Giants @ Bears: Staff Picks

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Ryan Dengel:

The Giants are not a great football team, but the Bears locker room took some shots this week. Extend Allen Robinson. I am worried that the Bears run defense looked pretty suspect against the Lions last week and face a much more difficult challenge named Saquon Barkely. Extend Allen Robinson. Barkley had a TERRIBLE game running against the Steelers, but I expect him to bounce back against the Bears. I get the feeling that Giants QB Daniel Jones is going to be a good quarterback if he can stop turning the ball over. (Though, last week was his FIRST red zone interception). Special teams: advantage Bears. Extend Allen Robinson.  Really this game comes down to a bad Giants offensive line vs a Bears defense that wants to prove last week they were knocking off the rust. Extend Allen Robinson. Bears come out slow, but wake up in the second half..again.

Prediction: Bears 23 Giants 17.

Angry Rob Prediction: Bears 21 Giants 14

Mike Page:

I have two words about these Giants: Saquon. Barkley. This colossus of a human is going to THRASH the Bears defense for 200+ all purpose yards and multiple TDs. That front 7 attack from the Bears was putrid in week 1, allowing 35 year old Adrian Peterson to gain 6.6 yards per carry. Do you foresee immediate growth from this group without Eddie Goldman up front? I don’t, especially against a running back with tree trunks for legs. Remember this play? He torched the Bears in that game, and our front seven was firing on all cylinders at the time. The good news, however, is that Giants QB Daniel Jones is bad at football. He’ll make a couple of good throws to newly acquired tight end Evan Engram, but like Stafford, he’ll throw 1 too many interceptions.

The Bears offense, well, I am going to stick with what I know about them so far. Their offensive line and RBs performed admirably in week 1, showing significant growth from last season (maybe new line coach Juan Castillo actually did help). As a result, coach Nagy will rely on the Montgomery, Cohen, Patterson trio to move the chains and take pressure off Maserati Mitch and the obviously lackluster passing attack. Look for an increase in play action passes that move the pocket which were surprisingly absent from Nagy’s call sheet in week 1. Darnell Mooney will make his presence known with his first career TD, and once again, Mitch will do just enough to pull off a win. Let’s just hope it won’t require another dropped pass in the endzone by the opposing team. 

Prediction: 20-17 Bears. 

Logan Bradley:

I’m looking forward to Bears-Giants in the same manner I would look forward to a Jaguars-Titans Thursday night Color Rush game. Is it football? Yes. Am I going to feel nauseous at kickoff? Also yes. The reasons to feel optimistic about the Bears are far outweighed by the reasons to feel gross about them. Then again, we’re finding ourselves playing a Giants team with a young QB who arguably made even more bad throws than Mitch in week one. If Khalil Mack gets back to a little more of his usual self and Mitch *gulp* throws the ball in the vicinity of his receivers, the Bears should win this one. Should. They should win this one. I think. Yeah.

Prediction: 17-14 Bears

Jack Wright:

I predict the unpredictable. Honestly, besides the punter, who else has a 100% chance of showing up on Sunday? I am going to stick with my long term prediction: the Bears will not be a formidable franchise until the team is sold. Regarding Sunday, don’t be fooled by Truby. He played 3 and a ⅓ quarters of dumpster fire football. This is what the Bears do of late. They get your hopes up. Then they menacialy crush those hopes. I’m not crying you’re crying! The Bears will lose this game because they cannot stop Saquon. Last week, they let an octogenarian roll up yards like a millennial at a cafe rolls up lattes and scones. Where is Mack? Where is Monty? Where is Kmet? Where is Smith? Where is Graham? So much ridiculous hype. The NFL world thinks the Bears are a joke. This weekend will validate their opinions. Funny? No. It’s not funny. 

Prediction: 10-3 Giants

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