Colts @ Bears – Staff Picks

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Here are the standings so far: 

  1. Logan Bradley: 3-0

T1. Ryan Dengel: 3-0

3. Mike Page: 2-1

4. Jack Wright: 1-2

5. Sean Fox: 0-1

Mike Page

The Bears defense might be killing it against the pass to start the year, but they are middling, at best, in terms of stopping the run (119 rush yards allowed per game). Eddie Goldman is out, you say? Fine. We have a ton of cap space, so just go out, sign @SnacksHarrison, and FIX THE POSITION. Our LBs are getting murdered out there! Did you know we’re going up against the best offensive line in football this week?! Quenton Nelson might seem like some scary figment of your imagination, but he is a real dude and does things like this. Yikes. Look for Rookie of the Year candidate RB Jonathan Taylor to run behind him all. day. long.

The real story of the game, though, is the new era of Bears quarterback. Nick Foles has put on the proverbial conductor’s hat, and after that miraculous comeback he orchestrated last week, the hype train is 100% full steam ahead. With a nickname like his, I can see why people are jumping on board too. This isn’t the best matchup for Nick, though, given that the Colts defense has been strangling opposing offenses to death (1st in interceptions, 1st in yards allowed, 3rd in points allowed). And that’s not even the worst part. Foles said of Colts Head Coach Frank Reich, “He’s the one who figured me out as a player.” Great. 

Long story short, the magic has to run out this week……..Right?

*RIP Mitch*

Prediction: Colts 24, Bears 21

Ryan Dengel

The Colts may have the best offensive line in football. The Bears have one of the most dominant defensive fronts in all of football. Akiem Hicks and Khalil Mack are playing at an unreal level. If you go back and watch footage, the refs have missed some unbelievably obvious holding calls against these two and they’re still making QBs uncomfortable. The Colts dismantled the worst team in the NFL last week, the lowly Jets. Meanwhile, Bears opponents have a combined win-loss record of 1-8…but they’re 3-0. 

I still don’t know who the 2020 Chicago Bears are EXCEPT, you can’t count them out, no matter the score. Matt Nagy has his guys playing tough all the way to the end. I am excited to see what Foles can do with a full week as the starter. I am sticking with the Bears until they prove me wrong. 

Prediction: Bears 27 Colts 17

Oh and my good friend Angry Rob is also picking the Bears. 

Prediction: Bears 21 Colts 17

Jack Wright

Luckily, I am not very good at predicting outcomes. So far. The Bears have pulled off three, rather miraculous wins. 3-0! GO BEARS! 

Let’s look at some numbers. The Colts’ defense is currently ranked 1st in yards per game allowed (225.3 ypg). Our Bears are ranked 15th (364 ypg). While the Bears’ defense has been surprisingly mediocre, the Colts have been stingy AF. Regardless, Foles gives the Bears’ offense a complete glow up. Nagy has not been great at play calling. (Not ballsy AT ALL in the red zone.)  However, the offense was stifled due to Mitch’s shortcomings. (BTW zero hate for Mitch. Class act. The organization whiffed.) Expect to see the full measure of Nagy’s offensive vision. Finally! Seriously, I cannot wait. Over the past three years it has been heartbreaking to watch the Bears game and then flip on another game to compare play. Watching other teams roll out dynamic, prolific players, schemes, and scoring is fun. I hope that is our Bears Sunday. 

Prediction: Bears 24, Colts 21

Logan Bradley

I’m no longer making predictions about the Chicago Bears, I’m making predictions about the Nick Foles-led Chicago Bears. What does that mean? I’m not really sure yet, but for the time being it feels great. I’m not ready to go all-in on the former Super Bowl MVP and have a feeling the transition won’t be as smooth as some Bears fans with temporary rose-colored glasses think. Then again, it’s no doubt a step up. I think Phil Rivers presents a nice little get-right spot for the Bears defense in terms of turnovers. The Colts line is one of the strongest in the league, and they’ve played well defensively. Still, I have to continue riding this momentum and think the Bears pull another off at home. 4-0, holy hell, can you imagine? I can.

Prediction: Bears 28, Colts 24

Sean Fox

This week’s game will be a battle of two of the top defenses in the league. The Bears rank #2 in pass defense behind only the Indianapolis Colts. Both teams come in with winning records, but neither has played a tough schedule to start the season (Colts losing to the Jags Week 1 led to a survivor pool bloodbath). Also, neither offense has looked particularly dangerous through three weeks (until the 4th quarter of Week 3 in ATL – sorry Trubisky truthers).

While Nick Foles looked good in relief of Mitch Trubisky last week, he’ll be facing a much tougher opponent in his first start as a Bear. The offense will need David Montgomery to get going early against a tough front seven (that held Dalvin Cook mostly in check two weeks ago) in order to set up the pass for Foles. With good coverage and pressure from Indy, I’d anticipate Jimmy Graham and Cole Kmet getting a lot of action on short routes in this game.

The Bears D will be facing a stud rookie RB in Jonathan Taylor as well as a good, pass-catching back in Nyheim Hines. Everyone knows how much Philip Rivers loves his check downs, so Jack Doyle and Mo Alie-Cox will also be important to stop in the short passing game. If the Bears D-line continues to get the type of pressure they’ve been getting, it will be a real long day for Rivers. This should be a low scoring game.

Prediction: Bears 20, Colts 17

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