Staff Picks – Bears @ Lions – Week 12

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Mike Page 3-8

Yes, I am the only staff member to have a losing record (and by a wide margin). No, you do not deserve to read my ramblings as the first entry in these articles. Maybe next week we’ll rank the entries by record, but for this one, I’m still at the top baby.

Listen, I will never. EVER. In a million years. EVER. Pick the Lions to beat the Bears…especially on my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving. I don’t care about all the reality tv-like drama going on within Halas Hall right now. I don’t care that our team has a bad coaching staff, that it’s a game on the road, or that we’re missing several key figures including our sweet baby Jesus Justin Fields. It’s the Lions, man. C’mon.

Bears 27 – Lions 13

Sean Fox 8-3

Chants of “Fire Nagy” rang out at Soldier Field on Sunday after a disappointing defeat in a winnable game against a Ravens team without their star QB. Then those chants rang out again at the United Center on Monday during the Bulls/Pacers game. However, the first “Fire Nagy” chant of the weekend came from the Chicago suburbs during a IHSA football playoff game in which Matt Nagy’s son was playing against Cary Grove. I feel bad for Nagy’s kid. I don’t know how bad I feel for Matt Nagy though.

Since being named Coach of the Year by the NFL in 2018, Matt Nagy has progressively gotten worse at his job. With a bye week and plenty of time to prepare for a banged up Ravens team, Nagy’s offense put up only 13 points. It was an embarrassing performance in front of a home audience hopeful to steal a win from a wounded opponent. If it wasn’t clear before Sunday that the Matt Nagy era has come to an end in Chicago, Nagy removed all doubt.

At this point there’s nothing that Nagy can do to save his job and if reports from inside Halas Hall are true, he’s totally lost the locker room. While the Matt Nagy Bears have rolled the Lions the last few years, it feels like the players aren’t nearly as invested in winning as they were in years past. With Justin Fields out due to bruised ribs, Kalil Mack now done for the season, Akiem Hicks dealing with an ankle injury and Allen Robinson still nursing a bad hamstring, the Bears will be without several playmakers.

However, the Lions are banged up too. Even if they get back their starting QB, he’s still Jared Goff. This will be an ugly one, but I think the Bears come out on top.

Bear 17 – Lions 13

Ryan Dengel 8-3

Matt Nagy is now 2-12 when he has more than 7 days to prepare for a game. He is an AWFUL head coach. However, the Bears are about to play the Detroit Lions and Nagy’s Bears are 6-1 against the boys in Honolulu Blue. The lone loss, the Bears were winning for the entire game and then got Nagy’d. (A stupid coaching blunder that almost anyone who watches football could have avoided) 

The Detroit Lions are winless for a reason; they’re a terrible football team. Their HC, Dan Campbell has his team playing tough for most of their season, but they’ve also given up 34 points or more 5 times this season. 

Unfortunately the quarterback matchup in this game (Dalton vs Goff or Tim Boyle) will have all of us way more interested in Thanksgiving second helpings and a nap than watching this awful game. I do believe that the Bears will win this game. The alternative would mean at least a 6 game losing streak, losing to a winless Lions team and absolute rock-bottom. When you compare the rosters, the Bears are more talented, they are just so poorly coached. Detroit is the opposite, they are a fairly well coached team, devoid of any talent. If the Bears can focus their defensive efforts on Detroit’s only two legitimate offensive players, D’Andre Swift (555 yards rushing and 420 yards receiving) and TJ Hockenson (499 yards receiving with two touchdowns), they should be able to win this game. However, Matt Nagy is still the head coach of this team for now, and he could find a way to mess it up. 

I’m trusting the talent of this Bears roster over anything in Detroit. 

