Quick Hits – Bears @ Browns

In 2014, most Bear fans knew that Marc Trestman was going to be fired after the Bears lost back to back games to the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers, 51-23 & 55-14 respectively. In 2021 it may be the same after the Bears lost (not consecutively at least) to the Rams 24-14 and the Browns 26-6. 

This was embarrassingly bad. This was Marc Trestman level awful. Anyone who knows me, knows how profound that statement was for me to make. The only difference is that Trestman had no business being an NFL head coach. Matt Nagy, however, has no business being an NFL play caller. The Bears averaged 1.1 yards per play, the second fewest by any team in a game this century. It’s long past due, Matt Nagy needs to be fired or at the absolute minimum be relieved of play-calling duties…again. 

Let’s dive in… I guess. 

The Good

The Pass Rush. The Bears’ front seven had four sacks on Baker Mayfield. Robert Quinn and Mario Edwards Jr. both looked really good. Baker isn’t an easy QB to bring down. 

The Defense in the First Half. The Bears defense only gave up 10 points, to a pretty darn good Cleveland team. (That still seems really weird to say outloud or type on a screen) Roquan, Jaylon Johnson and the defensive line were really good. They just got gassed in the second half. 

Kevin Stefanski. Yes, the Cleveland Browns head coach. In the early parts of the game, the Bears defense looked really dominant. Stefanski adjusted the offensive game plan. It included some screens, some quick passes and some rollouts to keep pressure off of their QB. Everything I just said should have been done on the other side of the field, but Matt Nagy is far too stubborn to try anything like that. 

Cairo Santos. This guy is a hell of a kicker. 

The Bad

The Chicago Bears Organization. This one stunk from top to bottom. 

Matt Nagy. Imagine what Brian Daboll could do with the playmakers on this team #FireNagy

The Offensive Line. Your head coach did you no favors (see above), but giving up NINE sacks in one game isn’t going to lead to wins for any team. 

Justin Fields. The game plan did this kid no favors. The receivers didn’t do a whole lot to help him out. He’s a rookie BUT, he wasn’t very good today. He holds the ball far too long and locks on to his first receiver. With good coaching, these things can be addressed, but the Bears have Matt Nagy. #FireNagy

Ryan Dengel. My good friend Chewy doesn’t like football. He makes fun of me often for spending beautiful fall days inside watching grown men throw around a piece of leather. Today, I wasted a gorgeous Chicagoland Sunday on a team that is headed in the wrong direction. I love the Chicago Bears, but today, I wish I would have listened to Chewy.

Final Thoughts

If there aren’t some repercussions from Halas Hall this week, we should all be livid. This type of performance should be unacceptable from the Chicago Bears. However, I just don’t have enough faith in the Bears organization to do anything. 

Thank you all for reading/listening/watching all of our content at the Bear Down Report. You folks are amazing.  

As hard as it is to say and type this week folks…

Bear Down

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