my analysis and prediction for this game? Because it’s meaningless and it’s Matt Nagy’s last game, we will win. Bear down.

Bears 24, Vikings 23

Brendan Sugrue 15-2

This game is truly a “who wants it more” type of matchup. Or maybe it’s more along the lines of “who likes their soon-to-be ex-coach more?” This Bears and Vikings game feels more like a funeral than a season finale. Both teams aren’t going to the postseason and will more than likely be looking for a new coach come Black Monday. We’re looking at the end of two eras. So really, who wants this game more?

Even though the Vikings are starting the better quarterback and playing at home, I think the Bears are going to fight for Matt Nagy’s (likely) final game. He’s obviously not a good coach but you can tell he has the respect of many of the players. I don’t think the same can be said for Mike Zimmer at this point given some of the comments coming out of Minnesota.

With Justin Fields out due to COVID-19, the Bears will finish coming full circle with Andy Dalton getting the start to end the season, just as he started it. Dalton is only averaging 20.25 points in games he starts and finishes but given how the Bears defense was able to hold the Vikings to just 17 points in their earlier matchup, that might be enough. 

Bears 23 – Vikings 20

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