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Let’s just get this out of the way: I’m picking the Bears. Shoutout to Chubs (@BrandonLboog) and Chad (@beesley_chad) for the support in my continued, albeit misguided, optimism in Staff Picks. The only question is what justification I could possibly provide to describe why…why…the whys…have to find the whys.

Like Matt Nagy, I really just need to look in the mirror, but alas, I reached out to #BearsTwitter anyway to gather their last ditch efforts to muster any semblance of hope.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to settle for Marsh’s mental spinning karate kicks in this one as he is being placed on IR with a knee injury. Rodgers is a child though, so it could be just as effective.

Double shoutout to @BearsTw1tter for finding the source for half of the so-called Bears “insiders” out there. You know who you are. Dude was right, though, so I can’t talk too much trash.

More than enough justification here for me to pick the Bears with pride and the utmost confidence. I know the fellas at the Irish Bears Show will appreciate my last line. PACKERS SUCK!

Bears 31 – Packers 27

Sean Fox 10-3

After the last matchup between the Bears and Packers, there was a ton of attention paid to the “I own you” comment made by Rodgers while celebrating a late TD at Soldier Field. In 26 career starts against the Bears, Rodgers record is 21-5. We Bears fans might not like it, but Rodgers has absolutely owned the Bears during his career. In the last 10 years, the Bears are just 20-3 against the Packers. Once upon a time, a Bears/Packers prime time game was something to get excited about. Nowadays, it’s something to dread.

With Nagy likely on the way out, multiple players dealing with injuries and terrible conditions likely in Green Bay for a prime time matchup, things don’t look great for the Bears. While Justin Fields will be back under center, the Packers are coming off their bye week and a win against the Rams the week before. At 9-3 the Packers look like one of the top tier squads in the NFC and will likely be playing for a Super Bowl berth over the next two months.  The Bears, on the other hand, are in the process of vetting out new head coaching candidates ahead of this upcoming off season. Two teams heading in vastly different directions.

I’m hoping Justin Fields can keep the game close, but I don’t see the Bears having any chance at a W in this one. Matt LaFleur is a far superior head coach to Matt Nagy and I think we’ll see that on full display again Sunday night.

Packers 28 – Bears 17

Ryan Dengel 10-3

This is one of the easiest picks I’ve had as a writer/podcaster for the Bear Down Report. One of these teams is gearing up for a deep playoff push and the other team is the Chicago Bears. I love Da Bears, but folks, we’re about to get embarrassed on national TV…again. That awful person who plays QB for the team up north has our number. He’s beaten the Bears with one good leg, let alone a bad toe. 

Yes, there is always the chance of an upset, especially because it could muddle the Chicago Bears organization’s feelings about keeping Matt Nagy. “Look he beat the Packers!” (He won’t)

At this point folks, I hate to say it, but I am somewhat hoping for an embarrassing loss; anything that will get us closer to a fresh start at head coach and in the front office. My wife and I are still trying to get our 5 ½ month old to sleep through the night, so I would be elated if this game was over by halftime. 

Packers 42 – Bears 17

Jack Wright 11-2

Think of the worst – bad taste in your mouth moments –  you’ve ever experienced. Where does Sunday rank? The Packers are good. Bears aren’t. The game is in Green Bay. 12 is equal parts HOF level QB and HOF level chachi. They own us. He owns us. There’s not much that can be done about it. That’s soul crushing. The Bears don’t stand a chance on Sunday. (Insert miracle victory here.)

Packers 40 –  Bears 14

Nick Henderson 8-5

Remember how fired up we were the first time around? Doesn’t that feel like ages ago? We have almost nothing to be excited about this time around. In fact, we have every reason to be afraid, and I don’t normally talk like that when pertaining to the Lackers. Aaron Rodgers is on a revenge tour, and we have been a huge part of that. Although I do believe we could pull off the upset, I’m not willing to put my money where my mouth is. I got the Lackers 

Lackers 27 – Bears 20

Mike Oosterwyk 12-1

Can you really call it a “rivalry” when in the last 10 years, one team has won only 3 of the last 21 outings?

It pains me to say it but Aaron Rodgers does bleeping own us. The whole organization bleeping owns us. And they will continue to bleeping own us until the Bears’ front office finally gets its bleep in order.

Okay, the game. The only thing making this one worth watching is the return of JF1. Well, actually three things if you quite rightly include Monty and Roquan.

Change is on its way, so enjoy the last of these moments Packer fans.

For the tide will turn……..won’t it?..…..please?

Packers 38 – Bears 23

Luke O’Grady 9-4

I have a feeling about what the outcome will be, but I don’t want to put any bad energy out there during Packer week.

