Quick Hits – Bengals @ Bears

What a turn around.  Aren’t noon starts so much better when you’re a Bears fan? This was an old-school Bears win. Lots of defense, turnovers, an offense that can’t score many points, and it was an absolute snooze fest until the 4th quarter. 

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, a win is a win. 

We got to see a lot of Justin Fields in this game, but it was a fairly mixed bag. He made some bad rookie mistakes (two false starts and an interception) but had a couple throws that made you say ‘wow;’ too bad two of them were dropped, one of which would have been a touchdown.

Let’s dive in…

The Good

Sean Desai and the Defense. Wow. I want to know what Sean Desai said to his defense this week. We talked about it on the Bear Down Report Podcast, Desai emphasized turnovers this offseason. It didn’t show up last week, but the turnovers came in droves for the Beloved today. The front seven did exactly what we were hoping for against the Rams, they put insane pressure on Joe Burrow and it helped the secondary immensely. Burrow looked really uncomfortable, especially in the early parts of the 4th quarter. It was really nice to see this Bears D rebound. 

Roquan Smith. Roquan wasn’t voted to the ProBowl last year. Roquan wasn’t selected as an All-Pro. Both of those things are ridiculous. Roquan is one of the best linebackers in the game.

Jaylon Johnson. JJ got his first NFL interception. He has looked really good these first two games. If the Bears can draft someone next year or get a decent free agent pickup, the Bears could be set at CB for a long time.  

Eddie Jackson?? Eddie helped give up a touchdown late in the 4th quarter, but otherwise played VERY well. The strip of Bengals WR Tee Higgins was a great play. He also TACKLED (yes you read the right) Bengals RB Joe Mixon behind the line of scrimmage. He must have heard Bears fans talking about him. 

Still Deciding

Justin Fields. There was some really good stuff and some really bad stuff. The run on 3rd and 9 for 10 yards and the throw to Allen Robinson in the endzone (he dropped it) were the ones that stood out the most. The two false starts and the interception were really bad. He’s a rookie, let’s see how he continues to develop. 

The Bad

The Offense. Here is where I expect to hear something like “but the Bears scored 20 points today!” No. The Bears offense scored 10 points, the Bears defense gave you 10 more points. The Bears offense was littered with stupid penalities, drops and bad decisions. Thank goodness for David Montgomery. 

Penalties. There were far too many stupid penalties. It would be nice to see this coaching staff help clean things up. The taunting penalty is really dumb; not a fan. 

The Bears Finish. The fact that the Bears let the Bengals back in this game, was hugely frustrating. This team isn’t disciplined, hopefully they can figure it out soon. 

Final Thoughts

This could have been an impressive win, but there are just too many frustrating things about this team. It could be rough next week against the Browns, but if the defense can play like it did for much of today, it could turn into a decent game.

Wins are hard to come by in the NFL, we’ll take them wherever we can get them. 

As always folks, 

Bear Down 

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