Bears @ Packers – Week 12 – STAFF PICKS


Logan Bradley 6-3

Sean Fox 4-2

Ryan Dengel 5-4

Mike Page 4-5

Jack Wright 4-5

Mike Page

I previously compared the Bears offense to the Jonestown Massacre. A little dramatic? Sure. But I love drama, and you do too. Football nerds aren’t any better than fans of the trashiest reality tv shows in that regard. We just like it with a different twist. Have I lost you yet? If not, hold onto your seat. 

The only thing that could bring the Bears back from the depths of Mount Doom wasn’t just a spark. Not even a firework. The Bears needed a nuclear explosion to kick their butts into gear. Enter Mitchell Trubisky. Okay, I probably lost the rest of you there, but hear me out. 

If football movies have taught me anything, it’s that teammates love a comeback story and rally around an underdog. Well this dog is cornered and ready to thrash out and ball out. It’s a story of redemption and revenge. A chance for magic. This is why we watch the games. Go get ‘em kid!

Prediction: Bears 31, Packers 17

Ryan Dengel

The Mitch revenge game? Green Bay has a hard time stopping the run, and with Mitch back in the lineup, the Bears can go back to a run-first mentality that won them their first three games. I REALLY want to see him play well. I am truly rooting for this kid.  I hope Nick Foles is recovering, I hope he had a nice Thanksgiving and I hope that his family is safe and well. BUT, most importantly, I never want to see him start another game for the Chicago Bears. 

The Bear defense versus Green Bay’s offense is going to be a great matchup to watch, the game itself, not so much. Unless something magical happens, Green Bay wins this decisively. Rogers lost to the Colts in frustrating fashion. He takes that frustration out on the Chicago Bears Sunday night. 

Prediction: Packers 24 Bears 13

Jack Wright

Mitch Truebearsky will return to QB1 status Sunday night. There is plenty to be hopeful about when he takes the helm. Mitch is 3-0 on the 2020 season as a starter, he has a noteworthy amount of experience, and he has a renewed vantage point since being benched in favor of Nick Foles. Perhaps all the ducks are in a row for the Bears’ offense. Monty is back, there’s a new play caller, and Mitch is under center. 

I anticipate a surge of excitement and offensive production. It will be cool to see. However, this is not my first rodeo with these Bears and as the game evolves the undeniable weaknesses will make an ugly return. The offensive line gotta offensive line. Besides the fact they are bad at run blocking and pass blocking, the line is injured

Smug, insanely talented, future HOFer Aaron Rodgers will dissect the Bears’ defense. The defense will be tired due to lopsided time of possession. 

The Packers are just better and I cannot stand it. 

Prediction: Packers 31 Bears 17

Logan Bradley

Why do I feel this in my loins? A genuine answer to that question: because nothing about the Bears makes sense.

An awful, mainly boring previous four games from the Bears has lulled the national (and local) audience to sleep. It’s going to be cold and windy in Green Bay.

The Bears are gonna win this game. Oh my god, what have I done.

Prediction: Bears 24 Packers 21

Sean Fox

The Bears come off the BYE week going to Lambeau Field for their first meeting of the 2020 season with the rival Green Bay Packers in a matchup of teams seemingly headed in opposite directions. Though the Packers are coming off of a tough OT loss to the Colts, they look like a far better team than the Bears who make their 5-1 start look a lie. Considering the Bears haven’t won the game following a BYE since 2013, I don’t think anything will change in 2020.

Some fans are showing excitement about Mitch Trubisky being back under center, but he still has the same O-line protecting him which has done anything but protect Nick Foles over the last several weeks. Though the Packers have shown you can run on them, the pass D has been tougher and it really doesn’t matter as the Bears can’t do either. This offense isn’t getting better any time soon and there’s no reason to think they will.

The defense gets their first shot at Aaron Rodgers who is clearly playing like a man with something to prove after the Packers spent their first round pick on Jordan Love rather than give Rodgers any additional weapons to work with. Though the Bears D will undoubtedly put up a fight, there’s no way (short of scoring three TDs on their own) that they’ll be able to overcome the ineffectiveness of the offense. It’s sad, really. This is a great defense being completely wasted.

Prediction: Packers 30 – Bears 13

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