Bears 24 – Lions 16

Jack Wright 9-2

Tough pick this week. Will JF1 play? Will Goff play? Does the Red Rifle have the best hair in the entire league? Will Bears fans chant “Fire Nagy” whilst downing delicious desserts at Thanksgiving? Luckily, HC Dave Campbell has taken over play calling in the last two games. Detroit’s weak offense has been weaker as a result. The Lions have scored 26 points in the two games the “kneecap marauder” has called the shots on offense. Both Goff and Lyons are taking reps at QB at practice. Goff suffered an oblique injury but looks to be on track to play on Thanksgiving Day. Regardless, it appears the Lions and Bears are equally lost offensively. The tangible advantages for the Bears are defensive play and a potent rushing attack. The Lions will have a tough time scoring on the Bears’ defense and the Lions will be unable to stop the Bears’ ground game. Winner winner turkey dinner. I LOVE THANKSGIVING. BEST HOLIDAY EVER.  

This just in: Thursday may be the last game Nagy coaches this season. Wow. 

This ALSO just in: Dalton will start Thursday

This game will be nothing if not unpredictable. 

Bears 21 – Lions 14

Nick Henderson 7-4

So, apparently Andy Dalton gets the nod for Turkey Day because of the rib injury to QB1. I actually believe Andy will play well, seeing as he now has a chip on his shoulder after being benched for the first time in his long career. Unfortunately, I have completely lost hope in this team no matter who is quarterbacking as long as Nagy is on the sideline. From what I’ve read thus far, I’m going to assume Jared Goff plays on Thursday.  Jared Goff is no stud by any stretch of the imagination, but at least the Lions fight every second of every game. I have never said this in my life, but I think the Lions will beat the Bears. Imagine that 🙁

Lions 24 – Bears 17

Mike Oosterwyk 10-1

Hello darkness, my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again.

The Bears have hit rock bottom… again.

And just when you thought that they couldn’t fall any further, Justin Fields gets injured, Khalil Mack is ruled out for the year, the Bears land on a five game losing streak and they face a winless Lions outfit potentially without Jared Goff at Thanksgiving.

Rumors concerning Nagy’s disconnect with the roster and his future at Chicago have intensified over the past 24 hours. These rumors were of course rather quickly hosed down, however, the team’s response (and the result) could ultimately seal Nagy’s fate before the season ends.

To the game itself. Both teams are so mediocre that this match up is harder to pick than a broken nose. The only thing potentially saving it from being a complete snorefest is that Andy Dalton has the opportunity now to impress upon potential suitors for a contract next year.

Perhaps the best entertainment you’ll get at Thanksgiving will be the company you share on Thursday evening.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody and have a safe holiday.

Bears 10 – Lions 6

Luke O’Grady 7-4

Did the Bears prefire Matt Nagy???

Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t, but either way it looks like the writing is on the wall for the current Bears HC.

Bears vs Lions is much less interesting without Justin Fields. But Andy Dalton let a more than capable of beating the Lions. Might even have a huge game. Just so people can bicker about more stuff. Only makes sense, knowing the Bears.

Bears 31 – Lions 14

Corie Walsh 7-4

Are we ready for the matchup of a lifetime?! Andy Dalton and Tim Boyle (probably?) set to showdown on the Hallmark holiday of the NFL, Thanksgiving! And what a show it will be with the Red Rifle miscommunicating with multiple receivers, the defense likely letting the Lions of all teams run all over them down the field, and what could quite possibly be the most awkward head coaching of all time considering many believe Nagy will be out the door as early as Friday. A combination that is sure to please the palate of everyone watching!

Truthfully, I’m just happy they play early so there’s little worry of regurgitation during my Thanksgiving meal. I think (hope?!) that the Lions are so bad that a touchdown and a couple of field goals will be all it takes to secure a win for Da Bears. Personally I’ll be reminiscing about the Thanksgiving when we beat the Pack at Lambeau and put a serious damper on Favre retiring his jersey…

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how grateful I am for everybody at Bear Down Report and everyone who supports us. My heart is extra full of gratitude this year thanks to all of you.

Bears 13 – Lions 6

Logan Bradley 10-1

Jared Goff might be starting on Thursday and here’s what that means for this matchup: nobody cares.

