QUICK HITS – Texans @ Bears

Didn’t see that one coming…

Let’s recap. Mitch Trubisky, Allen Robinson, David Montgomery and GASP, the Bears offensive line were all electric. No, the good kind. They put up 30 points in the first half. Like, real points. 

So much to talk about. Let’s dive in. 

The Good

David Montgomery. Dude rushed for 80 yards and touchdown on the Bears first offensive play. Next offensive play? Patterson for 2 yards. He had 10 carries for the entire rest of the game

Allen Robinson. ARob has over 1,000 yards with four games left to go. He is about to make a ton of money for some football team. I hope it’s the Bears, but that will more than likely be up the Bears future GM. 

The Offensive Line. November 1st I wrote “there are a few in-house changes the Bears could make. Sam Mustipher, the former Notre Dame center who has been with the Bears for two years may get a shot with Cody Whitehair replacing Rashaad Coward at left guard.” It feels good to be right. The interior combination of Whitehair, Mustipher and Bars (Thank you Notre Dame) has been a revelation over the last three weeks. This off-season, sign or draft a stud OT and you could be looking at a good offensive line. Weird. 

Mitch Trubisky.  Aside from not being able to throw the ball away, Mitch was stellar. He consistently put the ball in the right place, made good decisions and had the stat line to back it up. Mitch is NOT the reason this team has 7 losses. If he started every game this season, the Bears would have won 1-2 more games. Mitch isn’t a long term solution, but if you have a run-first, short pass offensive attack, Mitch can win games. Mitch is the Bears all time leader in QBR. Unfortunately, Ryan Pace traded for Nick Foles and a really stupid contract. If I had my way, Foles would be packing, and Mitch would be in a battle with a rookie/free agent for the starting QB spot in 2021. 

The Pass Rush. Thanks Texans offensive line. Bilal Nichols and Mario Edwards Jr. need to be part of this D line next year. When Eddie Goldman gets back, they’re going to be scary.

The Defense. When this defense has a pass-rush, they’re really good. Remember that Mr. Pagano in your next coaching job. 

The Bad

It Took This Long. This was the first complete game from the Chicago Bears, thanks to a really bad Houston team. If this team had beaten Detroit like they should have, we’re having a very different conversation. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many missed  opportunities by this team this season. Unfortunately this win hurts the Bears draft position and gives fans like me a reason to sit and watch, when we know deep down they aren’t going to the playoffs.

We love this team, and so we watch no matter what. If they beat the Vikings next week, it could actually get interesting. I can’t wait to talk to Bryan Highfill and Keving Nalefski on the BDR Podcast. Take a listen?

As always… Bear Down my friends.

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