QUICK HITS – Vikings @ Bears – Week 10

It’s time. The Bears are done. It’s time for this team to concede and try to lose out for a better draft position. They let Kirk Cousins win his FIRST Monday Night Football game. That’s awful. That’s where we’re at folks. It’s time to admit that this is an awful football team and it’s time for a rebuild. The 5-1 start was a mirage. We’re back to terrible football on the lake shore. I hate typing it as much as you hate reading it. 

Let’s dive in. 

The Good

Akiem Hicks and Roquan Smith. I feel awful for these two dudes. If they were on a team with a serviceable offense, they would be in conversations for defensive player of the year. Instead, they play for the Chicago Bears who are now 5-5.  

Cordarelle Patterson the KICK RETURNER. 104 yards of awesome. It was the only offense the Bears had all night. 

The run defense. Dalvin Cook was stopped cold. This run defense is incredible, especially considering where they started the season. 

Brent Urban. You found another stud on defense. 

The Bad

Nick Foles. He is not a starting NFL QB. Anyone who says otherwise needs to really think long and hard. I hope he is okay and that he heals fully, but I don’t want to see him start another game for the Chicago Bears. 

The entire offense. The first, first down of the half came late in the 4th quarter against an average defense. Minnesota looked electric on defense. They’re not, they just played the Chicago Bears. 

Any coach who calls plays to Cordarrelle Patterson on offense. Every fan can see it, why can’t the coaches. He’s terrible. Stop. 

Final Thoughts

I am really happy that next week is the bye week; I don’t have to watch the Bears get beat in deflating fashion. Unfortunately my friends, this has the feel of a team that is about to start a rebuild. No cap space, lack of talent on one side of the ball and a coaching staff that may not be here by the end of the season. 

It’s hard to say it this week…

Bear Down my friends.

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