QUICK HITS – Saints @ Bears – Week 8

%#$@! &%@#!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

Alright. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get into it. 

Be honest, the Bears had little business being in this game all the way until less than 2 minutes left in overtime. But there we sat on our couches and watched the beloved take it all the way to the wire. The Chicago Bears are in a world of hurt right now. Their third loss of the season and it comes from a game that they somehow had a chance to win. 

This is an interesting part of the season folks. I am going to say some things that are really going to split the crowd. 

The Bears end their games against the NFC South going 3-1. This loss hurts. 

Let’s dive in. 

The Good

Roquan Freakin Smith. That dude was all over the field. He played his heart out. He may have missed a play or two, but it couldn’t have been much more than that. Ryan Pace has missed on a few first round players, but Roquan Smith isn’t one of them. This dude is a stud. 

The entire defense. The Bears weren’t in this because of their electric offense, their defense kept them in this ball game when they had no business being there. Brent Urban had another nice game on the defensive line. Kyle Fuller and YES, even Danny Trevathan had good games. Danny looked good in coverage?!? I have to give credit where credit is due. 

Dwayne Harris. (#82) How nice was it watching a punt returner get your team positive yards? The answer is really nice. Ted Ginn Jr. should be waived before the end of next week to make room for some help on the offensive line. 

Sam Mustipher. The Notre Dame product looked great at center. When Cody Whitehair comes back, I get the feeling that he’ll move to guard and they’ll keep Mustipher at center. Whitehair’s injury could be a blessing in disguise.  

David Montgomery. Monty continually made plays out of nothing. He has been hit behind the line on almost every play. Does he dance a bit too much? Probably, but he had a hell of a game tonight. 

Darnell Mooney. This kid is a true #2 receiver. He has crazy good speed, but also runs great routes. Big fan. 

Allen Robinson & Cairo Santos. #extendallenrobinson #extendcairosantos 

The Bad

Nick Foles. BuT hE tHreW tWo toUchdOwns! Get out of here. Foles cost this team a win. His lack of mobility was incredibly frustrating. Foles took FOUR sacks that ended drives when he could have just thrown the ball away. DOES Nick know that he is allowed to throw the ball away?? His INT was a great pass to the New Orleans defense, but nowhere near a Bears player. AND he threw another should-have-been-an-INT that was flat out dropped by NO. He continually under throws the ball, and then keeps you on the hook by making a few really nice passes. I for one would much rather see Mitch Trubisky out there. Yes. I said it. Mitch’s mobility could have been the thing to win the game this evening. Mitch hasn’t thrown SEVEN interceptions (should be 9+). No, he can’t make consistent throws downfield, but neither can Foles. Don’t even get me started on the delay of game penalty. Your left tackle is shouting at you to get the play off, and you had no idea what was going on. 

Cordarelle Patterson. He can’t return kicks right now. He can’t run the ball. He can’t run routes, or catch. So….what would you say, you do here?

Matt Nagy. Not going to talk about play-calling tonight, promise. Matt Nagy needs to take a class on how to use timeouts. The Saints first half TD was all on Nagy calling a stupid timeout. You’re up 13-3, let the clock run out and try to score when you get the ball at the start of the third quarter. OR you could let Sean Payton and Drew Brees have some time to pick the right plays to score a TD. Ugh.  

The offense. Whoever is to blame (it’s Nagy and Foles) should apologize to the defense. Your defense is ridiculously good, but they can’t be on the field for the whole game. In OT, they made a stop on the Saints first offensive series. Then, the offense s&@t the bed and the Bears lost the game. I am so sick of that narrative. 

Javon Wims. Why did you punch a dude who has a helmet on? That’s really stupid. It sure felt like this was a metaphor for the 2020 Chicago Bears offense. 

Final Thoughts

The Bears are 5-3 and trending downward really fast. Now that the Vikings are getting healthy, they may lose two more before the bye week. (Tennessee Titans are next up week) 

This really stinks. I was having so much fun watching this team start 5-1. Not any more. This team isn’t fun to watch. Even when they win, it’s ugly as hell. 

I hate to say it my friends, but I am losing hope quickly. Do the Bears have some magic left up their sleeves? Does it really matter? Even if this team does make it to the playoffs, they’re not going very far. 


Bear Down my friends. 

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