Quick Hits – Bears @ Rams

I picked the Bears to lose to the Rams 13- 17. I thought the Bears front 7 could make up for the deficiencies of the secondary. I was terribly wrong.  

I still don’t understand how anyone can watch Matt Nagy or Andy Dalton and feel confident in this Bears offense. I saw some people on Twitter saying, “Calm down, Nagy is doing well.” Excuse me? Are we watching the same team? Nagy’s offense scored 14 points. The offense stalls out in the red zone, he still gets cute when he should give it to Monty and lacks rhythm throughout. This team lost because of the defense, but the offense sucks. 

First drive. Khalil Herbert has a great kick off return. David Montgomery gets a huge run. Justin Fields gets a play and throws for 9 yards with defenders all over him. Next up? Penalty and an awful interception by Andy Dalton. 

What are we doing here Bears fans?

Let’s dive in…

The Good

 Khalil Herbert. I liked what I saw from him in preseason; he always seemed to get a few more yards than he was supposed to. I really liked what I saw from him as a return man tonight. Maybe a few carries at RB??

Akiem Hicks. Akiem Hicks is a monster. 

Roquan Smith. Sideline to sideline. Wow. 

Justin Fields. Except for that really stupid shuffle pass play call, Justin Fields looked the part. It was great to see him get his first NFL touchdown. 

Virginia McCaskey. She looks fantastic for being 98 years young. 

David Montgomery. Nagy needs to give this dude more carries. He was the offense against the Rams. 

The Bad

Matt Nagy. I heard a really good point last week, when Nagy gave up play calling last year, he was a better head coach. He made better decisions for his team and holistically, he handled the team better. As a play caller, this dude is abhorrent. He has no rhythm (give Monty the damn ball), calls drives that stall out near the red zone (give up sacks and have penalties often) and has no business being called an offensive guru. If Matt Nagy is fired at the end of this season, I will feel bad for him, because he seems like a really good guy. But I won’t be unhappy for the Chicago Bears and their fans. 

Eddie Jackson. Where is the Eddie Jackson from 2018? Since then, this dude has gotten worse and worse. He didn’t realize that touching LA Rams receiver Van Jefferson would result in the Rams NOT getting a touchdown on their first possession… All night, he had no interest in tackling. If he was on any other team, he would get benched, but the Bears are paying him way too much damn money. I knew this secondary was bad, but I didn’t realize HOW bad they were. Matt Stafford looked like a HOF QB out there. 

Sean Desai. One game (against McVay no less) does not tell us everything. But the Bears defense looked really bad, especially in coverage. 

Andy Dalton. What are we doing here folks? Andy Dalton isn’t better than Mitch Trubisky. He isn’t better than Nick Foles. He most assuredly isn’t better than Justin Fields. BUT, let’s keep him out there. No throws down field (cough* Mitch), an awful interception and even though he got the ball out quickly, he just looked like a backup the entire game. Justin Fields comes in and runs for his first NFL touchdown. Everyone knows Fields should be the starter except for Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace. 

Marqui Christian. (#23) I stood up for this guy this offseason. Tonight, he looked lost, and out of place. The Bears desperately need to bring in another CB, especially if they can play the Nickel. 

Ryan Pace’s handling of the secondary and OL. Thin. Thin. Thin. 

The NFC North. I know it’s only week one, but the NFC North looked like the worst division in football and the AFC South has BOTH the Texans and the Jaguars…

Final Thoughts

I picked the Bears to go 9-8 this season, not sure that this team can get 9 wins. 

If tonight was any indication of the rest of the season, it’s going to be rough being a Bears fan in 2021. 

As always folks,

Bear Down

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