1. Logan Bradley 6-2

2. Ryan Dengel 5-3

T-2. Mike Page 5-3

4. Sean Fox 3-2

5. Jack Wright 4-4

Mike Page

Surely, you would have to be insane to pick the Bears in this game. Crazy. Delusional. A moronic idiot incapable of logic or reason. Well, call me Shirley cuz that’s what I’m doing!

The Bears offensive line is getting picked apart, one at a time, just like Trump’s leads in Pennsylvania and Georgia (let’s not dig deeper on that). How exactly is that a bad thing? Fresh faces fighting for existence in this league might be exactly what this unit needs. You can argue about reductions in talent and the importance of continuity, but at this point, none of that crap matters. A major change was needed, and it’s happening. I’m getting some vibes of The Replacements. Are these guys available?

Yes, Derrick Henry is a beast and our defense has had poor stretches against the run. I say it won’t matter because the turnover battle will be in the Bears favor. They’ll find the magic to get to Tannehill – forcing a pick 6 and at least 1 fumble lost. Bears shock the world on Sunday.

Prediction: Bears 24, Titans 20

Ryan Dengel

The Bears are in a state of disarray. If this game doesn’t get postponed due to COVID-19, it’s not going to be pretty for Chicago. The Bears have 13 players on the injury report and three of them are on the offensive line. And starting right tackle Bobby Massie joined starting guard James Daniels on IR. Mitch Trubisky is going to be out for a few weeks with a shoulder injury and Nick Foles is not a starting caliber QB. Third string QB Tyler Bray is in COVID-19 protocol. They’re going to be down in Nashville, so the obvious choice is to bring back Jay Cutler. (I don’t actually mean this, I just wanted to get Jack upset) Titans star RB Derrick Henry has got to be thinking about breaking records on the Bears. If this game is played, it’s going to be a massive disappointment to the fans. The weather report says that Sunday is supposed to be 72 and sunny. Do yourself a favor and go outside instead of watching this debacle. 

Prediction: Titans 38 – Bears 6

Logan Bradley

Let’s make this a quick one, shall we? As my good friend, Ryan Dengel, explained above, the Bears are on injury life support this week. The devastation on that front alone is enough for me to be confident that the Bears would not be able to beat many NFL teams this weekend, let alone one that’s pretty good, on the road.

Run, Tractorcito, run.

Prediction: Titans 27, Bears 10

Jack Wright

The Bears aren’t very good at football. The Titans are good at football. The Titans will win. 

However, I had a flash realization earlier this week. We are not living in normal times. Yet, I have not altered my expectations for the Bears one iota. In other words, the conditions under which the Bears are practicing and play are unprecedented. It is hard for me to imagine the daily hurdles the payers and staff face. In fact, Halas Hall was vacated due to COVID exposure this past Thursday. And here I am watching and critiquing them as if it is a typical season. It is far from typical. 

The conditions are the same for both teams. The conditions are not favorable. 

The only limb I am going out on this week is the score. The Bears have yet to be blown out. Wait for it. 

Prediction: Titans: 42 Bears: 17

Sean Fox

The Bears vs. Titans game this week is an interesting matchup. Both teams have had come back wins and shown great resilience at times and both have disappointed greatly at times. The Bears come off a tough OT loss to the Saints while the Titans are coming off an extremely disappointing loss to a Bengals team that looks like they could have a bright future with Joe Burrow.

As Alvin Kamara did last week, I see Derrick Henry running all over the Bears in this game as their run defense has not been nearly as strong as their pass defense. The Titans will keep the Bears rush D honest with their rising star WR AJ Brown as he and Ryan Tannehill have proven they have a ton of chemistry in their pass game. The Bears will need Roquan Smith and Danny Trevathan will need to work with Akiem Hicks and the D-line to prevent Henry from going off.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Bears continue to deal with injuries and set backs. With Cody Whitehair out, the offensive line will consist of late round picks, UDFAs and cast-offs from other teams. Arlington Hambright, a 2020 7th round pick out of Colorado, will make his NFL debut as the left guard (he was drafted as a tackle). That said, the Titans D-line has not looked great so far this year which means Nick Foles may get some time to throw.

As the Titans are slow starters, this game could look good early for the Bears before it gets ugly in the second half.

Prediction: Titans 24, Bears 20

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