How Justin Fields Fits in Matt Nagy’s System (VIDEOS)

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Last time we learned about the three main systems used in the NFL: West Coast, Erhardt-Perkins, and Air Coryell. Some of these systems share very similar concepts, they are just expressed and have different logistics to the call and operation. Even at both college and pro levels as the systems and concepts become more meshed together, thanks to forward thinkers like Andy Reid in a league full of copycats, teams still can have a “label” on what they do, but every year, it needs to fit the talent on hand, like any smart coach would do. Unless, you are a stubborn idiot named Mike Martz. 

Of the three, West Coast could be considered the least quarterback friendly for a fresh starter like say perhaps Justin Fields, but with growth and familiarity, the offense itself can branch out and become tough to stop, see the 1980s 49ers for a West Coast running on plutonium (stolen from the Libyans!) But, nowadays even the most ardent West Coast acolytes still invite other concepts into their own, for quite the exotic cookbook of plays.

All systems including the West Coast especially, have routes and outlets built into almost every play, otherwise known as the precious “Deep Ball.” Matt Nagy has talked about it, we’ve watched Trubisky mostly miss them, and now the Bears have one guy who technically did it better than anyone in college: Justin Fields. 

Fans are clamoring for Fields to, hit the “field”, and he has a busy month ahead of him. I don’t sit in Bears coach’s meetings, but I think he won’t be put in with packages or in bits and pieces, it will be when he is ready with a good chunk of the offense at his disposal. That could frankly be Week 1, Week 6, or Week 10, so even in the internet world, just let that marinate for a bit. Andy Dalton is light years better than Mitch Trubisky, and you’d be surprised what some modest accuracy can do to unlock a stuck offense.

 Be that as it may, we will watch some videos from the Ohio State and Clemson playoff game. I picked out for or five plays that I think would combine the best of both worlds for both Nagy and what Fields did at OSU. We know for sure Nagy claims he likes Inside Zone a lot, and in this game Ohio State in this game probably ran it over two dozen times. So there’s a comfort level there, as Fields can be a threat as a runner to the backside out of it. 

Without further ado, the first three plays are a similar formation and play call, with different concepts built into Fields reading a particular defender. The second pair is just him as a drop back passer carving up Clemson. 

***Each video is about a minute and half long. I know you can pay attention for 7 plus minutes! 

Justin Fields

Building Off

Inside Zone Plays

Justin Fields as a

Drop Back Passer

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