This is a”Why not us” game, Nagy has to somehow get these boys excited and ready to this week. If we won’t win, we’re gunna fight. Someone punch somebody I don’t care, someone how the rest of the team that they give a shit, and won’t be walked over. Give us fans something to believe in.

Ignore the below…

Packers 31 – Bears 21

Corie Walsh 9-4

Doom. Gloom. Yada yada… can you feel my apathy pulsing across the internet, yet?! Yes, Sunday will likely be another brutal loss for our Bears. But to be honest, I don’t really care. Not in the aggregate sense, because caring about Da Bears is almost coded in my DNA at this point. I just mean on the micro level that is this season, I’ve come to terms that it’s going to get at least a little bit worse before it gets better. And that “little bit worse” is likely coming in the form of an ass whooping up at Lambeau. Do I like it? Absolutely not. But you better believe it’s going to be a lot more palatable than, say, the NFC Championship game of 2011. In other words, meh. 

I’m picking the Bears to cover the spread, however, in my attempt to look at the bright side for the rest of this season. This is Field’s first trip up to Lambeau and believe me, I would love nothing more than for him to make me eat the very words I’m typing out right now and make Packers fans across the globe miserable with an upset loss. That’s not going to happen, however, so I’ll be quite content with a handful of stellar passes and more proof that chemistry is growing with the likes of Mooney and Kmet. And if we get a sound bite like this one out of Fields aimed at Nagy, it would be the cherry on top (which, sadly, is also very unlikely to happen). 

Packers 27 – Bears 20

Logan Bradley 12-1

Oh, America. I’m sorry you have to watch this game. Just know that whatever pain you feel during those 60 minutes of football, Bears fans are feeling it worse.

Justin Fields is starting and he’s saying all of the right things about this rivalry. It doesn’t change the fact that his supporting cast is lackluster and this team has almost nothing to play for. With the Bears going to Green Bay I don’t really feel like I need to elaborate on this one more.

Packers 34 – Bears 14

Brendan Sugrue 12-1

We shouldn’t be picking a straight-up winner in this game, really. It would be much more entertaining to see if the Bears can cover the massive 12.5 number as underdogs against the Green Bay Packers. Sadly, they’re not winning this game so let’s see if they can keep it somewhat close.

These two teams are playing a primetime game for the 17th straight season, dating all the way back to 2005. Interestingly enough, though, 12 of those previous 16 primetime games have come at Lambeau Field, just like this year. Kind of an odd coincidence, wouldn’t you say? Might want the NFL to look into that. 

There really isn’t a stat or fact that favors the Bears in this one but getting Justin Fields back does offer some hope and intrigue. In his last full start in mid-November, Fields very nearly orchestrated a huge comeback victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers in primetime. Perhaps he’s able to do something similar this weekend and keep the deficit to 10 points or less.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The Packers are still the far superior team and as long as Aaron Rodgers is in the green and gold, it’s unwise to pick the Bears to earn a victory. Hopefully Fields is right about the tide turning in the rivalry sooner rather than later. It’s just not happening this year, unfortunately. 

Packers 27 – Bears 16

Zachary Rosenbaum 7-6

First off, a big thank you to the fine folks at NBC for keeping this torture fest of a rivarly on national television once again. The only people in the entire nation who get a kick out of watching a Bears vs Packers game are Packers fans, because everybody else in America can’t stand to watch this uncompetitive matchup time after time again.

Anyways, Justin Fields is starting this game. Under normal pretenses this would be the optimal and best QB option for the Bears, but Fields is coming off an upper body injury (hockey reference), and Nagy better damn well hope that Fields is 100% healthy for this game. Because if his injury gets aggravated even more, and hurts his development, then that’s the final straw for that visor wearing screw head. I haven’t been confident in this team all season long, and this week’s game is no different. Nagy has beaten the Packers exactly once in his entire career. That dumb ass can’t plan around those cheese heads to save his job, Literally! When Ryan Pace’s and Matt Nagy’s Bears get their asses handed to them once again by the Packers this Sunday, I hope and pray that it finally puts an end to an extremely disappointing era of Bears football.

I hope someday, in the near future (like next year), that Fields and the Bears can flip the script on this recently one sided rivalry with the Packers. With Aaron Rodgers saying “Screw Green Bay and the NFL, I’m going to do weird hippie medicine crap now” and Jordan Love raising a lot of question marks at the QB spot, the door is open for Fields to become the man in the NFC North. This Sunday night will not be one of those days where the Bears can match up against Green Bay, but hopefully it will be the last for a very long time.

Bear Down America. It’s always darkest before the light (or some crap like that, I don’t know)

Packers 31 – Bears 10

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