QUICK HITS – Packers @ Bears

Well… The Chicago Bears are a playoff team. Kind of. Technically speaking, they are going to the playoffs, but they are limping in by virtue of a Rams defeat of the Arizona Cardinals. Thanks LA. 

Every Bears fan knows the truth, this was yet another embarrassing loss to that team up North. The Bears were in this game for only a short bit of time, but blew WAY too many opportunities to win. They played like an 8-8 team that should have missed the playoffs. Thanks 2021??

Let’s dive in. 

The Good

Darnell Mooney. Chicago Bears GM, Ryan Pace cannot acquire a legitimate QB no matter how hard he tries, but damn this dude can draft in rounds 2-5. Mooney was an absolute steal in the 5th round. If the Bears can’t afford to pay Allen Robinson (they probably can’t), Mooney may be your number one receiver next year. Whether he is ready or not, remains to be seen. 

Cairo Santos. 27 for 27. Santos broke the Chicago Bears record for consecutive kicks set by Robbie Gould. Santos is the Bears answer to the kicker conundrum they’ve had since Robbie left. If he doesn’t have a contract waiting for him, that’s a huge indictment on the front office. 

Clock Management. The time of possession favored the Bears handedly. Too bad, they did nothing with it. 16 points isn’t going to cut it against the Packers. 

David Montgomery. Wow. 69 yards rushing and 63 yards receiving. He had no holes to run through but consistently punished defenders. Get this guy a legitimate back up in the off-season and the Bears are going to have a REALLY good run attack…IF their coaching staff will stick with it. 

The Bad

Chuck Pagano. Not since Mel Tucker have the Bears had a defensive coordinator who has done this little with this much talent. Pagano continually has players out of position. (Danny Trevethan covering Packers receiver Marquez Valeds-Scantling on a 72 touchdown pass was brutal) Sure, he was missing two of his top 3 cornerbacks, but Pagano seems to make the wrong moves at every turn. If the Bears bring Pagano back next season, the Bears defense will continue this alarming decline. 

Matt Nagy. Matt Nagy has won ONE game against the Green Bay Packers in three seasons. With everything to play for, his team got embarrassed again. 35-16 is not pretty. Ian Rapoport reported that  Bears HC Matt Nagy would be returning to the Bears next season and has been more involved in the play-calling. Woof. There were a few play-calls that reeked of Nagy this evening. Nagy just cannot keep his hand out of the cookie jar. I honestly don’t know how I feel about this guy coming back. I’ve heard others say that he is still learning and growing as a head coach. But the real question is: IS he learning?

The Pass Rush. There isn’t one. The Bears are paying entirely too much money to Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn for almost no real pass-rush. One sack in three games. Ouch.

Dropped Interceptions. Bartavious Mingo, Eddie Jackson and Kindle Vildor all dropped interceptions from Aaron Rogers. That’s not a recipe for winning football, especially against the MVP. The Bears had a legitimate chance to win this game, but let it slip through their fingers. The irony is thick my friends. 

Final Thoughts

I for one, am happy that the Bears are going to the playoffs, but it really stinks that they didn’t truly earn it. They will head down to New Orleans to play at least one more game in a football season unlike any other. I am just so sick of losing to the Green Bay Packers. Why can’t one of the biggest market teams in the NFL beat those pesky Packers? 

Regardless, let’s all celebrate?? Yay playoffs?

Whatever the outcome… Bear Down my friends. 

One more thing. If you haven’t read this piece on the Bears- Packers “rivalry” by BDR’s newest staff writer, Matt Clapper, you need to. It’s really good.

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