QUICK HITS – Bears @ Panthers – Week 6

A HUGE Shout Out to my guy Pil and all of you who have been reading every week. BDR just passed 10,000 views in our first year. We appreciate that so much more than you know. 

The Chicago Bears are 5-1. The Chicago Bears are a good football team. They have MASSIVE flaws on both sides of the ball, but they keep finding ways to win. I am actually really excited to hear members of the national media say that Panthers QB Teddy Bridgewater had a bad game, or make up some other excuse why the Bears keep winning. This team loves to play underdog. 

This game couldn’t have had a better start. First drive the defense gets an interception and the offense scores a touchdown on the ensuing possession. Congrats to the hometown kid, Cole Kmet on his first NFL TD, it was a great catch in traffic. 

This was Matt Nagy’s first win after extended time. (Playing on the previous Thursday or coming off of a BYE week). For as bad as Nagy is at running an offense (he’s terrible at it), he has created an amazing culture of winning football here in Chicago. 

Lots to talk about. Let’s Dive in. 

The Good

The Chicago Bears Defense. The bottom line is that they make plays when plays need to be made. Deandre Houston-Carson seals the win for the Bears. Teddy Bridgewater looked really good this season…until he played the Bears. 

Kyle Fuller. Listening to FOX’s analysts try to say that Kylle Fullers hit on a Panthers WR was anything but textbook, is pretty hard to swallow. He led with his shoulder, hit the receiver in the shoulder. Period. This dude was all over the field and made plays everywhere. He is playing like one of the best CBs in all of football. 

Bilal Nichols. Nichols is starting to shine in the middle of this Bears defensive line. 

Darnell Mooney. More please. 

Jimmy Graham. Looks like Pace got really lucky or knew what he was doing when he gave JG big $$. 

Cairo Santos. Over the last two weeks Santos has looked better and better. Hitting from 55 yards has a lot of us thinking the Bears MAY have found their kicker. 

The Bad

Nick Foles?? He definitely had his moments.  His first half numbers were pretty great. He looked quick and efficient. In the second half he threw one of the worst interceptions I’ve seen in a long time, and I’ve watched a lot of Bears’ games. It’s pathetic that we’re looking at a QB who threw for 198 yards and a 70.2 QBR and people are saying he’s great. Mitch Trubisky has a much higher QBR (87.1) than Foles this season, BUT Foles has managed to do just enough. Sorry Bears fans, he might be winning, but he’s not a consistently good QB. He’s Kyle Orton 2.0…but for now, that might be enough. 

Anthony Miller. It might be time for Anthony Miller to lose a few reps to another veteran, Ted Ginn Jr. or Javon Wims. 

Running the football. Is it the scheme? Play calling? Execution? It’s probably a combination of all three. Whatever it is, the Bears are terrible at it. This isn’t going to help your offense. Especially because Carolina has let everyone run all over them except for the Bears. This can’t be a formula for winning football. 

Matt Nagy’s choice to pass when he should run. Call a quick slant call on 3rd and 3 at the 5:30 marks in the 4th quarter. Incomplete. Clock stops. Terrible. 

With less than 2 minutes left in the game, Matt Nagy elects to pass again and allows Carolina to have one of their last time outs on 3rd and short. Dude, why do you hate running the football?

Final Thoughts 

The Chicago Bears are a winning football team. I don’t care about the record of their opponents. NFL analyst Jason La Confora keeps picking the Bears to lose, so you know the win streak will continue for a while. 

Winning isn’t easy to do in the NFL and the Bears stellar 5-1 record will allow for a bad game or two through this next stretch against some decent teams (Rams, Saints, Titans). 

I am definitely glued to the TV for this Bucs vs Packers game. I sure hope Tom Brady can count to four downs this week and throwing four TDs would be pretty cool too. 

I love watching the Bears win, even if they’re all ugly wins, they still count. 

Truly, thanks to all of you for reading. 

Bear Down my friends.

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