Who is the Bears BIGGEST Pro Bowl Snub?

I wanted to start by congratulating both Khalil Mack (6th selection) and Cordarelle Patterson (4th selection) on making the Pro Bowl this season as they were both deserving. While I say that, I’d be lying if I said I felt they were more deserving than either Roquan Smith or Allen Robinson. The Bears are a .500 team which typically means they are deserving of only 1-2 Pro Bowlers. However, it’s absolutely necessary to point out when players who are having excellent years are snubbed. The main question here is, who was the bigger Pro Bowl Snub? Roquan or A Rob?

Let’s start by taking a look at Roquan:

Though the Bears defense has not been playing as well over the last few weeks, Roquan has continued to shine, and it’s shown up in the stats. His stat ranks are that of not just a Pro Bowler, but an All Pro at his position. Here are his ranks for the entire NFL, NOT just the NFC:

  • Tackles: 128 (T – 4th)
  • Solo Tackles: 89 (T – 1st)
  • TFLs: 17 (T – 3rd w/ Aaron Donald!)

Tack on four sacks, four pass deflections and a forced fumble for an ILB and you have one hell of a season through 14 games. Not only that, but he’s within range of breaking Brian Urlacher’s Bears single season tackle record of 153. Though one can argue Roquan has a lot of tackles due to how often the Bears defense has been on the field, you’d be lying if you said he hasn’t jumped off the film and separated himself from the rest of the ILBs in the NFC/NFL.

Let’s take a look at who did get the Pro Bowl nod:

Bobby Wagner: Seattle’s defense has been TRASH this season. Though I think Bobby Wagner is a great LB and has had a ton of success in the NFL through his career, he is not deserving of the Pro Bowl when putting his stats and tape up next to Roquan’s.

Fred Warner: San Francisco has had a rough season and needed a Pro Bowler somewhere, but this isn’t it. This was a terrible call and he is not at all deserving of a Pro Bowl nod when putting his body of work next to that of Roquan Smith. This is embarrassing for the NFL and they really should re-evaluate how they’re making these types of selections.

Now that we’ve hashed out what is clearly a Pro Bowl theft from Roquan Smith, let’s take a look at the case for Allen Robinson.

Here are Allen Robinson’s stats through 14 games:

While playing with two separate, below average QBs through the entirety of the 2020 season, ARob is just 37 yards from eclipsing his yardage total from the 2019 season. In 14 games he has already reached 1,000 yards, is logging his second straight 1,000 yard season for an awful Bears offense and has (until the recent emergence of David Montgomery) been the lone bright spot on an offense that has looked terrible for all but 3-4 games in 2020. Bad offenses typically don’t get Pro Bowl consideration, but Allen Robinson more than deserves to be there.

Here is where ARob ranks in the NFL with regard to stats:

  • Receptions: 90 (7th)
  • Receiving Yards: 1,110 (9th)
  • TDs: 6 (T – 21st)

While his statistical ranks could be better, you have to look at the entire body of work here. He’s put together in a season that is deserving of a Pro Bowl nod. At no point was that clearer to me than when I came across this tweet just the other day:

I don’t think anyone would disagree that all four of these WRs are deserving of a Pro Bowl, but for some reason, Allen Robinson was the odd man out. Many may point to the poor offensive output of the Bears, or the fact that A Rob was able to get some quality garbage time stat padding production, but this guy is a stud and a WR1. That much should not be up for debate and the Bears would be wise to keep him around for as long as possible.

But when looking at the stats for the WRs that did make the Pro Bowl in the NFC, it’s easier to understand. With Justin Jefferson (73 rec., 1,182 yds., 7 TDs) and DK Metcalf (74 Rec., 1,223 yds., 10 TDs) both playing on much better offenses, it’s tough to justify putting A Rob ahead of them. These two WRs have very bright careers ahead of them. Both are well rounded, explosive playmakers and have proven they’re deserving of a Pro Bowl nod.

While it breaks my heart to say it, Allen Robinson is justifiably the odd man out here.

Verdict on Bigger Pro Bowl Snub: Roquan Smith

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