Saints @ Bears – STAFF PICKS


  1. Logan Bradley – 5-2

2. Ryan Dengel – 4-3

T.2. Mike Page – 4-3

4. Sean Fox – 2-2

5. Jack Wright – 3-4

Mike Page

Well, we finally got rid of the logjam at the top of our standings, so kudos to Logan for not “drinking the Kool-Aid” on this Bears team. Where does that phrase even come from anyway? It’s a reference to the 1978 cult mass-suicide in Jonestown, Guyana. Jim Jones, the leader of the group, convinced his followers to commit suicide by drinking grape-flavored Kool-Aid laced with potassium cyanide. Let’s break that down metaphorically. Jim Jones is best represented by our record before the Rams game – deceiving, convincing, conspicuous. The Kool-Aid by itself is Matt Nagy – sweet, charming, and well-liked. The poision within, however, is Matt Nagy’s offense – deadly to those that attempt to ingest it. You might see us, the fans, as the followers in this scenario, but the best metaphor is actually the defense – good folks convinced of their own glory through deception, blinded from the masked truth that is their ultimate demise.

With Allen Robinson doubtful, Cody Whitehair out, and a slew of questionable designations, I have a hard time seeing the Bears overcome the superior coaching and quarterback play from a solid Saints team.

Prediction: Saints 24, Bears 13

Ryan Dengel

Who are the 2020 Chicago Bears? Are they a fraud? Did they have a bad game on Monday night? The team that stifled Tom Brady and the Bucs is the same team that got dismantled by Sean McVay’s Rams. The Bears offense is bad. Like, really bad. The Bears are 29th in total offense. They are followed closely by Washington, the Giants and the Jets. That is TERRIBLE company to have. Right now they’ve set a record with fewest rushing yards during a four game span in the Superbowl era. Something has to change. If the Bears offense stays this awful, they won’t be able to win many games. Add to the fact that the Bears injury list is substantial, I don’t feel good about this one.

This was a hard pick to make. My heart wants to believe that Nagy the leader will greatly outweigh Nagy the offensive coordinator. People that want him fired haven’t been paying attention to his record as head coach. I want Nagy to stay, but not to run an offense. It hurts but I am going with the Saints this week. 

Prediction: Saints 23, Bears 16

Logan Bradley

Well, the Bears didn’t hire Tony La Russa this week so they’re already 1-0.

Only problem is, that’s the only win they’ll get this week. Here’s the problem: the Chicago Bears stink at playing the offensive portion of the game of football. Simple as that. They always have and I’m sick of acting surprised every time Matt Nagy chooses to do something stupid as hell on 3rd-and-2. Until he gives up play calling and we’re able to poach Andy Reid away from the Chiefs, I don’t see there being a way that this offense clicks enough to beat a solid team like the Saints.

On top of the play calling in competence we also have the fact that the Bears will likely be without their top only playmaker in Allen Robinson and the Saints may just get Michael Thomas back. Yep, not a lot of faith in this one.

Prediction: Saints 27, Bears 14

Jack Wright 

The ownership of both the Chicago Bears and the The Chicago White Sox can go pound sand. The Bears will not be good until the franchise is sold. I am starting to wonder if we are being duped. The organization maintains a level of respectability that pacifies fans while making gobs of cash off of those same fans. The Bears remind of the mediocre Cubs of the 80s and 90s. Why put a good product on the field if you are raking in cash? If you were making bank off your 3+ billion dollar franchise would you worry a whole lot about the relative success or failure of the product? If the stands are full and jerseys are selling, why increase your overhead by paying elite players?

So, the Bears are who we thought they were. Sitting through that game Monday night was BRUTAL on so many levels. Be sure to check out Ryan D’s analysis of their flaccid offense. Yes, I used the term flaccid. Gross. Will the Bears EVER have an elite QB, RB, WR, OL, or TE? Besides #34 there are NO skill players worthy of ELITE status in recent history. None. We can debate and you will come up with some really good names of legit quality players. However, not elite. The Bears will lose this game because their offensive line is bad – bad meaning bad not bad meaning good.

They will lose because they do not have a game changing, freakishly good offensive weapon. They will lose because their play caller thinks he is driving a Lambrogani and he is actually pulling a rickshaw. The Bears will lose because they have not one, but two galactically average quarterbacks with zero time to throw. The Bears will lose because they are injured. The Bears will lose because the Saints are sitting at the big boy table and have been for many years while the Bears have been sitting at the kids’ table

Prediction: Saints 21 Bears 7

Sean Fox

The Bears are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Rams where the offense could not have looked more hopeless. The O-line is one of the worst in the league and the play calling hasn’t seemed to take the lack of talent or depth on the line into account. The amount of time many of the play calls are talking to develop is killing Foles and the predictability of the play calling is making the Bears offense an easy one to cover.

The Saints come to Soldier Field with one of the top ranked offenses (wouldn’t that be nice?) and an above average defense. Cam Jordan is a monster up front for their defense and should be a nightmare all of Sunday for the depleted Bears o-line. While the Saints D is stout, they’ve shown they have some gaps that the Bears will need to exploit. The issue with that is Allen Robinson is in concussion protocol and the Bears O-line has been swiss cheese up to this point in the season which has only gotten worse after the loss of Cody Whitehair.

On the defensive side of the ball, this will be another tough test for the Bears D. Facing Alvin Kamara and Drew Brees is never an easy task. If Michael Thomas plays, there will be a lot for the Bears to figure out. As we saw last week, this defense is human. If the offense continues to be awful, the defense will get gassed as they did in LA. Though they stayed strong throughout that game and put in a great effort, the amount of time they were on the field was just too much for the to sustain a quality pass rush while playing from behind the whole game.

Not feeling great about this one though the Bears have played well historically against the Saints.

Prediction: Saints 27, Bears 17

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