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Mike Page 4-11

I am probably the only one truly interested in seeing BDN return to the helm with Matt Nagy and his “F-it” attitude. They are probably going to throw the ball 40 times, and Nick is going to be tossing up his famous 50-50 specials. Hopefully Allen Robinson can actually bring one of them down this time? Either way, it should be a multiple TD, multiple INT day for our 3rd string gunslinger, and I’m kind of here for it. Engage the shield.

Bears 24 – Seahawks 21

Sean Fox 12-3

After putting up just 9 points in last week’s game against the weak Vikings D (and let’s be honest, it was really only 3 points), there’s not much to get excited about on offense. It has been nice to see Fields put up another decent day from a yardage perspective. Still, the Bears receivers are regularly dropping passes resulting in stalled drives and a total lack of point production. Matt Nagy’s days are unquestionably numbered at this point and you get the sense he’s given up based on the game plan and play calling. 

At 5-9, the Seattle Seahawks don’t look much better than the Bears. Having the game at the extremely loud Lumen Field is a huge advantage in an otherwise even matchup. The Seahawk D has been porous against the run throughout the season, so the game plan should go entirely through David Montgomery. If Russ can re-establish his connection with DK Metcalf, the Bears will be in trouble. If not, the Bears will have a chance at this one.

I’m thinking this will be a boring, mostly defensive game that ends with another low score like last week’s game.

Seahawks 17 – Bears 13

Ryan Dengel 12-3

It’s crazy to say that a team with Russell Wilson at QB is a bad offense, but that’s exactly what the Seahawks have. Meanwhile, the Bears have a historically bad offense. This is going to be a total barn-burner. 

The Bears defense played inspired football last week, but with Akiem Hicks currently in COVID protocol and Matt Nagy still employed, this doesn’t look good for the Bears. I’m hoping that we’ll get to see some younger players like Jesper Horstead, get some more playing time over veterans that are sure to be gone next year. 

Seahawks 13 – Bears 10

Jack Wright 13-2

Nick Foles is that gift that keeps on giving all year Clark. The NFL is crawling along, COVID wounded to the postseason. The Bears lead the pack of misfit toys. Seattle oddly sucks this year. Not as much  as the Bears stink though. Somehow, the Bears will manage to get 100 personal fouls and 200 penalties. Take the over.  Take the Seahawks. 

Seattle 21 –  Bears 10

Nick Henderson 10-5

This is a tough one. The Bears and Seahawks are both not good, so it’s really a toss up. (Fun fact: Russell Wilson has been my favorite quarterback for about 10 years.) The Bears played far better last week than I expected. The turnovers were awful, and although we may have won the game with better ball security, we almost won the game in spite of the giveaways. That gives me optimism that we can put together some more good drives this week. Both teams are essentially playing for nothing, so I may as well pick us this week. I got the Bears.

 Bears 20 – Seahawks 13

Mike Oosterwyk 13-2

To borrow a line from Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation:

“Worse? How could things get any worse? Take a look around here, Ellen. We’re at the threshold of hell!”

The Bears are 4-10.

Fields is out. Dalton is out. Foles is in.

As far as a spectacle is concerned, this match-up doesn’t have a hell of a lot to offer up. The sadist in me though can’t wait to see some fireworks between Foles and Nagy again on the sideline.

The fact that Foles is in this week against the Seahawks could provide us with some insights into how badly this team is being coached at the moment.

This could be a dull one folks. Anyways, Happy Holidays to you BDR family and have a happy and safe New Year!

Seahawks 24 – Bears 17

Corie Walsh 11-4

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the land, all the Bears fans were suffering, with heads in their hands…. a poem like that is going to get really depressing very quickly, so I’ll go ahead and stop while I’m ahead. This Bears team is looking more banged up than that package that got lost in the delivery truck, and I don’t expect it to be any different this Sunday. And with both Da Bears and Seahawks (most likely) out of playoff contention, it’ll be about as exciting as getting some underwear in your stocking. Clearly cheesy analogies are keeping me alive during this brutal end to the season. Anyhoo, long story short, excited to watch Jenkins, JF1 and TGJr. Not so excited to watch them likely lose. Merry Christmas to our Bear Down Report family!

Seahawks 23 – Bears 13

Logan Bradley 13-2

Fire Matt Nagy.

Seahawks 21 – Bears 17

Brendan Sugrue 14-1

Chalk this game up as yet another intriguing matchup on paper in May that turned into a bore in December. This was supposed to be a measuring stick between the present in Russell Wilson and the future in Justin Fields. I was hopeful this would be like the Seahawks-Texans game back in 2017 when Wilson and Deshaun Watson threw four touchdowns each in a crazy shootout. Instead, the Bears are starting Nick Foles and an already dull matchup gets worse.

Foles gets the starting nod due to injuries to Fields and Andy Dalton. He hasn’t thrown a pass this season, though you can argue he’s the best third-string quarterback in the NFL. It doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. Both teams are sleepwalking towards the end of the season with anemic offenses. In fact, the Seahawks are just one of three teams that average fewer yards per game than the Bears.

With Fields or even Dalton starting, I’d probably give the Bears a good chance to win this game. Their defense can certainly keep them in the game with Wilson having his worst season as a pro. But I’m not expecting Foles to do much with his opportunity, leading to a close Seattle win.

Seahawks 20 – Bears 17

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