Sean Fox 5-2

Logan Bradley 6-4

Ryan Dengel 6-4

Mike Page 5-5

Jack Wright 5-5

Mike Page

Sadly, the Bears’ only true rivalry over the past decade is with the choke artist Matthew Stafford and the Lowly Lions. I’ve come to accept our insignificance against GB, so all that energy and rage is now being hyper-focused on this game.

After the Bears got murdered by the Packers on primetime TV, our article detailing Mitchell Trubisky’s revenge tour got torched on social media. The amount of times people posted “This did NOT age well” was seemingly incalculable. He deserved some criticism for the turnovers, but that game was lost by the defense, and Matt Nagy had no problem publicly acknowledging that.

With Akiem Hicks inching towards a return, look for that defensive spark to be re-ignited. He is clearly the most important player on this team in terms of physical performance and vocal leadership. He’ll be going into my Bears HOF after he hangs up the cleats, and Sunday’s game will only solidify that.

Prediction: Bears 17, Lions 13

Ryan Dengel

Look, the Bears are not a good football team, however, they’re playing the Detroit Lions this week. Yes, teams do rally around interim coaches, but the Bears are a desperate team with a lot more talent on their roster than the Lions. Mitch Trubisky has thrown 12 TDs to only 1 INT against the Lions in their last 4 meetings. Perhaps Lions interim head coach Darrell Bevell will remember to not go to a man-defensive scheme and they’ll have a chance, but Trubisky has owned the Lions and I see that trend continuing here. With Akiem Hicks coming back, watch for the Bears defense to feast on Detroit’s depleted offense. It makes me nervous picking the Bears to win, but it’s this game and Jacksonville that I still feel SOMEWHAT confident about. 

Prediction: Bears 24, Lions 17 

Jack Wright

When the head coach gets fired, the team gets fired up. The Lions dumped Head Coach Matt Patricia this past week. While the Lions will not be able to overhaul the entire system, the coaching change will result in a highly motivated and physically aggressive Lions squad. The toxic residue Patricia created is now washed away and what is left is a group of players and coaches ready to prove themselves. 

Meanwhile, the Bears are deflated and on a crushing losing streak. Matt Nagy has lost the confidence of his players. Ironically, the Bears are in the position the Lions were in before Patricia’s inglorious exit. 

We learned last week that Mitch is still an average quarterback – at best. We also learned that our defense is not quite as impregnable as we once believed. Additionally, the offense will struggle. There will be no rhythm, too many penalties, too many wide receiver screens, too few run plays, deep balls thrown out of bounds, terrible clock management, and a swiss cheese offensive line. 

Perhaps the buzz about Ted Phillips’ exit is true. We can only hope.  

Prediction: Lions 20, Bears 13

Logan Bradley

FINALLY. The Lions.

Wait, I’m being told Matt Patricia’s stupid face isn’t coaching them anymore? Does that mean they’ll actually deploy a defensive scheme (literally anything but man coverage) that will work defending Mitch Trubisky? Probably.

Still, how the hell do the Bears lose this game? Don’t answer that. Just don’t.

Obviously there are ways that the Bears lose this game, but coming back home off of an absolute embarrassment in Green Bay, you have to bank on the players on this defense, specifically, having some pride and playing their hearts out. Do I trust the offense? Not as far as I can throw it. Do I trust the coaching? Haha. Do I trust that the talent on the defensive side of the ball can overwhelm a Kenny Golladay-less Lions offense? Yes.

P.S. I apologize to all of my friends, family and anyone who has ever supported me for picking the Bears last week.

Prediction: Bears 20, Lions 13

Sean Fox

As much as people love to beat up the Detroit Lions for underperforming and being an organization who can’t get it together, they are just a slightly worse version of the Bears. There are so many parallels.

At least the Fords had the guts to pull the plug on a terrible coach and GM before the season ended rather than delaying what should be the inevitable.

It should be interesting to see how both teams come out in this week’s matchup as the Lions are free of Matt Patricia and the Bears just got smoked by the Packers in primetime. Considering how bad the Bears looked on Sunday night, I wholeheartedly support all Bears fans who are calling for the team to tank for a better draft pick and a rebuild with new management all the way to the top, including Ted Phillips. Matt Nagy’s message of “having pride” or whatever he’s feeding his squad is falling on deaf ears just like it did for Patricia in Detroit.

This game has very little meaning (aside from draft position) for two teams and fan bases desperate for newer, better leadership. I don’t anticipate it being a particularly entertaining game as both teams are just bad. Although I predict a Bears win, I’d be happier if they came out of Week 13 with an L to better position the (hopeful) next GM for the 2021 draft.

Prediction: Bears 23, Lions 20

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  1. Rob D says:

    hoping the Bears loose so that they get a better draft pick? Hoping that the Bears hire a new GM that will know how to choose great draft picks? Don’t get your hopes up. Some great points were made with the predictions. Personally, I think this game is a toss up. We will probably know the outcome after the first quarter though and then we can decide whether to leave the TV on or turn on something more entertaining. Or maybe go for a long walk, contemplating the meaning of life without the Bears. Why I watched the whole GB game is beyond me. Most of this comment was tongue in cheek because the season has become saddly laughable. All the same, GO BEARS!!!!!

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