QUICK HITS – Bears @ Falcons – Week 3

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Okay. Okay. Okay… The Chicago Bears are 3-0. Read it again. It’s true. For the third week in a row, the Bears pulled some magic out of their hats. Thanks to all the people who predicted the Bears to lose in a blowout. Especially former Green Bay Packers…

Just to put this out here, this is my prediction I posted in BDR earlier this week: “The Bears offense stays good for 3 quarters instead of 2 and they steal a win in Atlanta. Prediction: Bears 28 Falcons 24” (BDR- Staff Picks 9/25)  The Bears DID win by 4 points (30-26). I thank my lucky Walter Payton jersey, which I have worn for all three Bears wins this season. Thanks, Sweetness. (And thanks, Wifey, for buying it for me…)

SO much to say about this one. Let’s dive in. 

The Bad

The Bears miss Eddie Goldman, BADLY. The holes in the middle of the field aren’t being plugged up, and teams that are bad at running the football are running the football really well against the Bears. (Detroit, the NY Giants and Atlanta) It’s time to make some kind of adjustment. The linebackers look really bad right now. Chuck Pagano, what are you going to do? 

Matt Nagy’s play calling. Dude. So many times the very bad Atlanta defense knew exactly what you were doing. Maybe it was because Mitch was your QB; we’re going to find out in the next few weeks. More David Montgomery, please. 

Receivers dropping the freaking ball. Miller, Graham and, yes, Allen Robinson. (All three also had touchdown receptions… so I will happily shut up about this one.)

The offensive line had a terrible game. Especially run-blocking. 

Tarik Cohen’s knee injury. Running back is already a crazy thin position for the Chicago Bears. You have to sign someone ASAP. 

The Good

If I would have told you before the season that Mitch Trubisky had thrown SIX touchdowns (should have been seven, but Miller dropped it) in three games, you would have said that Mitch was the best Bears QB of all-time. Instead, the dude got benched. CALM down, my work-friends-text-group. It was time for Foles, I am not debating that. My heart hurts a bit because Mitch gave everything he had to this city. He did everything they asked of him except for playing QB at a consistent level. Dude was a warrior. He didn’t choose to get drafted with the No. 2 overall pick. He came here and was a total class act, but it’s time for Foles to have the reigns for a bit. Thanks, Mitch, for giving it everything you had. 

If I hear one more Bears fan tell me that Nick Foles is the second coming of Sid Luckman or Joe Montana, I am going to throw up everywhere. Foles’ last touchdown cemented a fantastic comeback, and it was a GREAT ball. However, he threw TWO balls that should have been pick-sixes (his second throw, and the amazing catch-and-run touchdown by Allen Robinson, that was a LATE and slow ball; usually an interception) and if Mitch had made those throws, everyone would have been up in arms. Yes, two would-be-touchdowns were dropped, but that same logic has Mitch throwing seven TDs this season, instead of six. 

The bottom line, Foles got it done and Mitch didn’t. Foles needs some time to develop chemistry with receivers, I get that. Foles is the best relief pitcher in all of football (some of you are really confused, and some of you know exactly what I mean). Foles came in and won the game. All I am saying is that dude had a few BAD passes and the Bears got lucky. I am totally fine with being lucky right now. I am excited to see what Foles will do against the Colts, Bucs and Panthers (three winnable games?)

David Montgomery. Please sir, can I have some more, please? Dude is a beast (when his offensive line actually blocks for him). Give him more carries. 

Allen Robinson. 10 Catches, 123 yards and touchdown. Dang. #ExtendAllenRobinson

The end result? The Bears have beaten some TERRIBLE football teams. Detroit is currently playing the Cardinals. If they win, the Bears’ three wins will be against teams with a combined record of 1-8. The Bears have beaten some bad football teams. However, they are building some momentum before their schedule gets really tough. For as much as I complain about Matt Nagy’s play calling, his football team is undefeated; that’s pretty cool my friends. 

The Chicago Bears are 3-0. Yes, there are things to be very frustrated about. Things to argue about. However, in the end, it’s hard to win in the NFL and the Bears have done it in the craziest way possible. I for one, will take it. 

Bear Down, my friends.

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