Of course, I’m lying when I say that – I’ll always care a little – but we’re at the worst point a fan can be: complete apathy. So, who wins this Thanksgiving Day Toilet Bowl? I think(?) the Chicago Bears do. That’s despite the fact that nobody in the locker room believes in their head coach and we no longer have our franchise QB under center. Andy Dalton is fine as a quarterback and usually fine is all it takes to beat the Lions.

Drink a lot during this game so you can slowly fall asleep as the clock winds down.

Bears 20  – Lions 16

Brendan Sugrue 10-1

Go figure the Chicago Bears have the most chaotic week right before they’re supposed to play on Thanksgiving. It’s been three days since they last played but they’re engulfed in rumors about head coach Matt Nagy’s future and along with players showing their displeasure for the current situation. It would be easy to pick them to be distracted and wind up with their sixth straight loss, but I’m not going to do that.

Despite all the distractions, Nagy will still lead this team to their first win in over a month. He’s undefeated on short rest and Thanksgiving games in Detroit, plus he’s starting Andy Dalton in place of Justin Fields due to his rib injury. While we can all recognize that Fields is the future of the franchise, Nagy seems to develop better gameplans with Dalton in place. It’s only fitting the journeyman runs the offense like the coach wants to show he’s capable of doing his job well.

For Detroit, they’re having quarterback issues of their own. Jared Goff is still up in the air as to whether or not he can play due to his own injury and Tim Boyle didn’t impress in his first start last weekend. If the Bears can stop D’Andre Swift and Detroit’s running game, they should have the victory in hand.

We’re in for a doozy to start Thanksgiving though, so maybe use the game as background noise while you help prepare the meal. Watching too much could cause you to lose your appetite.  

Bears 21 – Lions 13

Zachary Rosenbaum 6-5

Last week, I stated that fans of the Bears should be cheering for the progress of their QB, rather than team results. No matter how much Tony Romo tried to hype up fellow EIU alum Ryan Pace’s team, the Bears were dead in the water, even before last week’s outcome. Now, we don’t even have the QB (for the time being). Andy Dalton will be making his first start since week 2, and will go up against a winless Lions team who is probably due for a big win in their annual thanksgiving game.

We also have Matt Nagy still behind the clipboard. Nagy is a coach who any sane person would have fired by now, but he’s still here. But apparently, he won’t be here after this game. So why is he even coaching this game to begin with? Why not just fire him now? Nagy denies that he’s leaving, but I mean, would you publicly announce that you’re about to ungracefully get fired from your job? No! You deny the hell out of that and that’s what Nagy is doing here. I hope the rumors are true, and we can be free from Matt Nagy’s infinite stupidity, to clear the way for a new head coach that will also probably suck. The cycle continues.

Oh right I was supposed to talk about the football game. Look, I’d rather talk to my close family members about politics rather than watch a Nagy coached, Dalton led Bears team take on a winless Lions team. I hope Matt Nagy goes out with a bang, and we can kiss his stupid bald head goodbye.

Who cares anymore. Get this crap over with.

Lions 35 – Bears 6

Dan Dundas 7-4

So the one thing the Bears do a pretty solid job of is running the ball. The line may struggle in pass pro, but that’s more of a tackle issue, and not matching routes to protections, or is the kids like to call it…”game-planning”. That might not be much of an issue anymore, and if Thursday is Matt Nagy’s final day, you can be sure the Bears probably won’t try to run the ball much. I still feel like the Lions are bad, even if they have great effort and kneecap biting abilities. 

Their QB situation is much worse than the Bears, or most teams for that matter, and they’ll probably try and run the ball all day too. If Bill Lazor ceremoniously takes the call sheet, we should see plenty of Inside Zone from the Bears, and whatever the Lions do with DeAndre Swift. That should make this miserable game clock tick away much faster, so we can all go back to grazing at the cheese ball that’s been out since 11am in the kitchen. Bear Down. 

Bears 20 – Lions 13

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