Bears @ Saints – STAFF PICKS

Regular Season Standings

Sean Fox 8-5

Logan Bradley 9-6

Jack Wright 9-6

Mike Page 8-7

Ryan Dengel 8-7

Mike Page

BREAKING: The Saints won’t have their starting quarterback.

This is just a ruse, but it represents how American football and American politics are severely intertwined. It’s a shame IMO, but it’s also a reality that might be impossible to move away from.

As a new publication, it’s easy to avoid controversy. “Attract a wider audience,” say the brand experts, and for the first part of our inaugural season, we followed that advice. I’m about to break it, though, because I simply can’t engage in conversation about American football when confederate flags flew in the Capitol this week at the behest of a sitting President. So let’s get this out of the way, shall we? Donnie and his mob of violent, un-American “patriots” that terrorized the Capitol should rot in prison for their heinous crimes against democracy.

At some point, the amount of followers or willing sponsors need to take a back seat to doing what’s right. If we can’t stand up for that now, then when?

Back to football!

This is only the SECOND Bears playoff appearance in a damn decade. You think I am going to squander that by picking the opposing team? No way, Jose.

Prediction: Bears 27, Saints 24

Ryan Dengel

I dared to dream and then I was violently woken up. The Packers embarrassed the Bears…again. If the Bears had beaten the Packers, I would feel considerably better about this game. However, Ian Rapaport reported that Matt Nagy has become more involved in running plays again, and that is awful news for the Bears offense. 

I REALLY want the Bears to win and get one more shot at the Packers, but I just don’t see a world in which that happens. Yes, the Saints have struggled against mobile QBs (run Mitch run!), but I just don’t think they have the firepower to hang with NO. 

Simply put: I don’t trust Nagy and Pagano against Sean Peyton. It’s been fun to talk about playoff football for the Chicago Bears, but I unfortunately see that ending this weekend. 

Prediction: Saints 31 Bears 17

Logan Bradley

First, let’s all take a second to breathe in that playoff air…

Back to reality. The Bears aren’t going to win this game. If you could guarantee that Roquan Smith, Jaylon Johnson and Darnell Mooney would all play, then maybe I’d rethink being so sure.

With an experienced, veteran QB like Drew Brees (albeit, one who isn’t as aggressive as he used to be) and stout play along both the offensive and defensive lines, the Saints are going to be a really tough team to matchup against. Especially if Alvin Kamara is in and Roquan is out.

I’m going to enjoy the game as much as I can, I’m just not expecting much from this Bears team.

Prediction: Saints 35 Bears 20

Jack Wright

The Bears in the playoffs and so it feels like the perfect time to go out on a limb. They are going to beat the New Orleans Aints in a stunning fashion on Sunday. Am I crazy for picking the Bears? Yes. The Bears stumbled into the playoffs, are injured at key positions, and lack the offensive firepower to match New Orleans. Nonetheless, there is something in the air and if there is an impossible, upset story in the making, this is it. Go BEARS! Super Bears, Super Bowl!

Prediction: Bears 21 Saints 17

Sean Fox

“They are who we thought they were…” The Bears came back to earth last week against the Packers after a heck of a 3-game run against the league’s bottom feeders. It got them into the playoffs and a rematch with their Week 8 opponent, the New Orleans Saints. That game, played at Soldier Field, ended in a 3-point OT victory for the Saints.

With the game being played in NOLA and a potentially healthy Michael Thomas, this is going to be a different game than that one. The Bears are dinged up with Darnell Mooney, Roquan Smith, Cordarelle Patterson and Buster Skrine all DNP and Jaylon Johnson limited at practice. Those are some pretty key players who might miss this week’s game. 

The Saints should have both Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara available which will make stopping their offense a tall task, especially on turf in New Orleans. Seeing as this is potentially Drew Brees’s last season, I would think the entire Saint team is adamant about sending this future HOFer out on top. Though I don’t anticipate a blow out, I also don’t think this game will be a nail biter like that last matchup in the regular season.

Prediction: Saints 28, Bears 20

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