Staff Picks – 49ers @ Bears – Week 8

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Ryan Dengel 5-2

I’ll cut to the chase, I am picking the Bears, but I don’t feel good about it at all. The Bucs are a great team and the Bears got throat-stomped by them. However, the Browns are not as good as we thought, and the Bears were also embarrassed by them. With Khalil Mack out, one of the great strengths of this Bear team is now in question. 

The 49ers are 2-4 and have currently lost 4 in a row. They are also desperate but they don’t have a head coach with COVID right now. The Bears appear to be the slightly more talented roster, but that’s not saying much. The 49ers D is legit, and the Bears offense is one of the worst to ever wear the orange and blue. I am not exaggerating.

One of the only reasons I am sticking with my ‘Bears win’ pick is because Matt Nagy won’t be coaching this team on Sunday. I truly hope he is safe and healthy, but right now I am a huge Chris Tabor fan. 

Bears 17 – 49ers 16

Sean Fox 4-3

The Niners come into Soldier Field after a sloppy, rainy loss last Sunday night against the Colts. After losing four games straight, they’ll be looking to get right against the Bears. As Jimmy Garoppolo comes home to Chicago, he leads a 49ers team that is a 4 point favorite on the road. Like last season, the 49ers have dealt with a ton of injuries (QB Trey Lance – knee, George Kittle – calf, Raheem Mostert – achilles, Jason Verrett – knee, etc.) which will make for a much closer game. 

After another absolute shit show of a performance from the Bears last week, they come home to Soldier Field in, I think, a must win game. If they can’t take this week’s game from the Niners and next week’s game from the Steelers, their season is essentially over. With Nagy out of the building on Sunday due to Covid, it’ll be interesting to see how the offense functions. My bet is it’s a net positive. I still have a tough time taking the Bears in any matchup right now.

Bears 13 – 49ers 17

Jack Wright 5-2

The Niners have a staunch defense. They are rated 12th according to Fox Sports.  (The Bears rank 22nd.) I don’t know if you know this or not, but the Bears struggle on offense. Specifically, the Bears’ air attack is, how do I put it…terrible. But wait, there’s more! The Niners rank as the No.1 defense in pass yards allowed and No. 2 in total yards surrendered. The Bears are in for a battle. Home field is an advantage. If Matt Nagy is unable to attend the game, that is an advantage as well. In fact, when it was announced Nagy tested positive for COVID-19, the line went from 3.5 to 3. That is freaking crazy BTW. I just don’t see the Bears pulling it together to score enough points to win the game. 

Niners 21 Bears 10

Nick Henderson 5-2

I’ll start by saying this: The 49ers are a very beatable team. Unfortunately, they remind me a lot of our Bears; a good defense that the offense doesn’t assist, inconsistent quarterback play, and questionable coaching decisions. Although I truly don’t know what to expect from the Bears week to week, I do expect a victory this Sunday. After the last two weeks, the entire organization should be out to prove a point for pride’s sake! (Jimmy Garoppolo is not Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, so that’s a plus as well.) These two teams are almost a mirror image of one another, and I think we pull this one out. Bear Down!

Bears 20 – 49ers 13

Mike Oosterwyk 6-1

Well we’re finally here folks and as expected by many, the Bears have landed in football purgatory. Not quite good enough to challenge at the business end of the season, yet not bad enough to land some quality picks at season’s end.

Despite being 2-4, the 49ers have been better than their record suggests, and good enough offensively to average 22.5 points per game. This spells potential trouble for the Bears who are averaging 14.4 PPG (30th in the league). Ouch.

Injury concerns with Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks, coupled with the 49ers looking to end a four-game losing streak and the Bears’ inability to put up decent scores has me leaning towards a loss at Soldier Field.

With that said however, this is typically the type of game where the Bears seem to eek out a win when their backs are against the wall and just about everyone has written them off.

Soooo….on that basis, I am picking the 49ers so that the Bears can prove me wrong and unbreak our hearts with a W.

I’m happy to take a loss this week if it means a win for our beloved Bears.

You’re welcome folks.

