QUICK HITS – Bears @ Packers

It finally happened. This team gave up on Matt Nagy. Throughout the past three seasons I have lauded Matt Nagy as an exceptional leader who couldn’t call plays but could lead a locker room no matter what; now he has to be exceptionally worried about his job. 

To be honest, the entire Bears front office should be terrified. Virginia McCaskey doesn’t like getting embarassed, and last night’s loss against the Green Bay Packers cannot be categorized in any other way. Ted Philips should be fired immediately; 20 years as the top executive and 3 trips to the post-season… not good enough. Ryan Pace was in charge of procuring players to fix the 29th ranked offense this past off-season. He drafted a lot of defensive players and paid a lot of money to Robert Quinn; the Bears didn’t have a QB hit, let alone a QB sack. Not good enough. It’s time to gut everything and start fresh. 

Sorry Nagy, I really liked you, but this was Trestman-esque; two weeks to prepare for the Packers and that was the best you could muster…not good enough. During Matt Nagy’s tenure the Bears have been 0-3 coming off the bye week and 1-6 coming off any extended time off (including going from a Thursday night game to a Sunday game the following week). Matt Nagy’s offense has scored 14 3rd quarter points this season. FOURTEEN.  All of those things add up to the same thing: bad coaching. 

Let’s get into this thing…

The Good

David Freakin’ Montgomery. Dude was electric all night. If the Bears defense hadn’t let the Packers score at will, this could have been a game the Bears won. A balanced attack favors Trubisky, instead they made him play quarterback, and he isn’t great at that. 

Center, Sam Mustipher. Many of you have heard me say it, but I really like this kid. Sure, it’s not sexy getting excited about interior offensive line play, but this kid may be the answer at center. With a little more game experience, Cody Whitehair at left guard, and a healthy James Daniels at right guard, the Bears interior might be halfway decent. Then again, who cares, this offense is laughable at best. 

The Bad

The Defense without Akiem Hicks. You saw it against the Vikings, when Hicks left, the defense got soft. Hicks is the heart of this defense and they missed him early and often. Rogers dismantled this team, like he has done so often before. This isn’t a rivalry any more folks. 

Mitch Trubisky. Damn. I was really hoping for better, but in my heart I knew it, Mitch is not a starting NFL QB. The refs missed not one, but TWO facemask penalties on Mitch’s first fumble, but the NFL doesn’t protect back-up QBs. As my good friend Bob Platt reminded me, neither facemask had anything to do with Mitch holding on to the football. Mitch threw for 3 TDs and now has 9 on the season in 4 games. He had a few really good moments and it was wrapped up perfectly by another good friend of mine John Piltaver. “Mitch has lots of flashes and can be good but has a lot of turnovers. Foles doesn’t flash anything, gets sacked a lot and has turnovers.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Mitch is NOT the answer long term, but is considerably better than Nick Foles right now. The Bears will never have a good QB. Ever. 

Matt LaFleur. His game plan was excellent. However, the Packers head coach was calling for Rogers to take deep shots and make 4th down conversions up 41-17. There is winning, and winning with class. This was not classy.

The Chicago Bears organization. You were embarrassed on a nationally televised game, again. This team has been bad for too long. It’s time to make some huge changes. It’s not funny for any of us who love this team. Fix it. 

Final Thoughts

This team doesn’t have enough to sit at the big kid table. They are so far from being relevant. While I am so insanely proud to write/podcast for the Bear Down Report, this hasn’t been very fun lately. Remember when we were 5-1 folks? Yeah, me neither. 

With 5 games left this season, let us know what you want from BDR. What can we cover, what questions can we answer and what things can we focus on? We appreciate you reading our articles and listening to our podcast more than you know. BDR is growing quickly and we are so thankful to you. 

Bear Down my friends.

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