Let’s Make a Deal – Vol. II

Over the coming weeks, and indeed on April 29, Ryan Pace has some big decisions to make.  Decisions that will not only impact the Chicago Bears in the immediate term but also (and most significantly), decisions that will impact the organization for at least the next 2 – 4 years.

The talk around town is that the Bears could be interested in talking to Atlanta in order to trade up for the number 4 pick.

Do we really want to sell what is left of the farm to trade up to number 4?  Do we really want history to repeat itself as it did in 2018 when Pace traded up to nab Mitch Trubisky?  Do we even trust Ryan Pace to get it right this time and potentially pick his 6th starting Quarterback in as many years?

To add further misery to Bears’ front office woes, according to overthecap.com, Chicago currently ranks 2nd behind the Saints for having the lowest cap space: $1,547,428.

On the other side of the coin, Jacksonville with picks 1, 33, 45, 65 and 106 in the first four rounds have an enormous $39,465,280 in cap space,  the most in the league.  Yikes.

To get anywhere near Atlanta’s coveted number 4 pick, the Bears will need to give up at least this year’s first round pick, likely a first in 2022 and quite possibly an additional sweetener or two on top.

Any exchange of draft picks between Chicago and Atlanta is of course dependent on the Falcons even willing to part ways with their prized number 4 pick.

If by some miracle the Bears were to get a deal done, by this stage of the Draft the best of Wilson, Lance, Jones and Fields will each have most likely found their new homes.  And then what?

Or do we now simply play the cards that have been dealt.  Make the most of a less than ideal situation by sticking with Dalton, give him the protection that he so desperately needs in order to give the guy a chance at being a real starter in 2021.

It’s the worst kept secret that Dalton is only at his best with a clean pocket.  In 2020, Trubisky (18) and Foles (18) were both sacked for a combined 36 times in 2020.  This spells serious trouble for Dalton and cause for concern that he’s potentially being set up to fail.

Enter Teven Jenkins. The bad-ass 6’6, 320 pound Offensive Tackle from Oklahoma State. Jenkins has all the character traits that have been lacking on the Bears’ offensive line; aggression, athleticism, explosiveness and a nastiness that would put fear into most (if not all) opposing defensive units.

Jenkins, the 2020 All-Big 12 Conference football team selection has been lauded by many for having terrific foot speed and a strong and powerful upper frame. This strength and power saw Jenkins bench a whopping 225 pounds 36 times and clock a 4.96-second 40-yard dash at OSU’s pro day.

Speaking at Pro Day, Jenkins was asked by reporters what type of player a team would get by drafting him into their program.  

His response:

“A tough, physical, nasty mother (bleeper)”.

Jenkins continued:

“A dude that doesn’t shy away from hits, a dude that actually wants to get physical, and a dude that’s gonna bust his ass.”

Jenkins’ size, strength and acid tongue, qualities that wouldn’t look out of place in a WWE ring, would no doubt endear him enormously to the Bears’ fan base, and make him our very own “Monster of the Midway”.

Dalton’s head-scratching one year deal certainly does scream “placeholder”.  Bear Down Report’s own Rob Kirkland, suggested in our special Andy Dalton podcast episode back in March that “Pace is crazy like a fox”.  We can only guess what cards are still up Pace’s sleeve and which moves could be pulled leading up to, and on Draft Night.

One thing is for sure, and that is if Pace is “the fox” that we hope, and need him to be, then he will need to go down each and every rabbit hole and find the best young talent available at pick 20.  Whether that is in fact Jenkins or otherwise.

Pace must live by the sword now and by decisions previously made.

Most importantly, Pace cannot afford to trade away the future to correct his errors of the past.

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