QUICK HITS – Bucs @ Bears – Week 5

First and foremost. A huge shout out to my guy Chris Hutchens for defending our BDR Staff Picks on Facebook this morning. We all got it wrong, the Bears won, but you stood up for us. Thanks dude. 

The Bears are 4-1. Read it again. The sky was falling last week, and the Bears beat a good football team this week. The NFL is a funny place. I for one will take it. 

This is the first time the Chicago Bears have beaten Tom Brady.

Let’s dive in. 


Matt Nagy calling to throw the ball with 1:21 left in the game. Huh? Run the ball and force Tampa Bay to take their last time out. Run it again, kick the game winning field goal. Nope. Give Tom Brady 1:13 to play down by ONE point. We’ve seen this movie before. Thankfully this new Tom Brady can’t count to fourth down. 

I am a broken record but…

Matt Nagy’s refusal to run the ball. Matt Nagy called seven runs in the first half. SEVEN. That’s not going to cut it. Run. The. BALL. David Montgomery gets the first rushing touchdown of the season. (The Bears were the ONLY NFL team that didn’t have a rushing touchdown this season). Last time he avoided the run (Against New Orleans last season) he said “I’m not an idiot.” Prove it. David Montgomery needs carries to get going. Give him the ball. 

The Run Defense. I miss Fangio. I miss having a run stuffing DT like Eddie Goldman.

The Good

Kyle Fuller.  Kyle Fuller on 3rd down at about the 1:30 mark in the second quarter, made the most textbook hit on a receiver I have seen in a long time. It looked like the refs were going to say it was leading with his helmet, but upon review, it was clear: this was the best jarring hit of the 2020 season. Then, the refs decide that the Bears did indeed get the takeaway. Fuller played like a Pro-Bowler tonight. 

Jimmy Graham. I was wrong. I equated Pace’s signing of Jimmy Graham to toilet paper hoarders at the beginning of quarantine. Pace clearly overpaid for Graham, but at this point it might not matter. Dude has 4 TDs in 5 games. That’s incredible. He is a monster in the red zone. 

Ryan Jensen. The Bucs center got hit by his own player, got angry and headbutted a Bears defender. This resulted in the Bucs having a 3rd down and a mile. Thanks dude. 

Darnell Mooney. This kid is going to be a really good receiver. He stopped TWO passes from being intercepted and continually demonstrated why he is a better option than Anthony Miller. 

Khalil Mack and the Pass Rush. Tom Brady had ZERO desire to get hit tonight. The Bears defense did everything they could to make him uncomfortable all night long. At times, it was funny to watch Brady cower to avoid the hit. Although, to be fair, if I was going to get hit by Khalil Mack or Akiem Hicks, I would defecate myself. Did you see what Khalil Mack did to Tristan Wirfs? Holy Butkus, he tossed the 320 lb offensive tackle like a rag doll…


Final Thoughts 

So far this season, the Bears have a defense that is ready to win, but an offense that is ready for a MAC Championship. (Relax, I am a HUGE NIU/MAC fan) Four good scoring drives in a game when most NFL teams are scoring 30 points, isn’t a formula for winning football. However, their defense will keep them in every game and the offense did enough to win…barely. 

This team is a conundrum. Are they better than they played last week? Are they worse than they played tonight? They are 4-1 with the Panthers next on the list. If the Bears somehow end up 5-1, all of us, including members of the national media. will have to take this team seriously. Perhaps the Colts defense really is THAT good. 

All I know is that winning feels damn good. 

Bear Down my friends.

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