Bears @ Vikings – STAFF PICKS


  1. Sean Fox 6-4

T. 2. Logan Bradley 6-6

T. 2. Ryan Dengel 6-6

T. 2. Jack Wright 6-6

T. 2. Mike Page 6-6


Mike Page

The Mitchell Trubisky revenge tour is still on, baby! With a passer rating of 117.4 over the past 2 weeks, I get to shove that in the collective face of everyone that roasted me for printing that article. Don’t worry though, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to throw some more punches because my deranged optimism is overflowing like Dengel’s breakfast plate of mashed potatoes

It’s also partially rooted in my solo victory from last week’s prediction which went against the grain of the BDR Writers Guild of America. Being back in contention for the inaugural BDR championship based on a Bears blowout victory is too sweet. Foxy, you and your damn 0.600 win percentage can suck it. You’re next.

The only way to chase him down is to pick the Bears again, and I will HAPPILY do so. There’s no way Kirk Cousins can beat this Bears defense twice. Mitchell Trubisky is on a mission from God.

Matt Nagy is cracked out on meth planning for this game because he’s in a “win or get fired” scenario. There’s no outcome I am willing to accept other than a dominating performance from the Bears in Minnesota.  

Prediction: Bears 24, Vikings 10

Ryan Dengel

Don’t get aboard the hype train. Don’t get aboard the hype train. DO NOT get aboard the hype train… CHOO CHOO!!!! Mitchell Trubisky is en FUEGO! 776 yards and 7 touchdowns since he came back. Monty is averaging 7.3 yards a carry since Mitch came back. Allen Robinson has already eclipsed 1,000 yards. Cole Kmet is showing why the Bears drafted him in the second round. (Bears TEs have EIGHT touchdowns this season) The Bears offense is averaging 30 points a game since Mitch came back. Mitchell Trubisky is carrying this team of destiny to the playoffs. 9-7 HERE WE COME!!

I am an idiot. I am insane. I am picking the Bears with my heart and not my head. The last two games will be WAY more fun IF they win. At this point, it’s more fun to have a little bit of hope than whatever it was we felt after the Lions game. The Bears lost… to Detroit… DETROIT!

This is going to be a close game against a very similar opponent. Cairo Santos wins this one in overtime. Pay that man. 

Prediction: Bears 27 – Vikings 24

Logan Bradley

Oh no, do I have to throw a wet blanket over Mr. Dengel’s prediction up above? Did he already forget that six-game losing streak? Is he drinking chugging the Kool-Aid? A possible yes to all of those.

Now, I do think there is actual reason to be optimistic following last week’s win over the Texans. It’s undeniable that the offense, more specifically, Mitch, did actually figure a thing or two out. So, maybe our man Ryan Dengel has a point. There are plenty of holes to be poked in the Vikings after their loss to the Bucs, OT win over the Jags (you needed OT to beat the Jags?) and narrow, one-point win over a not-very-good Panthers team.

I’m comfortable betting on some of these Bears changes being real, along with the Vikings being pretty mediocre

Prediction: Bears 24, Vikings 17

Jack Wright

There are playoff implications this Sunday when the Bears and Vikings face off. There are playoff implications this Sunday when the Bears and Vikings face off? Well, sweet! Playoffs on the line makes for great Sunday football. 6-7 vs6-7 means throw the records out, drop the gloves, and duke it out. 

Last Sunday’s Bears game WAS SO FUN! I was floored at how well the Monsters of the Midway played. If the Bears are able to bottle up last week’s effort, the Vikings do not stand a chance. With Vikings defensive standout Eric Kendricks (69 solo tackles) out with a calf injury, the offensive production for the Bears gets a potential shot in the arm. 

Momentum matters. The Bears will keep rolling. Bear Down Chicago Bears!  

Prediction: Bears 30, Vikings 21

Sean Fox

This matchup is a battle of two teams fighting for .500. With playoff hopes still up in the air, it should be an absolute battle. Both teams have had an up and down season to this point, so it’s never clear which version of the teams you’ll get on a week to week basis.

Chicago’s secondary comes in with some injuries which are certainly a concern when facing a WR corps that includes perennial Pro Bowl caliber Adam Thielen and a contender for Offensive ROY in Justin Jefferson. Considering Jefferson torched a healthy Bears defensive backfield in their last meeting, I’d anticipate he’s eager for this matchup. Though Dalvin Cook is having an incredible season, so is Roquan Smith who comes in with top-5 ranks in nearly every defensive stat category at LB.

The Bears offense looks a lot more alive and potent than it has in, well, ever under the guidance of Mitch Trubisky. One would need to take into account that he hasn’t faced a defense in the top half of the league yet this season, so we should temper our expectations. David Montgomery has also looked like a man possessed the last three weeks, so I’d continue to feed that beast if Nagy has any desire to make a playoff run and keep his job. It should be a close one as both teams are playing fairly well right now.

Prediction: Vikings 27, Bears 24

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