QUICK HITS – Bears @ Rams – Week 7

Here is a list of a few things I am done with…

Cordarelle Patterson the running back experiment. (He’s averaging 2.8 YPC) Cordarelle Patterson the wide receiver. Missed tackles by the defense. Ridiculous, poorly timed penalties. More penalties. Demetrius Harris as a pass-catcher. (He can’t catch. KC fans nicknamed him Incompletrius Harris. The name fits). Ted Ginn Jr. “returning punts.” Matt Nagy taking his time to get the perfect play call. Matt Nagy making stupid decisions. AND most importantly, I am done with Matt Nagy’s offense. It’s bad. Putrid. Awful. Terrible. 

For three years, we keep hearing about the offensive genius Matt Nagy. When does that dude show up? Because all we have been watching is a laughable excuse for an offense that can’t help a championship caliber defense. I keep seeing really smart people, who I really respect write how Matt Nagy is keeping this offense afloat. Huh? Are we watching the same team? Matt Nagy has ZERO rhythm to his play calling. In the first half, I watched Sean McVay call a brilliant game against one of the best defenses in the league. He did his homework and knew how to attack the Bears D. Matt Nagy’s offensive powerhouse scored 3 points on offense…THREE. It’s time to give play calling to someone else on this staff; Matt Nagy can’t do it

This is going to be the longest Quick Hits yet. There’s lots to say. 

The Good

Cole Kmet. Dude can catch, especially the tough ones. Give him more opportunities please.

LA’s Coaching. The Rams out coached the Bears in all three phases. The Bears were never in this game, probably because I picked them to win. McVay is the play caller the Bears wish they had. Tonight’s ESPN crew said that when the Rams were struggling offensively McVay put aside his ego, and looked at the things he was good at and the things that he was bad at. I wish Nagy would do this…but he’s still thinking of the next play call to butcher on 3rd and short. 

Eddie Jackson. The dude played hard all the way until the end of the game. He also may have saved my fantasy season with that TD. Thanks dude. 

The Bad

Field Position. Hats off to Johnny Hekker and the Rams special teams unit. They were outstanding. The Bears special teams couldn’t match. I miss Tarik Cohen. 

Akiem Hicks penalties. Too many stupid penalties. Hicks is the heart of this defense and these penalties were costly. 

The Offensive Line. They’re bad. Go and trade for someone. Please?

Tackling. The Bears defense couldn’t tackle all night. They were exhausted because the Bears offense is atrocious and can’t stay on the field for more than a few plays. 

Nick Foles. It’s time to say it. Foles is a great leader, there is no denying that. But there is a reason this dude is on his 5th team (technically 6th if you count Philadelphia twice). Nick Foles has thrown 6 INTs and 6 TDs in 3 games. That’s not good. This isn’t necessarily a plea to get Mitch back, but Nick Foles is not the answer. How many deep passes missed their target? (Especially to Darnell Mooney) I feel like I’ve heard this before…a Bears QB missing an open receiver. Will we ever have a good QB in Chicago?! After Sunday, I thought the Bears looked like geniuses by trading for Foles and not signing Cam Newton or Andy Dalton…tonight, not so much. 

Matt Nagy’s offense. The Bears went for it on 4th down late in the 3rd quarter. They needed about 2 yards. As soon as I saw Patterson on the field, I knew they were going to toss him the ball and the Rams were going to blow up the play. It happened exactly as we all predicted and I laughed out loud. My wife will tell you that I’m an obsessive fan, but regardless, I am just a fan. When I know what play the Bears are about to run, your offense is in trouble. The Rams defense is good, but they looked a lot better going against one of the league’s worst offenses. 

The defense deserves better. 

Final Thoughts. 

I hate to say it, but it sure looks like the Bears got exposed. Everyone said you were the Bears were the worst 5-1 team in the league, and they played like it tonight. 

While the record sits at 5-2, the upcoming schedule doesn’t look very kind. The Bears play the Saints, the Titans, the Vikings, the Packers, the Lions, the Texans, the Vikings, the Jaguars and finish with the Packers. 

The Bears could potentially win 5 of those games to finish 10-6, but not if they play like they did tonight. If the Bears play like this, especially on offense, they are more likely to go 8-8 or worse, 7-9 after an amazing start to the season. I am not giving up hope just yet, but the Rams just dismantled the Bears this evening. 

Let’s hope they can right this ship. 

As always…

Bear Down my friends.

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