Bears @ Jaguars – STAFF PICKS


  1. Sean Fox 6-5

T. 2 Logan Bradley 7-6

T. 2 Ryan Dengel 7-6

T. 2 Mike Page 7-6

T. 2 Jack Wright 7-6

And the plot thickens…

Mike Page

Everyone in their right mind is picking the Bears which is making me feel a bit like Admiral Ackbar. Off topic – I just finished The Mandalorian, and it could be the best Star Wars production in the brand’s history…to be continued on our “Unpopular Opinion” segment in the BDR Podcast.

How do teams avoid trap games? Discipline and Lazor focus (pun intended) leading into Sunday’s game is paramount, but I’ve never attributed Matt Nagy with these philosophies. I’m hoping he’s momentarily put his “Be You” mantra on hiatus while a more structured, accountability-based regiment dominates their scheduled work week. We have to think about this as a “win or go home” scenario, and I’d bet the players are willing to put their egos aside to subscribe to whatever head space Nagy wants them in. This game will be HUGE in evaluating Matt Nagy the head coach.

Ultimately, though, the game is won or lost on the field, and the talent leans heavily in one direction.

Prediction: Bears 27, Jaguars 20

Ryan Dengel

Everyone has seen that the Jets beat the far superior LA Rams and that Bengals beat the Steelers. Upsets happen in the NFL. The Bears CANNOT overlook the Jaguars if they are going to have any conversations about the playoffs. I don’t know about any of you, but this team has been fun to watch since the awful loss at Detroit. Why did they lose to Detroit? Why? 

The offense is clicking and the defense is leaking. The Jags present an opportunity to fix your mistakes before the real test in Green Bay. At this point, the Bears desperately need the Arizona Cardinals to lose in order to get in. However, all you can do is play the teams you have on your schedule. If this team makes the playoffs, ANYTHING can happen. The Jaguars fans may want this team to lose in order to get Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence, but don’t tell that to the current coaches and players. The current Jags are playing for a paycheck not the number one overall selection in the draft. Unfortunately I have a feeling that the beloved play down to Jacksonville’s level, BUT escape with a much needed win. 

Prediction: Bears 31 Jaguars 24

Logan Bradley

The Jaguars have lost their last two games by a combined score of 71-24. Sure, the teams they lost to (the Titans and Ravens) are strong, but that’s a lot of points to a little points. So, yeah, this team is bad. James Robinson is a really cool story (UDFA RB out of Illinois State) and Gardner Minshew is a passable QB, but there’s nothing much else around them — although D.J. Chark is a pretty talented WR.

The Bears should no doubt win this game based off of the way they (and the Jaguars) have played these last two weeks. However, as I mentioned on the podcast this week, and as evidenced by Jets and Bengals wins this weekend, the Jags shouldn’t be overlooked. As a matter of fact, just three weeks ago, it took the Vikings OT to take down this Jacksonville team.

Run the damn ball again and win this game. No trickery here, Matt. Win. The. Damn. Game.

Prediction: Bears 24, Jaguars 13

Jack Wright 

The Jets won last week. That means the Jags could this week. It could happen if the Bears look past them. I don’t think the Bears will underestimate them.

Jacksonville is giving up 418 yards per game to their opponents. The prolific, rebooted Bears offense is riding a wave and will throw up plenty of points. Now, can the defense stop James Robinson? He is a bit banged up with a bum ankle and is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game. I know this because I have two shares of JR in FFB. He has been a beast. If he is healthy and the Jags offense is clicking (not likely) the game could be close. 

This should be a win. I do not feel guilty about stating the possibility of the Bears falling back to their mid-season form. The team has not shown they can play at a consistent level for an extended period of time. Listen, you and I both know they could lay an egg, lose the game, and break our hearts. I hope I am wrong. 

I believe though. I want to believe. Crap, Santa is real. Right? Go BEARS. 

Prediction: Bears 34 Jaguars 20

Sean Fox

The Bears are looking like a completely different team the last two weeks. Not only have they gone from losing six straight to winning two straight, but they’ve done it mostly thanks to their offense led by a totally different Mitch Trubisky. The change in play calling from Nagy to Lazor has clearly had a huge impact and it sounds like they are finally tailoring the play calling to what Mitch does well rather than what Nagy likes to do.

Though I’m still not sold on Mitch’s ability to be a franchise QB, it has been nice to see the Bears offense score points even though it has been against some of the worst defenses in the league. Most of the credit needs to go to Lazor’s play calling and the emergence of David Montgomery as a workhorse. Why did it take so long to recognize they should be running this offense through Montgomery? Either way, it’s working and will more than likely work again this week as they take on a middling Jaguars team that looks destined to pick number 1 or 2 in the 2021 NFL Draft.

There isn’t much to say about the Jags coming into this one after two straight blowouts by the Titans and Ravens. They’re 1-13, have tons of injuries, just fired their GM and are very clearly going into a rebuild (again). Though they had tight games with the Brown and Vikings prior to those blowouts, I don’t see them making this game a particularly good one, especially with the way the Bears have been playing.

Prediction: Bears 31 – Jags 13

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  1. Rob D says:

    Well, if nothing else, the four of you will still be tied with your predictions. LOL Go Bears!!!! They should win. After all, Venus and Saturn have aligned for this game which is as good a reason as any to predict a Bears win.

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