Bucs @ Bears – Staff Picks


  1. Logan Bradley- 3-1

T. 1. Ryan Dengel – 3-1

T. 1. Mike Page – 3-1

4. Jack Wright – 1-3

Mike Page:

I can’t remember the last time the Bears beat an aging HOF quarterback. Maybe that’s a function of selective memory, but I don’t feel good about Tom Brady coming to town AT ALL. He’s the type of dude that holds grudges and looks for extra motivation by identifying “revenge games.” Why would he have that for this game, though? Maybe because the quarterback he is opposing came from behind in Super Bowl LII to beat the Patriots – thus tarnishing his forever legacy as the greatest QB of all time. Let’s also not forget that Tom Brady is still very good, although the number of pick sixes he’s thrown this year is making Eddie Jackson do the Shaq shimmy.

That Bucs defensive front makes me squirm, and with the aggressiveness that Bucs DC Todd Bowles usually deploys, Nick Foles is in for a loooong game. That is of course, if the Bears offensive line maintains their level of play from last week which was abysmal. Unfortunately, I expect that to be the case.

Prediction: Bucs 27, Bears 17

Ryan Dengel

At halftime of the Bucs vs Chargers game, I thought to myself. Dang, the Bears are about to be 5-0. Things have changed dramatically since then. Tom Brady and the Bucs offense woke up in the second half of that game, and TB threw FIVE touchdown passs. While the Bucs defense isn’t as good as the hype, the Bears offense doesn’t look like an NFL caliber group right now. If the Chicago Bears offensive line plays like they did against the Colts, be ready for another miserable Thursday night matchup. I think Anthony Miller just dropped another pass while I typed this. 

There are a few reasons why the Bears will keep it close. Matt Nagy’s teams play tough with short turn arounds, the defense is still pretty damn good and for the most part, this team plays until the end. With that being said, I am unfortunately picking the Bears to lose for the first time this season. It pains me to do it, but the Bears looked awful against the Colts and the Bucs looked fantastic against the Chargers. 

Prediction: Bucs 24, Bears 13

Logan Bradley

I mean what are the actual odds of the Bears allowing me to enjoy my Thursday night? I have to imagine pretty low. Full transparency: as I write this, I don’t know what my final score prediction is going to be. Let’s talk it out.

Brady and the Bucs had a tremendous comeback last week against the Chargers. They will, however, yet again be without stud wide receiver Chris Godwin. With Mike Evans questionable, yet likely to play, the Bucs’ O should look similar to last week. I’m not necessarily scared of that side of the ball as I think the Bears D can handle Tom and co. Defensively, the Bucs have a stout run defense (not that Nagy concerns himself with running the ball) and a middle-of-the-pack pass defense (not that the Bears have a QB on the roster that looks like they could exploit anything). Barring Nagy beginning to wear Hawaiian shirts, eat cheeseburgers and have Patrick Mahomes as his quarterback overnight, the Bears offense still won’t be enough.

Prediction: Bucs 28, Bears 17

Jack Wright

The Bears will Bears. Why did I doubt myself? They certainly are who we thought they were. They are not very good and they were exposed last week. Likely, they will be exposed this week as well. The GOAT still has tremendous zip on the ball and can chuck it deep. As opposed to the  Bears’ Mickey Mouse Show offense, the Bucs’ offense under Brady will surgically dismantle what is left of the Bears’ once dominant defense. Fun fact I heard on 670 The Score this morning via Bears beat reporter Brad Biggs, Mack has 5 ½ sacks in the last 16 games. Math nerds, could you please break down how much the Bears brass is paying per sack? He’s double-teamed you say? They are holding him you say? Other game changing, high profile defensive linemen dominate regardless. The game will be ugly and yet I will be on my couch hoping against hope the game is good and the Bears pull off a win. 

Prediction: Bucs 27, Bears 21 

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