Packers @ Bears – STAFF PICKS


  1. Sean Fox 7-5

T. 2. Logan Bradley 8-6

T. 2 Ryan Dengel 8-6

T. 2 Mike Page 8-6

T. 2 Jack Wright 8-6

Mike Page

Throw away the numbers. Throw away the season long accolades and award nominations. This is a one-game street fight on the south side of Chicago. Are you ready?

The Bears are.

I’ve learned that you can never take an opponent for granted, especially one that is fueled by desperation and insanity. The Packers are going to march into Soldier Field like Farkus, the bully in “A Christmas Story,” only to get pummeled by little Ralphie.

I am very proud of this analogy.

Prediction: Bears 35, Packers 32 – (overtime Santos FG wins it)

Ryan Dengel

I’ve gone back and forth on this prediction, relentlessly. I know what my heart wants: Last second heroics by Eddie Jackson, Khalil Mack or Mitchell Trubisky for a Bears W. The problem is that I’ve seen this movie before. I know that for some reason Aaron Rogers takes great pride in picking on my beloved Bears; unfortunately, he’s quite good at it. And yet for some reason I am the eternal optimist. 

Part of me thinks that the Bears lose on Sunday, but will watch the Rams beat the Cardinals, and then fate will put the Packers and Bears together again in the playoffs. But in this dream, the Bears are the ones who advance on. I know, it’s a dream. 

Do I write this prediction based on what my head thinks or what my heart wants? Dare to dream my friends. 

Prediction: Bears 34 Packers 31

Logan Bradley

My friends, I’m a realist.

Do you already know where this is going? I bet you do.

Aaron Rodgers is the MVP front-runner at the moment. He crushes the Bears nearly every time out. We all know he loves beating the Bears, and I believe it’s going to happen again.

Similar to Ryan, every part of me wants to say that the Bears will win this game. And, you know what, they have a legitimate chance to do so. However, for some reason I still don’t believe we’re that much better of a team than we were on November 29 in Green Bay.

There will be zero shortage of motivation in this one, and I definitely don’t expect a blowout similar to one month ago.

Prediction: Packers 31, Bears 23

Jack Wright

This week on the BDR Podcast we interviewed Mike Jelinek and he dropped staggering (gut punch) stats about the Bears and Packers “rivalry”. Since the 2010 season, the Bears are 4-18 against the Packers. This just in, it is not a rivalry. The Pack continually dominate the Bears. Aaron Rodgers takes a great deal of pride in beating the Bears. He knows the history and he knows the EXACT historical, matchup record. 

The Packers are seeking a Week 1 bye along with home field advantage. They are going to play to win the game. Offensively, they have weapons. They have a future HOFer at QB. However, their defense isn’t great at stopping the run. So, the Bears have a shot if they feed Monty the ball, convert on 3rd downs (they are 31st in the league), and keep A-Rod off the field. If they are unable to complete those tasks. They lose. 

Prediction: Packers 30, Bears 21

Sean Fox

The Bears host the Packers for the season finale in a game that has playoff implications for both teams. As the playoffs have been extended to seven teams, this game takes on meaning it wouldn’t have just two seasons ago. The Packers are fighting to hold onto the #1 seed and first round bye while the Bears are looking to keep their seventh seed for a road wildcard game.

Beyond playoff implications, Aaron Rodgers is also plying for an MVP which he could finish with an exclamation point with a repeat of his last performance against the Bears. As the Bears will be missing Jaylon Johnson, Davante Adams will be looking to exploit his matchup against Duke Shelley or Kindle Vildor.

The Bears offense needs to keep feeding David Montgomery in order to control the clock, keep Rodgers off the field and have any chance of winning this game. The GB defense helped embarrass the Bears in their last meeting, but this is an offense on a roll. It should be interesting to see how this one plays out as it feels like the Bears are a much different team than when they last met. I still don’t see them overcoming what the Packers are bringing into Soldier Field Sunday afternoon.

Prediction: Packers 30, Bears 24

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