QUICK HITS – Colts @ Bears – Week 4

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I hate to say it, I was right.

No. Not about the score: I predicted the Bears to score 27 points against the Colts defense…embarrassing, I know.

No. I was right that Nick Foles is NOT the Bears savior. 

So far this season, Mitch Trubisky is 2-0 in games he started and finished, Nick Foles is 0-1. Relax, I’m not asking for Mitch back under center…but it would have been cool to see if he could run on the Colts… My point is that both QBs aren’t very good.

This was a terrible football game to watch. A boring game and a bad outcome. 

Let’s dive in. 

The Good

The D- Line. Akiem Hicks, Brent Urban, Roy Robertson-Harris and Bilal Nichols all made impact plays. They have to make up for the terrible play at linebacker. 

Roquan Smith in the second half. No. 58 was all over the field (because no one else can cover in the middle). He had a few rough plays in the first half, but had a great second half. I just wish this dude had some help.

The Colts Defense. Listen, there wasn’t a lot of good in this game, so I figured I should give credit where credit is due. They’re really good and the Bears offense is REALLY bad. 

The Bad

Matt Nagy’s play calling. I had a bet going with my good friend and BDR staff writer, Jack Wright. We had a gentleman’s bet that the offensive woes were either Matt Nagy’s play calling, or Mitch Trubisky’s inability to play QB at a consistent level. We were both right. Damnit. Matt gets cute when he shouldn’t and predictable when a situation calls for creativity. Listen, I can’t call plays, I’m a freakin’ gymnastics coach for crying out loud. BUT, neither can Matt Nagy. He’s a good head coach but a terrible play-caller. David Montgomery is a running back who needs carries to be efficient (my guy Angry Rob pointed this out). 11 carries for most of the game isn’t going to cut it. Run the damn ball, Nagy. 

Penalties. Woof. The Bears played undisciplined football all game long. Keep your helmet on, Patterson. 

Nick Foles. I wonder how all of my friends that posted on Twitter that B.D. Nick was going to dominate feel now? I’ll tell you — not good. Dude overthrew receivers all day. He doesn’t know this offense like everyone thought he did, or maybe that’s just another indictment of Matt Nagy’s ability to call plays. Bottom line, the offense was bad and Nick Foles is the one who ran it. 

The offensive line. Bad. Juan Castillo, do we still believe?

Eddie Jackson and Kyle Fuller. Listen, these two dudes are some of the best in the NFL. However, today, they both had some terrible plays.

Last Thoughts

It sure looks like the Bears got exposed today. The linebackers, play calling and entire offense are a real cause for concern.

While the Chicago Bears sit here with a 3-1 record it sure feels like things are going to get a lot worse. Let’s hope I’m overreacting… Like that blizzard in 2011 that I said wasn’t going to be ‘that bad’…

Regardless of this awfulness, at least we aren’t fans of Matt Patricia’s Lions… We’re not Detroit!! 

Bear Down my friends.

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