QUICK HITS – Bears at Lions – Week 1

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The Chicago Bears won their first opening game in the Matt Nagy era. Kind of. Matt Patricia lost another opening game; the Lions lost in the fourth quarter…again. 

Let’s talk about the abysmal three quarters before we talk about the good and the stolen win in the fourth quarter. 


Matt Nagy. Second quarter, 1:05 left inside the 20 yard line. Let’s run it and go to the locker room tied at 6. Ugh. Wait, what?! You’re going to run some plays? A dump off pass to Cohen who goes out of bounds and then two incomplete passes. Lions, here is your silver plattered touchdown. Matt Nagy, that was AWFUL play calling. AWFUL. 

Pass rush. There wasn’t one. Where is Robert Quinn? Hurt. Already? Mack drew a holding call and Hicks had one sack, but the lack of pass rush is a definite concern. 

Danny Trevathan. He HAS to be hurt, because if he isn’t, he is a liability. You may have let Nick Kwiatkowski go because Trevathan was cheaper, but you may have signed the wrong linebacker. I REALLY hope I am wrong, but there were far too many instances of Lions players wide open in the middle of the field while we watched Trevathan running behind them trying to catch up. James Vaughters came in for a few plays, and made a few plays. Perhaps it’s time to see a bit more of this undrafted free agent. 

The run defense against the Lions was bad. I had to re-read that at least 10 times. The Lions haven’t had a real run game since Barry Sanders. If Matt Patricia was smart, he would get Adrian Peterson up and running (see what I did there?) as soon as possible. I can’t believe that dude still has this much left in the tank. He looked crazy good. Pagano needs to get his linebacker situation under control. 


I spent the late afternoon talking to my good friend Angry Rob. Angry Rob KNOWS football. He has coached it, played it and has a great mind for the game. We talk football often. Angry Rob and I are very different. I drink the kool-aid too often, and always hope for the best, Angry Rob, not so much. However, we agreed on a lot of the good this week. 

There was no pre-season and the Bears appeared to knock the rust off in the second half. As ABYSMAL as they were in the first three quarters, they were equally as fantastic in the fourth quarter. 

The run game was really good. Angry Rob didn’t like Montgomery last year, and I agree, he wasn’t good enough. Today he looked like a real running back (64 yards at 4.9 a carry) Tarik Cohen (41 yards at 5.9 a carry), Cordarrelle Patterson (19 yards at 4.8 a carry) and Mitch Trubisky (26 yards at 8.7 a carry) were all very good. Matt Nagy ran the ball? The Bears ran the ball and the Bears won. 

Mitchell Trubisky was ATROCIOUS for three quarters (see Angry Rob, I tell it like it is), but then Holy Ditka he was good in the fourth. Mitch has thrown 12 TDs to 1 INT and is 4-0 against the Lions. He walked away with a shiny 104 QBR. He OWNS Patricia’s Lions; Lions fans are about to drop all the excuses, but just the way Rogers owns the Bears, Mitch owns the Lions. Who’s your daddy? Mitchell David Trubisky. I agree Rob, he HAS to be more consistent. If we could get fourth-quarter-Mitch for more than one quarter a game, the Bears could win a lot of games this season. The million dollar question is, will he? Mitch’s touchdown to Anthony Miller was a perfect throw (and a phenomenal catch by Miller). More please. 

Last Thoughts

Bottom line the Bears are 1-0 this season for the first time since 2013. A win is a win. Thanks Matt Patricia.

Bear Down my friends.

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