Bears 17, 49ers 23 

Luke O’Grady 4-3

I believe in the Bears this week. 49ers have probably the worst starting quarterback in the NFL at the moment in Jimmy G and I think the Bears can force him into enough mistakes to win the game.

Bears 24 – 10

Dan Dundas 4-3

The Bears don’t run the right offense for Justin Fields. They don’t run the right offense for anybody. Somehow they are a very respectable 11th in rushing with maybe an average offensive line, but 32nd and dead last in most major passing statistics. 

Matt Nagy just learned an offense from one person in Andy Reid. There is a reason the caddy isn’t allowed to shoot with his golfers clubs. He has been exposed to the league, and to his team. While he is sitting home under Covid watch, perhaps he can investigate any possible openings in the league next year for maybe a QB Coach, etc. A few years at that lower level position might sober up his delusions of grandeur as a play calling cognoscenti. 

I really like Kyle Shanahan’s offense that utilizes a unique “fullback” and a talented tight end. It is heavy on outside zone and play actions, with a few minor differences from it’s first cousin, Sean McVay’s L.A. Rams offense. With Khalil Mack out, and enough teams getting film on the Bears, I don’t think they were struggle, but I beleive field position will become an issue, and the 49ers very well may move the ball enough to get the points they need. 

49ers 20, Bears 13. 

Corie Walsh 4-3

This is a tough pick, mostly because both teams are on such a downward spiral that it really comes down to whoever screws up the least {Debbie Downer has entered the chat}. Or, I guess I should say, whose offense screws up the least. And honestly, between two of the worst offenses in the league right now, it could very much be a toss up. I think the one edge we have on the Niners is slightly more talent on defense, which will likely be the key to the game for us. Even with Mack out, I expect (or hope!) our front 7 will pressure Garoppolo enough to truly stomp out any hope of them moving the chains on offense. Of course, that still leaves some work for our offense to do. I’m interested to see how things look with Nagy out of the picture this week thanks to Covid and Fields trying to work as much as possible to build a rapport with the receivers. If we could just get to the damn red zone, I think we stand a solid chance here.

Bears – 20 Niners – 10

Logan Bradley 6-1

This game is going to be So. Boring. With the total set at 39.5, the lowest of the week, Las Vegas expects this one to be a low-scoring, ugly battle. While that type of style might benefit a boring, low-scoring team like the Bears, I just don’t see how I can possibly pick them to win after what we saw last week.

Jimmy Garoppolo ain’t it for the 49ers, and I think there’s a good chance we see him benched again at some point this week in favor of rookie Trey Lance who’s healthy yet again. Neither scares me at this point – but, what does scare me, is the Chicago Bears offense. San Francisco sports a pretty solid pass defense, and a middling rush defense, so I’d expect a lot of Khalil Herbert this week.

It’s a game the Bears *should* be able to keep close, but I still don’t expect a win.

49ers 17, Bears 13

Brendan Sugrue 7-0

As the Chicago Bears prepare to welcome in the San Francisco 49ers to Soldier Field on Sunday, the million-dollar question is, will Matt Nagy be on the sidelines? The head coach is still on the reserve/COVID-19 list (currently hiding out in an undisclosed location as well) and his status for Sunday is up in the air. Would his availability sway this game one way or the other?

Whether it’s Nagy or special teams coordinator Chris Tabor manning the headset on Sunday, I’m still picking the Bears to get the victory. Last week’s 38-3 game against the Bucs was a disaster, but if there’s one thing we know about this team, it’s that they usually tend to bounce back after embarrassing losses. Facing a 49ers team that’s banged up and trending in the wrong direction after losing four in a row, it’s a chance for the Bears to get right.

I’m not expecting an offensive explosion by any means and this game will probably be sloppy on both sides. But there will be some improvement from the Bears offense this week as they’ll do just enough to get by and climb back to .500. And if you’re looking for some good trends, the Bears play on Halloween for just the third time since 2000. They’re 2-0 on the spooky holiday with both wins coming at Soldier Field. 

Bears 20, 49ers 19

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